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A blog dedicated to non-real estate agents and designed for consumers in selling and buying a home.
Well, its all over. After nearly one year, my home selling/buying process has come to fruition. For those of you who have read my previous posts, you've heard some of the scenarios I went through as a home seller. In short, we closed on both homes on June 7th. Both closings lasted 40 minutes each...
Well, for most of you that have read my posts in the past, I'm proud to say that my closing date is just around the corner (actually Thursday of this week). We're all packed and ready to go. While the process of packing and coordinating everything is quite tumultuous itself (when you have a husba...
I apologize and know I mentioned that I wouldn't be posting here anymore as my "journey" in buying and selling a home is near completion, however the 60 Minutes segment last night really got some good "water cooler" discussion at work today and got me thinking. (See my previous post...). Once aga...
After seeing last night's segment on CBS' "60 Minutes", I thought I would post something about what I (and possibly other consumers) took away from it. While the segment may have been good timing in terms of technology utilization in the real estate industry, it also was poorly done. Here are few...
Are you a home seller? Looking for more information about selling a home, need information, or just have a story to share? If so, check out HomeSellerExperience.com. Its a great site dedicated for home sellers.
As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my co-workers is heavily contemplating listing his home via for sale by owner. As I stated, I tried to give him some points of using a realtor, but he is still doing the research on doing it by himself. This morning, I saw him after a meeting and asked hi...
I was just wondering about Realtor Tours. When I had my house for sale some time ago, my agent recommended having a realtor tour that was open to area agents on a specific date/time. I wasn't there to see the results, but I was told about 13 realtors attended. My realtor was present and actually ...
With the new year amongst us, it means a salary increase for many of the people I work with at my company. With that, some of them are looking to upgrade to a new home this spring and are just starting the leg work in getting pre-approved to determine what they can afford. This morning a co-worke...
I've heard a lot of talk about when the real estate market will return to back to normal and level itself out. With that, I've heard an assortment of timelines such as (Spring 2007, Summer 2007, Fall 2007, sometime in 2008, etc.). What are your thoughts regarding the market and when will it chang...
About 2 months ago I attended one of those "How to Increase Your Website Search Ranking" seminars hoping to increase my own knowledge regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques from a well-respected authority on the topic. Unfortunately, just like many of these seminars, the informatio...


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A blog dedicated to non-real estate agents and designed for consumers in selling and buying a home.