real estate for sale in chesapeake: More State and Govt Real Estate Programs - 02/03/09 08:31 AM
Everyone is focused on the $7500 tax credit but do you know about the other state and government programs and there impact on the economy.
Foreclosure Relief- This will offer a refinance program that will help struggling homeowners stay in their homes. Yeah Less Foreclosures!!!
FHA Modernization - maximum loan will increase to 115% of median home price in area up to $625,500.  This means will be seeing a lot of FHA buyers in 09.
Mortgage Revenue Bonds-States will be given the authority to issue an additional $11 billion dollars to be used to refinance subprime loans and help more first time … (2 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: My Ten Commandments for 2009 - 12/17/08 02:18 AM
I'm keeping it simple for next year, these are My Ten Commandments for 2009.   
1. Get more exercise: OK This is on my list every year since high school but next year I will add a dance class or trip to my neighborhood gym at least twice a week to coincide with my in home work outs.  I think the combination of getting out to be with other people and exercising will do me much good in 09.
2. Give Thanks: There are a few people in my sphere that are devout referrers I will say big Thank yous to these … (16 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: Cure if your feeling Down! - 11/18/08 03:35 AM
If you are feeling down today for any reason at all then I guarantee I can cheer you up, just click this link, and I guarantee you will smile and laugh for at least 5 minutes.  I found this today on 105.3FM radio station it is a MUST SEE!
It left me breathless and laughing! Tell me what you think!
Dee Dee Jones

real estate for sale in chesapeake: Green Home Options in Hampton Roads - 10/14/08 08:50 AM
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GREEN HOME OR ENERGY EFFICIENT OPTIONS IN HAMPTON ROADS SUCH AS:  Tankless Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pool Heaters,  Energy Efficient Heat Pumps, Energy Efficient and Earth friendly Building Materials, Greywater Recycling Systems, Solar Panels, etc....
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ENERGY SAVING OPTIONS?  There are many options to turn your existing home GREEN to save you $$$. The benefits include sales tax exemptions on energy efficient products up to $500,  Virginia 4 day 100%  tax credit exemption up to $2500,  A Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Tax Credit up to $500 for purchase & installation,  EPACT solar water heating credit up to … (0 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: Norfolk Real Estate Dont let the media scare you away! - 09/30/08 07:28 AM
I keep saying this too shall pass! All this anticipation on passing a bill is making me crazy! If you listen to the reports on TV an on line from CNN , Fox and MSNBC they will have you ready to start storing your money under a mattress. Some of my favorite banks/lenders with loan officers I regularly use have been bought and sold in the past few weeks. Those loan officers have changed their business cards, email addresses, and websites and its business as usual. If you do not talk to them and listen to the news then you will picture that … (0 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: Norfolk HOME BUYING OBSTACLES & WANTS VS. NEEDS - 06/16/08 06:03 AM
If you are a 1st time buyer or a buyer entering back into a new market there are a few factors you will need to overcome.
First is sticker shock.  If you have not bought a home in a while or ever you may have misconceptions of how much a home should cost compared to what it actually does cost. When you add certain areas or amenities you can quickly be priced well over your price range.  To remedy this: 1st sit down with a loan officer to come up with the payment … (3 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: AR referral closes on home in Hampton VA - 05/21/08 08:01 AM
I waited to write about it because I was scared I jinx it. My first AR referral closed Monday May 19th, 08.  It was a very smooth transaction.  My buyers conducted the whole process from beginning to end via the internet.  I'm a witness site unseen still does happen.  They moved from New Mexico to Hampton,VA.  They saw their new home for the first time at the final walk thru last Thursday.  I owe a big thank you for the referral to David Burrows with Northern Virginia Fine Homes in Reston, VA.  He was a big help in assuring a smooth transaction.  AR's referral program can … (9 comments)

real estate for sale in chesapeake: Maximum Financing in Declining Markets - 05/21/08 03:42 AM
As if there has not been enough loan changes.  This week I had my first experience with the new Fannie Mae Guideline Announcement 07-22 Maximum Financing in Declining Markets.  For those of you not familiar visit the link at . and revised link  In our area values have held steady but now Hampton Roads is starting to feel the rest of the country's pain.
The program as spelled out by Fannie Mae reads:
Current home price trends indicate that home values continue to decline in many markets across the country. As a result, and based on our continued monitoring … (1 comments)

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