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I think QR codes do and will have a place in real estate marketing, but I would not use it in place of any other form of marketing, but in conjunction with it.  Danny Dietl Visit our NEW website and 'Like' it on Facebook. www.iMetroProperty.comAlways in search of the latest and greatest technolog...
Great blog. These 'put backs' seem like they could unravel the whole thing, but they seem to have not made a huge splash. I think it was BofA that recently settled and already had $ accounted for this with Fannie and Freddie. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. There should be thousand...
FHA has become the financing method of choice for many buyer's in our market and even for some that qualify for conventional financing and can do 20% down.  An FHA mortgage may cost a little more both upfront and in the long term, but there are some benefits.  One of the major ones that I think v...
There's been a lot said lately on strategic defaults and it truly is a case by case matter.  I read an article recently from The NY Times simply titled Walk Away From Your Mortgage! written by By ROGER LOWENSTEIN that is truly inte...
Good take on what the near term future of what SEO will be about, especially with Google. Video, video, video! My first video blog is at Danny Dietl Like me on facebook at Google LOVES Video!Okay Active Rain, you did it again!  You ...
One of the results of this economy and high unemployment is we are not creating house holds which is having a negative impact on housing.  Families are shacking up and creating all sorts of unique mulit-generational living conditions.  It's a great way to save on money while everyone chips in and...
When I left Minneapolis for my vacation to La Jolla, CA it was two days after our coldest day of the season which hit about 30 degrees below 0.  I've lived there for 30 years so I'm used to it, I guess.  My first full day in La Jolla it registered in at 72 degrees for a greater than 100 degree di...
I'm a Realtor from Minneapolis, MN and we've had some of our coldest days of the year recently.  So it was the best time to get out of town for a few day's and get a little sun in La Jolla, CA.  Maybe it was the runners high or the extra vitamin D from being in the sun, but I spent some time watc...
I've seen numerous sources lately that claim video on websites is going to be more and more important.  Everything from video blogging to video testimonials. I'm going to be doing the video blogs with my iphone and the app reeldirector which makes editing it pretty easy and you can do it on the g...
A lot of the work we do as Realtors sure feels like it's done for free, but it generally revolves around earning business.  My thought today was to offer doing a pro bono sale to help a distressed homeowner where paying or not paying a commission might make the difference in a family avoiding for...


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