first time homebuyers tax credit: Completing the Sale - 04/29/10 06:04 AM
Some buyers and sellers arrive at the closing feeling terrific about the transactions--they like each other, they like their new home, their Realtor, and even the lender. Others feel stressed out and are complete nervous wrecks. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you will play an important part in determining which of these scenarios characterizes your closing.The professionals who are involved in real estate transactions work hard to make things go as smoothly as possible, but the quality of the transaction often depends not so much on what happens, but how you react to what happens. If you communicate … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Comparables - 04/28/10 06:32 AM
To take much of the guesswork out of your consideration about whether a particular property in town is a good investment, you can check on the actual selling price of similar homes in the neighborhood.Some sales information, such as the selling price, the financing terms, and the transaction dates, is public information. Your Realtor will have record of all recent sales. You can obtain information about properties based on actual sales, rather than from the neighbors (they could be wrong!). Driving by comparable homes can give you an idea about how they compare with the property you are considering. Your Realtor may have seen … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Ask Questions at Closing - 04/26/10 04:19 AM
Most people are not at their best when they are at the closing. They are feeling nervous and vulnerable as they sign the papers, and may even be fighting off an attack of buyer's remorse.
Even though you may be inclined to just sign the papers, it is a good idea to check the paperwork and ask any questions you have. If you are signing a mortgage or deed of trust, be sure to review the document carefully. Check the spelling of your name, the property address and all of the inserted items for accuracy. Since much of the paperwork is … (1 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Paperwork at Closing - 04/25/10 02:00 AM
When you buy a house, you are asked to sign an amazing number of documents, especially if you are obtaining a mortgage. It is prudent to read all of the papers before signing them, but it may not be practical to do this at the actual closing. There is a way you can read everything first without holding up the closing.The title company should have the papers ready for your review several days before the closing, but sometimes the lender delivers the paperwork at the last minute. If you insist on reading everything, including all fine print, you will probably draw … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Closing Day - 04/23/10 11:02 PM
Buyers will have an opportunity to walk through the home they are buying just before the closing to make sure it is in the same condition as when the contract was ratified. They will check the appliances and make sure that the agreed-upon repairs were completed.They usually see their new home empty for the first time just after the movers have left. Suddenly they see the dark rectangles and nail holes where pictures used to hang, as well as all the "dust bunnies". The contract calls for the house to be "broom clean" and free of trash and debris. Realtors encourage … (4 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Closing Dates - 04/23/10 01:20 AM
The final closing date is usually an important item in the negotiation of the purchase agreement on a home. This is the day when the buyers get their ownership papers and the sellers get their money. It is important to remember that most standard contracts don't pinpoint a specific date, and closings can be delayed due to factors beyond the buyer's control.The closing will usually be set as soon as the title search and lender's paper work can be completed, however, anything can upset the closing schedule. Questions can arise about liens that were paid, but not properly recorded. Something in … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Buying New or Adding On - 04/22/10 01:58 AM

first time homebuyers tax credit: Are You Curious? - 04/21/10 09:10 AM
Perhaps you have no plans to buy or sell a home right now, but you are curious about your possibilities. Real estate professionals can answer any questions you may have about the ins and outs of real estate. We can provide you with information to help you make a decision.We will discuss the local real estate market with you and help you determine whether it is a good time for you to buy or sell. If you are a first-time buyer, you may have questions about legal descriptions, fair housing laws or sources of financing. You may be curious about how … (1 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: A Buyers Market - 04/20/10 01:05 AM

first time homebuyers tax credit: What to Leave for the New Owners - 04/17/10 12:28 AM
What to Have on Hand for the New Owners  
•·       Owner's manuals and warranties for appliances left in the house.
•·       Garage door opener.
•·       Extra sets of house keys.
•·       A list of local service providers - the best dry cleaner, yard service, plumber, etc.
•·       Code to the security alarm and phone number of the monitoring service if not discontinued.
•·       As a courtesy, you could provide numbers to the local utility companies.
•·       If it's a condo, leave information on how to contact the condo board.

first time homebuyers tax credit: Understanding Capital Gains in Real Estate - 04/16/10 03:56 AM
Understanding Capital Gains in Real EstateWhen you sell a stock, you owe taxes on your gain - the difference between what you paid for the stock and what you sold it for. The same holds true when selling a home (or a second home), but there are some special considerations.How to Calculate GainIn real estate, capital gains are based not on what you paid for the home, but on its adjusted cost basis. To calculate, follow these steps:1. Purchase price: _______________________ 
The purchase price of the home is the sale price, not the amount of money you actually contributed at closing.

