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Don't text while you drive! Sounds pretty common sense, doesn't it?  It stands to reason that distracted driving could cause traffic accidents,  Perhaps ones causing serious injuries, even fatalities. But, as you drive home from work, I would guess you might often find that daredevil texter or em...
This holiday season, you may have spotted some of the ultra-bright LED Christmas lights placed on houses all over town.  The LED bulbs are far brighter, last longer, throw off no heat, and are far more energy efficient.  Indeed, the new bulbs expend 90% less energy than the old lamps. As an added...
Hey, folks, from Chicago! Often times, change, in virtually any form, is tough for some to take.  Some constituencies always complain! Civil Rights Legislation! Fair Housing!  Health Care Reform!  You name it! For every individual singing praises on one side of the fence, there seems to be three ...
Here in Chicago, we're enjoying - or, perhaps, enduring - a White (Weekend After) Christmas!  Anyone know a teen aged kid with a shovel?  Send 'em here! This post keeps Real Estate Practitioners looking for Listing Inventory in mind . . . but I would imagine the same principals would apply to vir...
Is your Christmas Celebration winding down a bit? Christmas Day seems to make the rest of this weekend anti-climatic, but there will still be plenty of things to do across Chicago before the big celebrations on New Years Eve.  Our Team Member, Sue Moss, provides a rundown. Have you gotten a chanc...
Merry Christmas from Chicago, folks! Presents are all opened.  Dinner is done.  Dessert eaten.  Time to catch up a bit on my posting! From our Team Member Cathy Mallers, here's this weeks edition of Chicago Neighborhood News.  Written earlier this week, Cathy updates us on the Chicago Neighborhoo...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Christmas Day in Chicago!  Hard to believe, you dogs - another year is almost in the proverbial pooper scooper, so to speak. Yes, the Christmas Shopping Season had it's usual hustle and bust...
Happy Holidays, from Icy Chicago! Many have criticized President Obama's Home Affordable Mortgage Program for failing to bring Mortgage Loan Modifications to enough distressed homeowners this year.  However, of those who have been granted modified loans, with lower rates, the percentage of those ...
Happy Days!  Are they here again for the Housing Market, here in Chicago, and elsewhere across the U.S.?  Or, will purchase fall back to earth next year, as Fed Tax Incentives end, and Mortgage Interest Rates rise as predicted? According to data compiled by the National Association of Realtors, a...
Good Morning! Here's our update on Chicago IL Real Estate Market Statistics, based on data compiled and reviewed Sunday Evening, December 20th. As you might expect as we approach Christmas and New Years Day, Active Listing Inventory has dwindled a bit - some sellers wish to enjoy a bit of "time o...


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