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Good Morning! Here's our Chicago Market Stats Update, based on data compiled Sunday evening, June 28, 2009. Well, the booming increases in Pending Sales, Closed Sales, and Sales Volume, and the decrease in Average Market Time have not continued at their unchecked pace of the last couple of weeks....
Looking for some good news amidst the savage jobless figures, falling home prices, sliding retail revenue numbers? Despite the recession, circulation of Chicago Public Library books and other materials (including CD's and movies) is up considerably over last year - 30% higher, as a matter of fact...
The Reverse Mortgage! Just like low-interest, low-down-payment loans were several short years ago, Cable TV is loaded with dozens of pitches directed at seniors for this long-established, but still confusing, loan product. In a nutshell, a Reverse Mortgage allows a Senior Citizen, minimum age 62,...
Here in Chicago, it is hard to deny our past reputation as a haven for Famous 1920's and 1930's Mobsters.  Even to this day, our association with Gangster Al Capone over 75 years ago spurs those from around the world to reply "Rat, Tat, Tat, Tat, Tat" when you say the word "Chicago." Now, the new...
Good Evening, folks! Time for my usual Sunday night Blog-a-Thon, from the Northwest Side of Chicago.  Hope you're well! Short Sale Properties!  Should you consider buying them?  If you are a Real Estate Practitioner, should you counsel your clients to buy one? Often times, here in Chicago and the...
It will be a crazy weekend in Chicago, folks! This is the first weekend of our Internationally-Famous Food Orgy, The Taste of Chicago, running through July 5th at Grant Park in the Chicago Loop!  It's also Crosstown Classic Weekend for Baseball Fans, as the Chicago Cubs travel to the South Side t...
According to many Real Estate Experts, what happened to the Real Estate Market across the state of California foretold the downward spiral of home prices, and overall home sales, across the country. Now, however, California Home Sales appear to have turned a corner.  In May, the Median Sales Pric...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! I'm back again, you dogs, with my Human Dad Dean!  Hope you're enjoying the summer weather.  Here in Chicago, uncharacteristically cool weather turned 90-degrees-plus in a hurry, earlier thi...
Hey, everyone! For some reason, I just can't get the old tune, "I Want You Back," by The Jackson 5, out of my head tonight!  So long MJ! Been to Chicago?  Or, do you live in Chicago? Chances are, if you have been to the Northwest Side of Chicago, near the corner of Devon and Milwaukee Avenues in ...
It's been a while, folks - sorry!  Been doing this thing they call here in Chicago . . . Real Estate! Perhaps you might have heard of the concept.  It's simple:  You buy homes.  You sell homes.  You make investments.  These days, fewer people around here seem to be doing these simple things! Hey ...


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