minneapolis real estate: Should a Home Buyer Write an Offer Letter to the Seller? - 11/03/14 06:35 AM
When the Minneapolis real estate market was red hot over the past couple of years buyers were looking for anything they could to give them an advantage. Inventory was low and buyer demand was high. The best homes sold in days, if not hours, and often times with multiple offers. In this highly competitive situation some buyers were writing letters directly to the seller in an attempt to connect with them on an emotional level. Did it work? Quite often. We had multiple buyer clients that won their dream home by finding a personal connection with the seller. Now, I'm not … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minneapolis Real Estate Myth Busters | Best Time of Year to Buy? - 11/13/12 12:14 PM
This week in Minneapolis Real Estate Myth Busters we'll look at the best time of year to be a buyer. Some times it's best to zig when others are zagging (or at home drinking egg nog.) Let's look at why winter home buying might just save you some serious money.


minneapolis real estate: Best Cupcakes in Minneapolis | Sweet Retreat 50th and France - 10/26/12 04:26 AM
Ok, I found them. The best cupcakes in Minneapolis. I never paid much attention to the pink building, but the 'cupcakes' finally caughy my eye so I ventured in. Sweet Retreat offers a wide variety of cupcakes and they sell them by any quanitity. I picked up two tasy treats which included Smore's that had a graham cracker base, cake, marshmallow frosting with a Hershey chocolate square on top. Perfection. The 2nd was a banana cake with chocolate frosting a banana runt candy on top. Perfection times 2. If you dig cupcakes check out Sweet Retreat on 50th and France across … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minneapolis Real Estate Myth Busters Ep. 2 | #1 Agent Means Something? - 10/24/12 01:12 AM
There are a lot of myths when it comes to buying and selling Minneapolis real estate. One of them is this idea that working with the #1 agent when buying or selling really matters. We've all seen the billboards, bus benches and get mailings from the #1 this or that agent. Isn't it funny just how many #1's there are? Being #1 in sales does not automatically equate to being the agent that is right for you. They may also be #1 in some other categories and often are such as:
- #1 in listings that don't sell.
- #1 in … (1 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Myth Busters| Cash is King | Minneapolis Real Estate Episode 1 - 10/22/12 05:54 AM
We're all familiar with the term "cash is king," but is it true? When buying Minneapolis real estate it's a good idea to understand what advantages financing types might have on a transaction so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Let's look at the idea of cash is king and see if it's true or just a myth.


minneapolis real estate: Should You Buy, Rent or Couch Surf? Minneapolis Real Estate - 10/04/12 05:47 AM
When it comes to Minneapolis Real Estate there is a lot of advise out there. Everyone wants to tell you it's a great time to buy and it is, for some people, but everyone has unique circumstances. So, for you, should you be renting, buying or couch surfing?


minneapolis real estate: Sorry Listing Agent No Feedback For You, I Rep the Buyer - 10/03/12 06:10 AM
Ok, let me get this straight. As the listing agent you represent the seller. As the buyer agent I represent the ummmm buyer. Now that we have that cleared up I think you'll understand why I won't provide you with feedback regarding the showing on your listing with the exception of either writing an offer or not. It is not my responsibility to potentially jeopardize my clients negotiating position by reminding you that the wallpaper choices are less than desirable or that the house smelled like maple syrup or that maybe they love the house and working out how to make … (2 comments)

minneapolis real estate: The Secret to Selling Southwest Minneapolis Homes is NO Pictures! - 06/17/12 12:40 PM
The new stealth marketing technique used to sell Southwest Minneapolis Homes for sale is to not market them at all, apparently. The interesting thing here is that despite not having a single photo of the home I still had a buyer request a showing on sheer lack of inventory. We are allowed to input as many as 18 photos as well as virtual tour links on our listings which show up on all cooperating broker sites and the maximum we are allowed should really be the minimum we do. The reality is even though things are trending into a sellers market … (1 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Expert Real Estate Agent Shares Lemon Chicken Recipe. Huh? - 05/08/12 08:04 AM
I sell real estate so a natural extension of that would be telling  you all about Lemon Chicken. Right? Or sharing gardening tips or a whole list of other non-real estate or neighborhood related things. Recently there was a dicussion on one of the Facebook group that is titled Raise The Bar in Real Estate. If you want professional, quality representation on buying and selling Minneapolis Real Estate and North Loop Condos I'm your guy. If you want a recipe for Lemon Chicken I probably can't help.


minneapolis real estate: Herschel Lofts | North Loop | Downtown Minneapolis - 04/28/12 04:46 AM
Herschel Lofts is located in the North Loop neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis. Once home to a manufactoring company that built farm equipment this reuse building has been tastefully converted into lofts. All the properties here have stunning downtown views, private outdoor spaces, heated underground parking and true loft finishes. The building is aesthically pleasing with it's gorgeous walls of glass.

