washington county: Northwest Arkansas Residential Market - 09/12/12 03:21 AM
Great article on the how the Northwest Arkansas Market is on the upswing!!!
Deana Smedlund/Century 21 Exclamation Realty

washington county: April is Fair Housing Month - 04/05/12 11:40 PM
Read article above on the history of fair housing and how it was all started. We as Realtors should protect our clients daily and abide by all fair housing rules, not to mention it is the right thing to do even if there were no rules.
Please be aware of the seven protected classes and share with others the importance of fair housing and keep abreast of all existing laws and changes in your office and makes sure all your agents know the stiff penalties enforced when violating these acts.

washington county: 2011 Cost of Living Index Released in Northewest Arkansas - 02/27/12 05:27 AM
The Council for Community and Economic Research released its 2011 Cost of Living Index Survey recently.  Northwest Arkansas had a overall index score of 86.4 which was the 10th lowest score for the nation. These scores are compiled by taking prices of various goods and services such as new homes, utilities, gas prices, groceries and other consumer goods and comparing the local cost to the national average. The national average is 100. Northwest Arkansas is 14% less than the national average. If your looking to move to Northwest Arkansas this is a great time to move here, we are lower than … (0 comments)

washington county: Average days on the market down to 6 months? - 02/27/12 01:53 AM
If your living in Northwest Arkansas and currently have your home on the market you might be wondering what are the DOM these days( days on the market).
Benton County in Jan the 0 to 100K homes are down to 6 months that is great compared to past years of 12 to 15 months or more.  The 100K to 150K is down to 9 months in Benton County and the 150K to 200K is also 12 months. In Benton County all homes 150K and up to about $400K are right at 12 months average days on the market.
This is great news … (0 comments)

washington county: Attention Sellers of Northwest Arkansas - 04/21/11 07:47 AM
If you have been thinking about listing your home but waiting for the market to get better, well now is the time.  The buyers are out there and looking and they are looking for a great deal so don't hesitate on listing your home.
The interests rates are holding and shouldn't go up anytime soon and if you think you might have to under sell you will be gaining on the buying end for sure. So it's really a wash if you need to sell and then turn around and buy another home.
It's spring so spruce up your flower beds, … (0 comments)

washington county: Start a Revolution! - 03/10/11 02:11 AM
REVOLUTION-one meaning for the word REVOLUTION is a drastic and far reaching change in thinking and behaving.
If we did this just think of the things we can change about ourselves, our goals, our community and our world we live in.
Drastic meaning make people stand up and notice, turn heads and make them talk and want to change with you!
Far Reaching meaning dig deep within yourself and pull out all the stops and do not let anything or anyone bring … (0 comments)

washington county: Northwest Arkansas breaking records! - 02/09/11 03:22 AM
Northwest Arkansas, a wonderful place to work, play and live! This year has been interesting with the snow we have had so far. School closings are getting to the two week mark if not already. Today alone we are reporting more snowfall in one day than we have ever gotten in an entire year.
As of 8:00 AM Springdale, AR report 21 inches of snow and the local weather channel says snow falling about 2 to 4 inches every hour and should continue until around 6:00 pm. We are used to cold and snow but I don't think in my lifetime … (1 comments)

washington county: Banks foreclosing on people that are paying their mortgage? - 10/11/10 02:33 AM
Have you heard the nightmare stories of people getting foreclosed on that are having trouble but not yet at the point of foreclosure? I have heard on different TV news shows how banks are not thoroughly going over clients files, they are simply having someone go out and change the locks on their homes and in some cases breaking in their homes and changing the locks. Some homes have been ran sacked as well.
I know we have plenty of foreclosures out there due to the economy but if the banks are doing what they are being accused of this is not … (2 comments)

washington county: Hogs, Harleys and Homes! - 09/27/10 03:23 AM
It is that time again, cool brisk mornings and warm afternoons, the smell of fall is in the air, we cool down from heat ,Thanks God, and we settle in for fall fun! Here in Northwest Arkansas we have many things to do this time of year. We have of course, the craft fairs, Arkansas Razorback Football and this week starting on Wednesday, we have Bikes, Blues and BBQ.
War Eagle is one of the largest craft fairs and people come from many miles to enjoy, the crafts, food and the breath taking setting of War Eagle.
Then of course, football, … (1 comments)

washington county: Benton and Washington County Housing Market Trends - 10/26/09 04:04 AM
Looks like we are doing better in Arkansas in the Benton and Washington County areas with the housing market trends but just wanted to stress the importance of using a Realtor especially now more than ever. In September we have quite a number of houses still on the market. We are seeing that # go down but still a ways to go before we get those sold.
In the 0 to 100K price range there were 583 houses on the market in Benton County and 361 in Washington County. Benton County only 76 homes sold in the month of September and in … (0 comments)