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WHAT IS WORTH PURSUING FROM THE VENDOR BOOTHS AND PRESENTATION SESSIONS? Hi, folks! Sue and I are finally getting down to the bottom of the very thick-and-heavy collection bag from NAR 2007 in Las Vegas (BTW, weren't the "New Elvis," Bill Cosby, and James Taylor shows worth the trip?  Taylor gave...
THE CHICAGO REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG!I'm waxing romantic about the holidays!  You wouldn't believe some of the creative, and tasty, gift items out there for us four-pawed companions.Incredible baskets of wonderful treats, doggie an...
SOME END-OF-YEAR CONFESSIONS AND PLANS FROM A CHICAGO TEAM LEADER!Just got off the phone on our Group Telecall with our Success Coach, Patti Kouri of Accelerated Performance Coaching in suburban Los Angeles.  We've been working with Patti for over seven years - she has changed my business, and my...
Hi, folks -Would like your take on another "Instant CMA" product - Top Producer's Market Snapshot.  Click the link for more information, and a demo site (using, of course, the Top Producer templated website product).The screenshots look rather impressive - a prospective seller can create a do-it-...
As Alfred Hitchcock used to say . . . Goood Eeevning!Down in IL Capitol Springfield tomorrow, the IL House of Representatives debates diversion of the IL Gasoline Tax in the six-county Chicago Metro Area to provide a long-term solution for Transit Funding in and around Chicago and the suburbs - I...
Know anyone in Chicago who wants to grow? Our Team, at Keller Williams Fox in Lincoln Square, on the North Side of Chicago, near Western & Wilson Avenues, is looking for the one right individual to join us.Incredible work ethic and the desire to learn, and grow to your next level are a must.  You...
Good Evening Everyone, Ever since I built a Public Website, I have been plagued with Spam.  Tons of it!   I can make the world's biggest sandwich out of it, and still have room for leftovers tomorrow!Tried Outlook and Outlook Express Filtering, Filtering at Point2, my web hosts (they OVER filtere...
Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend, and you're getting down to the bottom of the Cranberry Soufle Leftover Bowl! I spotted a relevant article in today's Chicago Tribune, written by reporter Kenneth R. Harney, Washington Post Writers Group.  Each day, our Team sifts through Foreclosure Data...
Hey, gang -Just received another "Contingent on Sale" offer on one of our Suburban Chicago IL listings.  Anyone want to guess if the price on the contract was -          A. Respectably high, or          B. Ridiculously low!If you guessed "B", you're right - but you knew that anyway.  And, wouldn'...
Hey, everyone -Each and every one of you backs up, religiously, right?  Automatically, systematically, regularly.  Right?Well, I got this thrown up in my face yesterday.  Thankfully, I DO always back up, automatically, using a business back up service at using the Connected Online Backup from Iro...


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