minneapolis real estate: The Truth About Pricing Minneapolis Real Estate for Sale (shhh Don't tell Zillow) - 04/26/12 12:24 PM
Sounds nice. The idea that you log on to a 3rd party website and magiclly determine the market value for home. That's what Zillow has tried to do. The operative word being tried. In actuallity their 'zestimates' are often times wildly inaccurate and add a layer of confusion to the process. The reality is local agents still know the market better than a computer programmer located in Seattle. … (1 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Zillow Misprices More Minneapolis Homes, Condos and Lofts - 04/26/12 12:08 PM
They try and they try, but they continue to misprice homes condos and lofts in the Minneapolis area creating confusion in the local real estate market. When you're ready to sell and want to price correctly contact a local professional (like me!) who knows the area. How can we help you?

minneapolis real estate: 21.5% Chance that Searching for Minneapolis Real Estate on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com Will Mean You Don't Find Your Dream Home - 02/04/12 09:11 AM
Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com are what are known as 3rd party aggregators which means they are not the originating source of the listing data they advertise. Instead, they pull feeds from all over the internet and a lot of that info is inaccurate. That is a secondary point, however. The main point is that Edina Realty, one of the largest real estate brokerages in the Midwest has halted all syndication to these 3 sites. They killed the feed. That means Edina Reaty’s listings are no longer found there. Edina Realty holds around a 21.5% market share of listings in MN and … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Solve the Puzzle: _ O _ Almighty (it's not what you think) - 12/13/11 03:57 AM
Solve the Puzzle: The almighty _ O _  (it's not what you think)
Here's a couple of hints:
* It's all powerful
* It's all knowing
* It's fair and just as long as you follow the rules and contribue financially each month.
Okay, it's an easy one, clearly we are talking about: The almighty H O A as in Home Owners Association.
When you live in a CIC (Common Interest Community) you are like going to be governed and have to abide by the rules of the HOA. If you live in a Minneapolis Condo, loft, townhome or even some … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Make Money Selling Your Home for a Loss - 12/04/11 04:47 AM
This has been and continues to be a very difficult market for many home owners especially those who would like to sell. There is one group of sellers who have a great opportunity to not only wipe out  potential losses on the sale of their home, but possibly make money as well. That group is the move up buyer. Meaning, a seller who will be purchasing a more expensive home than their current one. Sounds crazy, but I'll explain.
Say you bought your home for $200,000 and your market is down 10% so it's now worth $180,000. That's a $20,000 loss.

minneapolis real estate: Truth In Housing Inspection - Minneapolis Real Estate - 11/26/11 11:08 AM
Minneapolis Real Estate | Truth In Housing
If you're getting ready to sell Minneapolis real estate then you'll likely have to have a Truth In Housing (also called a TISH for 'Truth In Sale of Housing.) The types of properties and sales below are covered by the ordinance:
Note that Minneapolis condos do not requite a Truth In Housing inspection.
A Truth In Housing inspection is done to ensure that homes meet a minimum standard. It is different and not as thorough as a buyer inspection. A couple important things you need to know about the inspection:
It's recommended that you have the inspection done a few weeks before you plan … (2 comments)

minneapolis real estate: 720 Lofts | North Loop | Minneapolis - 10/10/11 05:45 AM
720 Lofts is located in the North Loop (also known as the warehouse district) in downtwon Minneapolis. This area has seen a tremendous change in the last decade or so as it's evolved from primarily industrial buildings and office space to one of the more popular areas for residential living. 720 Lofts sits on North 4th Street where a string of buildings where built since around 2003. The building is contemporary, but blends nicely with the more historic, industrial style buildings. The lofts are bright and offer residents an outdoor balcony, concrete floors, large windows, modern finishes, underground heated parking and a secure … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Linden Hills Neighborhood - 10/09/11 06:59 AM
Linden Hills Minneapolis- Southwest Neighborhood
The Linden Hills Minneapolis Neighborhood is located in Southwest Minneapolis and borders East Edina, Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet and West 47th Street (Fulton Neighborhood.) Linden Hills Minneapolis, named for it's abundance of Linden Trees and hilly terrain, is like a small town in a big city. Linden Hills Minneapolis residents even claim their busiest commercial area between 44th-46th and Upton to be thier downtown. This area consists of a bakery, library, dentist office, hardware store, the popular Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, small shops and a handfull of boutique restaurants. Other than the commercial center in Linden Hills residents enjoy Linden Hills Park, Beard's Plaisance … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minneapolis Real Estate Market Update - 09/22/11 05:32 AM
Minneapolis Real Estate Market Update
It's officially fall here in Minneapolis and the fall market is here as well. As we continue to get mixed news on the national and world economy's it can be a little difficult to make sense of everything. For every piece of good news there also bad news. So deciphering what the numbers mean can be a little difficult, but we'll look at what is going on in the Minneapolis Real Estate market. For a full look at the numbers you can visit our main site to see what's going on with Minneapolis Real Estate.
One of … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: How to Sell Your Minneapolis home - 05/17/11 09:54 AM
How to Sell Your Minneapolis Home
There are a number of things you need to know when you are ready to sell your Minneapolis home. The city of Minneapolis has a required seller inspection called a Truth In Sale of Housing or TISH. This report is required on single family homes and possibly duplexes, townhomes and first time condo conversions. This is a pre-sale inspection which will tell the owner if there are any required repairs that must be made or assumed by the new buyer. It's best to have a clean TISH so the buyers feel comfortable and don't … (1 comments)

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