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THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG!This was it, folks!  Now I am a true Chicago Dog!  Today, I attended my first OFFICIAL Chicago Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field!  What a Great Way to spend your first Day Off since almost th...
Good Morning, everyone!Here's the latest Stat Summary on the Chicago Real Estate Market, based on data pulled yesterday evening, March 30, 2008 -We are very encouraged by improving figures for Properties Pending Sale, Sold Units, and Expired Listings last week.  Average Sale Price gave back last ...
I read Amy Le's Homescape Blog yesterday, and was distressed to hear the same old mortgage scam continues unabated.California Authorities have indicted Charles Head, of Los Angeles, of defrauding over 100 homeowners, and raking in $12 Million in loan proceeds in this familiar scheme.  The same sc...
Are you celebrating, or have you celebrated, Earth Hour, tonight at 8 o'clock?To support efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gases, and their possible effect on Global Warming, The World Wildlife Fund is sponsoring the awareness campaign all over the world tonight.  Between 8 and 9 PM, all many private ...
Hope you're enjoying the weekend, folks!  Here in Chicago, our Cubs won the last game of Spring Training versus the Seattle Mariners, played in Las Vegas this afternoon.  Now, it's on to Wrigley Field, on a predicted-to-be-mild Opening Day this Monday.This could be their year!   Well . . . we'll ...
Great debate and no shortage of proposals on what to deal with the Mortgage Crisis.  It's sure to become an even hotter topic as the General Election draws near in November.While Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain unveil their plans, and ratchet up their accompanying rhetoric, the White House, C...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG!Here I am just lying around on our Living Room Floor, while my Human Daddy, Team Leader Dean, is out shoveling snow again.  Dean was a little mad - this is the 43rd day of accumulating snow t...
Good Evening, Gang! Need your help here, because I'm feeling very old, very dumb, or perhaps a combination of the two. Last November, at an Annual Business Coaching Conference with our Coach, Patti Kouri, of Woodland Hills CA, her and her speakers espoused the great value of Social Networking. "R...
Our Town, Chicago, was not affected as much by real estate speculation, and the resulting huge quantum leaps in property values, as some other major markets were - Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, and parts of California.  Although Chicago is going through a bit of price retrenching of it's own now, re...
Hey, everyone!If you've been in Real Estate for a while, you've most likely encountered lenders who select appraisers to value property.  Although they were never supposed to, I'm sure they had an "understanding" with the appraisers they selected that the property would appraise out for the purch...


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