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Credit scores! These three-digit numbers, and how high they are, often spell the difference between being able to buy a home, and not qualifying for one.  Between getting the best rate, with the lowest loan fees, or paying interest rate and loan fee premiums. And, in recent months, loan screening...
Good Morning! Here's our Chicago Market Stats Update, based on data compiled Sunday evening, March 29, 2009. Encouraging Statistics this week - as Sales Volume, Units Pending Sale, Sales Volume, Average Sales Price, and Market Time all improved this week!  Small total numbers may make the Expired...
Hey, everyone! The scary thing about Internet scams - despite the fact that the vast majority of us would never fall for them, scammers have figured out that a certain, small percentage will! Multiply that by millions upon millions of Internet users around the world targeted, and their dastardly ...
Remember dial-up Internet?  That often-slow, noisy-buzz login?  The slow download times?  The searching for a local dial-up number compatible with your ISP? Well, in today's tough U.S. Economy, some cost-conscious Internet users, lured by potential online savings as much as $300/year, are finding...
Catching up, folks, after a busy weekend showing properties here in several out-of-the-way Chicago Neighborhoods!  Cold and snow here, but a bit warmer weather on the way! Since the hit NBC TV Series ER began its trend setting run nearly 15 years ago, the producers and cast have come to Chicago t...
Good Evening, All! Our Team Member Cathy Mallers has updated Chicago Neighborhood Information for this week.  Featured Chicago Neighborhoods today include Wrigleyville, Lakeview, The Loop, and Old Town, as well as the Chicago Suburb of Oak Park IL. Hey . . . do you have a civic or charitable even...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Hey, hey, you dogs! A show of paws, please!  How many of you dogs are careful drivers?  You know what I mean - you slow up when you see humans crossing the street.  You obey traffic signs an...
Live, from Chicago . . . Welcome to the Late Night Blog Shift, Everyone! Representing Billions and Billions of dollars in devalued assets, banks in IL and across the U.S. are holding defaulted mortgage loans as well as securities made of of these bad loans.  As the U.S. Housing Market has fallen ...
Greetings on a chilly Chicago night! Across the U.S., it appears that sales of new homes is on the rise!  In February, sales of new homes rose 4.7% versus January, to an annualized rate of 337,000 units. Sounds encouraging, yes?  Well, not completely! As summarized in Kelly Evans' article in toda...
Don't believe all the doom and gloom, folks!  Despite a shifting Real Estate Market here in Chicago and across Illinois, many banks across the state still receive high rankings.  According to Bauer Financial of Coral Gables FL, and as summarized in Becky Yerak's story in today's Chicago Tribune, ...


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