woodland hills: Will prices of homes in California continue to fall? - 12/16/11 07:52 AM
The question that everyone wants to know is: "Will the price of homes in California continue to fall". Well, there's really not a definite answer. Experts and economists will tell you to refer to the real estate cycle, and others will tell you to watch the market, follow politics and don't hold your breath. Many will say that it's going to remain flat in 2012, and others will say that there will be another decline before there's a rebound in the real estate market. The truth of the matter is, even if the price of homes continue to drop, the mortgage … (1 comments)

woodland hills: Renting vs. buying a home in Woodland Hills, CA - 12/13/11 12:45 PM
People have different reasons for why they rent versus buying a home. One could simply be that their credit is not up to par, and they don't have job stability. Another reason could be that they are simply afraid of buying a home in this economy, or they just don't want that responsibility right now. Whatever the reason is, you should do some research on your own and find out how much money you are saving or losing by renting a home. You may find out that with a down payment, your mortgage could be less expensive than what you are … (1 comments)

woodland hills: Turning dreams into reality in Woodland Hills, CA - 12/08/11 07:46 AM
Me and my partner just closed a deal about a week ago, and we have a couple more in the pipeline that we plan to close before the end of 2011. One of the deals we just closed happens to be in one of our favorite neighborhoods, which is Woodland Hills, CA. We take pride in being professional and finding our clients their dream home especially in Woodland Hills. Some clients usually know what they want the first time they see a place.  And if it's their dream home, they usually aren't interested in other properties unless it's another one just like … (1 comments)

woodland hills: Day after Thanksgiving - 11/25/11 10:03 AM
Me and my family were fortunate to find a 22lb turkey at Ralphs in Woodland Hills, CA at the last minute. I had the pleasure of eating good and relaxing with family and friends. But now that Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, it's back to business!

woodland hills: Happy Birthday to ME! - 11/14/11 05:29 AM
First of all, I would like to wish myself a happy birthday! I also would like to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. And as much as I would love to take the day off, I still have business to take care of and clients to follow up with. So I will accomplish my tasks early on and try to relax the rest of the day. Happy Birthday to ME!

woodland hills: Veterans Day - 11/11/11 12:01 PM
Even though I didn't get a chance to make it to any parades today, I still took the time to thank several people for their service on my daily commute through woodland hills, ca. They deserve to be thanked and treated special anytime you see them, not just on Veterans Day. I also took the time to recognize and thank those that are overworked and under-appreciated. Appreciation goes a long way, and a helping hand compliments it. 

woodland hills: Rain is temporary - 11/04/11 08:36 AM
I guess we all know by now that it rains in Southern California. The good thing is we can always look forward to sunshine afterwards. Point being, don't let your plans and goals for the day get rained on. Rain is temporary, so continue to shine! Have a great weekend!

woodland hills: Write it down! - 10/22/11 06:03 AM
As you get older, your memory bank gets full and needs somewhere else to store information. That's why we need keywords or visual aids to jog our memory sometimes. Well it's always great practice to write down important things such as: goals, appointments, transactions, names and numbers, events, etc. So get yourself an AT-A-GLANCE weekly planner to schedule your life's most important things. Walmart carries them for a very low price.  So the next time you have an appointment or a goal to achieve, make sure you write it down!

woodland hills: The Caravan - 10/14/11 03:17 PM
I went on my very first caravan today with a few people from my real estate office. It was a great experience and we had a chance to bounce ideas off each other and work as a team as we toured the open houses. I also got the opportunity to learn some of their styles and techniques, as well as finding some new areas to farm. And at the end of the caravan, lunch was provided at an open house by another agent which was a great addition. I thanked everyone for the opportunity and decided to commit myself to caravans … (5 comments)

woodland hills: Happy Hour specials - Woodland Hills, CA - 10/13/11 07:28 AM
If you plan to be in the Woodland Hills, CA area M-F, then I have a great food suggestion for you. Flemings on Victory and Topanga has an happy hour special, and their $6 prime burger is an excellent choice. They also have other appetizers for $6 but I like this one the most. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

woodland hills: Fall Season! - 10/13/11 05:08 AM
You can always tell when it's the fall in Woodland Hills, California. Well for starters, the leaves begin to change colors and local business decorate with holiday colors. Also, an outdoor winter ice rink is built on the parking lot of the Westfield Promenade Mall. It is a great experience for families, organizations and for events. Enjoy your fall season! 

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