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Hey, AR! As we all know, President Bush, without much fanfare, signed the Housing Relief Bill into law yesterday morning in the White House.  Here is a brief summary of its most important provisions. $300 Billion in new loan backing for distressed homeowners, many of which financed within the pas...
Good Morning, Gang!  Hope things are groovy where you are today! Let's think Old School for a minute.  Specifically, those Old, Classic Movie Palaces, built in the 1920's, in local neighborhoods throughout big city America.  They brought glitz and glamor to these in-town locations. As we all know...
Hey, fellow bloggers - I'm asking for a lifeline, folks.  Because this whole blogging thing beats the heck out of me!  Perhaps it's because I'm from Chicago - what the heck do I know?  You know? Two quick questions and critical needs- 1.  Without spending countless hours playing around, learning ...
Good morning, AR folks! Here's the latest Stat Summary on the Chicago Real Estate Market, based on data pulled yesterday evening, July 27, 2008 - For the last few weeks, Active Listing Inventory has remained fairly stable, while Average Sales Price has been on a slightly up trend, despite this we...
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday afternoon, AR folks (now over 100,000 strong!) With all the buzz surrounding the Federal Housing Relief Bill, just approved by the U.S. Congress and on its way to President Bush's desk for his expected approval, there is one less-talked-about provision that could ...
If you look at the latest foreclosure statistics, compiled by, you would see the climbing rate of foreclosures both locally, statewide, and nationally shows little signs of abating. The State of Illinois shows a 57.99% increase in homes in some stage of foreclosure during the Secon...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Good Morning, Dogs & Humans!  Figured I'd catch up on the Business Section of the Chicago Tribune before the phones got too crazy this morning. Are you a "Designer Dog?"  You know, a combina...
Good Morning, AR! It seems, sometimes, when things begin to "feel" like they are turning around here in the Chicago Real Estate Market, the realty of the numbers hits you in the face saying "Not So Fast!" Although, through our own personal experience, we're seeing interest and activity increase o...
You've heard about Photo Enforcement Cameras, haven't you?  Have you been pinched by one?  If you have, my guess is the infraction was minor - and, most often, your defense unsuccessful!  The Chicago System takes the cake, however, from what I have heard.  Read on, and follow the link below, to l...
It appears imminent that the Federal Housing Relief Bill will become law within the next few days.  President Bush, originally opposed to the bill's Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout provisions, signaled his acceptance on Wednesday, and the bill passed the U.S. House by a substantial margin, and...


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