first time homebuyers tax credit: Tips for Pricing Your Home - 04/15/10 04:39 AM
Tips for Pricing Your Home
•·       Consider comparables. What have other homes in your neighborhood sold for recently? How do they compare to yours in terms of size, upkeep, and amenities? 
•·       Consider competition. How many other houses are for sale in your area? Are you competing against new homes?
•·       Consider your contingencies. Do you have special concerns that would affect the price you'll receive? For example, do you want to be able to move in four months?
•·       Get an appraisal. For a few hundred dollars, a qualified appraiser can give you an estimate of your home's value. Be … (2 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Is your Buyer Qualified? - 04/13/10 09:59 PM
Is Your Buyer Qualified?  
Unless the buyer who makes an offer on your home has the resources to qualify for a mortgage, you may not really have a sale. If possible, try to determine a buyer's financial status before signing the contract. Ask the following:
1. Has the buyer been prequalified or preapproved (even better) for a mortgage? Such buyers will be in a much better position to obtain a mortgage promptly.
2. Does the buyer have enough money to make a downpayment and cover closing costs? Ideally, a buyer should have 20 percent of the home's price as a downpayment … (1 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: How to Prepare for the Open House - 04/13/10 02:32 AM
How to Prepare for the Open House  
•·       Advertise your open house. Ideally you should advertise both the weekend before and the weekend of the open house. Check with the local paper to see when their ad closing deadlines are.
•·       Create a property summary sheet. This sheet gives prospective buyers an overview of your home. Include dimensions for each room, copies of a property survey, summaries of utility costs and property taxes, and a list of when capital items such as roofs and furnace were added.
•·       Develop a sign-in form for prospects' addresses. You'll ideally want both phone numbers … (2 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Open House Safety Tips - 04/12/10 03:18 AM
Open House Safety Tips 
An open house can be a great sales tool, but it also exposes you to numerous unfamiliar people for the first time. Stay safe by practicing these guidelines.
Call the local police department and ask them to have a squad car drive by during your open-house hours. Check your cell phone's strength and signal prior to the open house. Have emergency numbers programmed on speed dial. Carry an extra, fully charged cell phone battery. Determine several "escape" routes that you can use in case of an emergency. Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked to facilitate … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Checklist: 17 Service Providers You'll Need When You Sell - 04/11/10 06:48 AM
Checklist: 17 Service Providers You'll Need When You Sell   
•□        Real estate attorney
•□        Appraiser
•□        Home inspector
•□        Mortgage loan officer
•□        Environmental specialist
•□        Lead paint inspector
•□        Radon inspector
•□        Tax adviser
•□        Sanitary systems expert
•□        Occupancy permit inspector
•□        Zoning inspector
•□        Survey company
•□        Flood plain inspector
•□        Termite inspector
•□        Title company
•□        Insurance consultant
•□        Moving company
Used with permission from Kim Daugherty, Real Estate Checklists and Systems,

first time homebuyers tax credit: Forms You'll Need To Sell Your Home - 04/10/10 02:18 AM
Forms You'll Need to Sell Your Home  
1. Property disclosure form. This form requires you to reveal all known defects to your property. Check with your state government to see if there is a special form required in your state.
2. Purchasers access to premises agreement. This agreement sets conditions for permitting the buyer to enter your home for activities such as measuring for draperies before you move.
3. Sales contract. The agreement between you and the seller on terms and conditions of sale. Again, check with your state real estate department to see if there is a required form.
4. … (0 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Contractor - 04/09/10 03:09 AM
12 Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Contractor1. Get at least three written estimates.
2. Check references. If possible, view earlier jobs the contractor completed.
3. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau for complaints.
4. Be sure the contract states exactly what is to be done and how change orders will be handled.
5. Make as small of a down payment as possible so you won't lose a lot if the contractor fails to complete the job.
6. Be sure that the contractor has the necessary permits, licenses, and insurance.
7. Check that the contract states when … (2 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior - 04/08/10 12:29 AM
Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home's ExteriorMake your home more appealing for yourself and potential buyers with these quick and easy tips:
1. Trim bushes so they don't block windows or architectural details.
2. Mow your lawn, and turn on the sprinklers for 30 minutes before the showing to make the lawn sparkle.

3. Put a pot of bright flowers (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.
4. Install new doorknobs on your front door. 5. Repair any cracks in the driveway.
6. Edge the grass around walkways and trees.
7. Keep your garden tools and … (3 comments)

first time homebuyers tax credit: Prepare Your Home for a Virtual Tour - 04/07/10 08:31 AM
Prepare Your Home for a Virtual TourWith more buyers shopping for homes on the Web, photos and virtual tours are a must. There are many things you can do make your home shine on camera.
1. Understand the camera's perspective. The camera's eye is very different from the human eye. It magnifies clutter and poor furniture arrangement. To make a home shine in a virtual tour or video presentation, cater to the lens.2. Make the home "Q-tip clean." Because the camera magnifies grime, each room must be spotless. Don't forget floor coverings and walls; a discolored spot on the rug might … (1 comments)

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