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Happy Monday, everyone.  Enjoy the last day of 2007!Here in Chicago, and in Illinois, condo owners will face several new rules in 2008.  One, in particular, will save condo owners and associations in the City of Chicago, considerable money.  Here are a few of the changes.  Also see our post today...
Hey, everyone -Our Team in Chicago is just BLOWN AWAY by the volume of comments on this very hot topic of how the car you drive affects the perceptions of your clients, and those on your staff.  (See our original Blog article here.)  Our earlier post was answered with much thought and deliberatio...
Hey, gang - we're stockpiling Champagne for the big celebration Monday night!The news isn't all bad for highly-leveraged borrowers in today's housing market - in Chicago and elsewhere.  Congress this week extended, through 2010, the Income Tax Deduction for Private Mortgage Insurance.  This will ...
Hope you're enjoying your last weekend of 2007, everyone!Got a crazy question for you, and need your most honest opinion here.How important is it to impress your clients, your staff, and other Realtors you work with, with the car you drive?Now, we all know your car is an extension of your office....
Just checking our records, folks - December 29th is our One Year Anniversary at KW.  It's been a full year since Dean's Team Chicago joined Keller Williams Fox Realty, in the Lincoln Square Neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago, and the KW System.SMARTEST MOVE WE COULD HAVE MADE!Had to think ...
NO SMOKING IN VIRTUALLY EVERY PUBLIC LOCATION EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, JANUARY 1Being a confirmed non-smoker himself, Buddy Holly Moss applauds the coming smoking ban throughout Illinois and all across Chicago.  He told us, in an exclusive interview, he is tired coming home smelling like an ashtray aft...
Spotted in article this morning in the Chicago Tribune, written by Susan Diesenhouse - while the U.S., as a whole, has suffered a 6.7% average decline in resale prices between October, 2006 and October, 2007, resale prices here in the Chicago Area have declined, but not as much - 3.1%, on average...
Geez - what day is it today?  Wednesday?  Thursday/  Man, these holidays really screw up us old-timers orientation!Well, today is our Annual Goals Declaration Meeting for Dean's Team here on the North Side of Chicago!  Afterward, we all go out for a beer - perhaps, two!As for me, my own Goal Summ...
To those of you just waking up after a long Christmas celebration yesterday -GOOD MORNING!Green Alleys!  No, this is not another Chicago publicity thing to draw attention - we DO dye the Chicago River BRIGHT GREEN for St. Patrick's Day every year, you know!This pilot program involves installing n...
What an incredible Christmas, although I ate way too much Prime Rib yesterday!  As a fish-and-fowl guy most of the time, yesterday's meal is still digesting!  Hopefully, by the New Year!When I was a little kid, growing up in the West Rogers Park Neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago, every on...


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