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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow here in Chicago - 7 inches of new snow predicted here overnight!A rule restricting refinancing of properties recently listed for sale on the MLS is nothing new here in Chicago.  However, recent sluggishness in the residential sale market here, brought on by i...
Here's one for all you Listing Agents out there!  C'mon - I know there are a couple of you out there - let me hear you!HAVE YOU CHANGED THE WAY YOU HAVE COUNSELED YOUR CLIENTS WHEN NEGOTIATING AN OFFER ON THEIR BEHALF THIS YEAR?  Tougher?  More Flexible?  Somewhere along the middle?  Or, no chang...
Entrepreneurs: Here's the next big construction craze in Illinois -SMOKING HUTS - THAT'S RIGHT!When Smoke-Free Legislation was enacted January 1st of this year across Chicago and throughout Illinois, smokers were forced outside, no matter the weather, to enjoy their cigarette breaks.  The new law...
Hey, everyone!I live here in Chicago, and love living here.  But those of you from other places may look at this with your jaws wide open!Are you a real estate developer, or perhaps an affluent individual, wanting to build a new home or condo project in many affluent Chicago Neighborhoods?   Plan...
Back a couple of years ago, when the market was roaring, seemingly without end, here in Chicago and in other parts of the country, many appraisers may have felt some pressure to increase their appraised values - sometimes substantially - to make sure the loan went through.  One such appraiser in ...
Welcome to the Working Week, Everyone -Here are updated Chicago Real Estate Market Stats for the week ending January 27, 2008.  In summary, fewer new listings than I would anticipate for this time of the year, sluggish pending sale figures, and continued high time on market.Absorption Rate here o...
Happy Sunday, Gang!Over the years I have been selling residential real estate here in Chicago, I have found one routine that ultimately makes me more money than anything else.  The routine -CONSISTENT TELEPHONE FOLLOW-UP!I provide quick news to my clients on market trends here on the North Side o...
Oh boy, my clients here in Chicago and the suburbs are reading the papers and surfing the web again!They remind me 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates have dropped - in some cases as low as 5 5/8%, for purchases and re-fi's.  With they buyer's market here in Chicago, some want to run right out, pick up ...
The U.S. Housing Market news continues to be dower from Wall Street - 2007 units resold down 13%, median sale price down 1.8 percent nationally last year.Things slowed down in Chicago as well in 2007, but median prices actually INCREASED in the single family home and condo sectors.A few summary s...
MORE ON THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG!A hearty growl to everyone, from the Frozen Tundra - 3 below zero - on the North Side of Chicago!You did know I'm a Cub fan, didn't you?  Sad, but true!  They say it's genetic - my hu...


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