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Good Afternoon, folks! Here's our Team Member Jennifer Arcand's weekly update on Chicago Neighborhood News for this week. No Hyde Park or Kenwood news here yet - will all the hype over President Elect Obama most everyone is doing a piece on these two South Side Chicago Neighborhoods.  However, sh...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Aren't you dogs all excited?  We've got a New President of the United States - and he's from CHICAGO.  How cool! Near-final Chicago Election Numbers show that just over 85% of City Humans vo...
Hey, folks! Over the last few months, several new government programs have been created to help homeowners behind on their mortgage payments, possibly facing foreclosure.  But help is not universal.  Lenders have to agree to participate, for one.  And, those in distress do need a provable stream ...
President Elect Barack Obama and others have advanced the idea of a short-term moratorium on new home foreclosures, across the board, after he takes office in January. According to some experts - there is danger in this move! The overwhelming majority of us are far too young to remember The Great...
Good Evening, Everyone! This is still so surreal!  The next President of the United States lives in Our Town! Barack, Michelle, and the girls live in a beautiful, 110-year old Brown-Brick Colonial Home, on the 5000 Block of South Greenwood Avenue, in the Kenwood Neighborhood of Chicago, just nort...
It's about 5:40 PM CST, Election Day, in Chicago right now.  I wanted to memorialize this moment, marking this point in time, so those who read this post tomorrow and beyond, remember it was written BEFORE any election returns have been counted, and even the slightest indication of the 2008 Elect...
Hey, my Fellow Americans, Canadians, and World-ians, from wherever you may hale! Quick, when you think of Chicago - what's the first thing that comes to mind? Yes - Al Capone, Michael Jordan, 100 years of Bad North Side Baseball, Thick Pizza, and Boiled Hot Dogs Surrounded by Mustard and Veggies,...
Good Morning! Here's the latest Stat Summary on the Chicago Real Estate Market, based on data pulled yesterday evening, November 2, 2008 -  Here in Chicago, could we be nearing a price bottom in our local Real Estate Market? Average Sales Price has seemed to stabilize this week, and Average Marke...
Has anyone ever asked YOU which neighborhoods are most likely to offer high appreciation, or have YOU ever asked a REAL ESTATE PRACTITIONER that question, if you are not in the business? Indeed, as the Real Estate Market begins to rebound, here in Chicago, and in other parts of the country, most ...
You folks reading from outside of the U.S. might think us either crazy, or demented, after you view a few of our political ads on TV or on the Internet!  Thankfully - they will all be history soon, as will this historic election. We all know the U.S. Economy has become the key issue on most voter...

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