grant: Up To $ 8,000.00 Down Payment Assistance for NEW Virginia Home Buyers - 04/06/16 08:55 AM
Are you buying a new residence in Virginia ?   Don't do it BEFORE you check out this program !   As with any lending program, there are qualifications that buyers must meet but with $ 8,000.00 on the table, don't you think it's worth checking into this GRANT program prior to buying ?
I am  DEANNA EARLY  and I am the LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator for American National Bank and Trust Company.   I have been creating and closing Virginia home loans, mortgages and refinances for over 30 years.   American National Bank and Trust Company is a Virginia based community … (3 comments)

grant: FREE MONEY for Virginia Mortgages ! - 04/05/16 04:34 PM
Wouldn't YOU like some FREE MONEY to help YOU with YOUR NEW mortgage on YOUR NEW home ?   Of course YOU would so here's what YOU do.   Contact ME because I don't know who YOU are.   After that, I'll take the lead and show YOU the way to get FREE MONEY for a Virginia Mortgage.
This program is not for everyone.   There are rules and regulations.   You must qualify for this program but it really isn't that difficult.   So what do YOU say ?   Do YOU want FREE MONEY ?   If so, then YOU … (5 comments)

grant: GRANT program, . . . . . FREE MONEY ! . . . . . Update for Realtors - 03/26/16 04:33 AM
I have been inundated with calls, emails and Realtor questions about the FREE MONEY available through the mortgage down payment GRANT program here in  V I R G I N I A  that I announced to everyone in my post; 
Up To $ 8,000.00 in FREE MONEY Available! Better Contact Me NOW!
I am thrilled with the number of people and Realtors that are taking advantage of this fabulous offer.   YES, it means a lot more work for me and hopefully, a little bump in my paycheck but there's a BIGGER reason I am so happy.   This program is designed to help … (3 comments)

grant: Up To $ 8,000.00 in FREE MONEY Available ! Better Contact Me NOW ! - 03/24/16 07:43 AM
WOW, did I get your attention with that title ?   I hope so !   Is this for real,  you're asking yourself.   It is absolutely real  but, . . . . . and there's always a BUT; . . . . . this is for a LIMITED TIME  !   YOU need to contact ME for more details and to see if you qualify, . . . . . and you need to do it NOW !
This money will not last indefinitely so I cannot guarantee I will still have it available if you wait until tomorrow or next week … (9 comments)

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