With luxury home sales picking up substancially due to opportunistic buyers grabbing the amazing values that are still out there, there has been a resurgance in interest in luxury highrise units.  Some are condo only units, and some are condotels (condos that can rent as hotel rooms).  Las Vegas...
Trump High Rise Luxury Condos in Las Vegas, NV What can one really say to describe Las Vegas, NV? Chaotic, exhilarating, festive?  All of the above and more are befitting this vibrant area.  If you could use a little excitement in your life, Trump high rise luxury condos are available and waiting...
My name is Daryl DeShaw and I am the co-owner of the Daniels-DeShaw Group.  As a company we genuinely believe in teamwork and the ability to work with other people to share ideas.  Due to our ability to work as a team, it opens up our availability immensely as well as provides us with a vast netw...
I know I 'm good REALTOR.  In fact, I'm confident I'm one of the best ones around.  Why?  Because I know that there is always something to learn to make me better and I'm constantly trying to learn.  Over the last couple of months I've been addending the Keller Williams MAPS Coaching program, "B...
Someone stating the mostly obvious, however based upon my experiences I'd say it needs to be said again.  Buyer's agents pay attention?  There's nothing more annoying then a deal falling apart because someone didn't fulfull their obligations or obligations weren't made clear to the buyers!One thi...
So, month after month, banks have been foreclosing on property owners here in Nevada and exploiting their inability to pay to defend themselves.  Now yes, they may not have paid, and many of them deserve it, however we are supposed to be living under a system of laws where people are protected fr...

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