2008: HOUSING MARKET REBOUND? IN CHICAGO, Home Sales Surge in June! - 07/23/09 03:17 PM
Hey, folks!
Summertime colds - they are THE PITS!  Man, I wish I could stem this one!
A load of GOOD NEWS, however -
It appears as if the housing market is hopping once again in Chicago!  Our Team is seeing it - especially with less-expensive properties catering mainly to first-time homebuyers - and the statistics are bearing this out as well.
Between May and June, sales of Single Family Homes and Condominiums in the Chicago Metro Area jumped 25.8%.  According to the Illinois Association of Realtors, as reported in today's Chicago Tribune by Mary Ellen Podmolik, 7.140 homes were sold … (2 comments)

2008: TARP Bailout Means Greater Funds for Loans? Apparently - NO! Not Yet, Anyway! - 02/01/09 07:34 AM
Portfolios of loans at some of the largest U.S. Banks fell last quarter, despite the sizable infusions of capital they received from Federal Troubled Assets Recovery Program (TARP) funds. 
Indeed, many banks used the money instead to fund acquisitions of other banks, pay dividends to investors, and even build to pool for holiday bonuses to top employees.  This disappoints many, including new President Barack Obama, and many in the new administration.
According to Wall Street Journal analysts, as summarized in David Enrich's WSJ Story from January 26th, outstanding loans at the Bank of America fell 1.2% during the Fourth Quarter.  At … (3 comments)


From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving, 2008!
You know, for a few years now, I have quoted today's headline from Barry Levinson's memorable 1990 film, "Avalon."
The film tells the story of a middle class family, whose patriarch came to Baltimore from Eastern Europe before the First World War, and retells his story, endlessly, to younger generations of his family each Thanksgiving Day.  The movie is set primarily in the late 1940's.
Thanksgiving is a strictly American holiday (no slight to you Canadians - I know you celebrate a Day of Thanks each year as well, in October).  … (2 comments)

2008: FROM A VETERAN - A Box of Letters! - 11/11/08 02:10 AM
Good Morning Folks! 
It's Veterans Day - did you remember?  The World War I Armistice was signed on the 11th day, of the 11th month, at the 11th hour.  The War to End All Wars - wasn't!
May I share a story with you?  Don't worry - it's not a long one!
It's been a couple of years now.  My mother called me over to her condo, about 6 miles from Sue and me, in the Northwest Chicago Suburb of Des Plaines IL.  She had found, among my dad's old belongings, an old shoe box from the 1940's.
The lid on … (6 comments)

2008: EARLY VOTING BEGINS TODAY IN CHICAGO, ACROSS IL - Now, There's No Excuse Not To Vote! - 10/13/08 08:52 AM
Hey, gang!
Chicago, and IL, now have Early Voting - something new in Illinois since the February 2008 IL Primary Elections.  If Early Voting is available in your state, you might want to take advantage of it!
From now on, no more, "It Looks Like It Might Snow!" as an excuse not to vote on Election Day.  Here, between now and Thursday, October 30th - you've got over two weeks, including weekends and holidays, to get to a local Early Voting Center - any early Voting Center in the city if you live in Chicago, to vote.
No explanation is required to … (5 comments)

2008: PRE-QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS - This Time, for SELLERS! - 02/11/08 10:47 PM
Good Morning, Y'all!  (I learned a new word down here in Atlanta at KW Family Reunion 2008!)
Heard from the folks back home in Chicago snow not as bad as predicted - and that's a very good thing!
Yesterday evening, we listed a few BUYER QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS in our post.   Today, let's fishbone some SELLER QUESTIONS.
Again, these suggestions came out of a little Mini-Mastermind we had last night over dinner at the Wisteria Restaurant in the Inman Park Neighborhood in Atlanta!  Fantastic meal, and Great Service, Too!  At dinner last night were Nancy Tallman, and her Assistant, Kathleen Fisher, of the Keller Williams … (6 comments)

2008: BEST QUALIFICATION QUESTIONS FOR BUYERS, SELLERS - From Our KW Dinner Mastermind! - 02/11/08 03:32 PM
Hey, folks -
You know, I hear it's only 10 degrees in Chicago - with up to seven inches of snow due by Tuesday afternoon.  Sue and I are getting spoiled her in Atlanta - sunny and upper-50's!  All good things must come to an end, however - we'll be back in Chicago on Valentine's Day, after Keller Williams Family Reunion 2008 winds down.
Tonight, at dinner, we had an old-fashioned agent mastermind to discuss the very important task of better qualifying buyer and seller leads in today's shifted real estate market.  These two sets of questions will form the basis for what Dean's … (1 comments)

2008: KW FAMILY REUNION - Economic Cycles, Home Affordibility, and 12 Things We All Have to Do - NOW! - 02/11/08 02:56 PM
Incredible Keller Williams Family Reunion this year!   Atlanta GA is rocking, from the crazy annual Red Bash Party - featuring all-agent talent, and a rock-and-roll show with Keller Williams Founder Gary Keller and Vice Chairman Mo Anderson playing guitar and keyboards, respectively, on stage - to very insightful presentations on stage and in breakout sessions. 
Thousands of KW agents, and their non-KW guests, who seem to be absolutely in awe of what is going on here, are friendly, sharing, and positive, even though many of their markets back home are in a sluggish state right now.
Still sorting out my 12 pages … (3 comments)

Think of your average plane ride.  The hustle, the rush.  Jamming big bags in little overhead bins.  Hording stale pretzels, milking that precious can of Diet Coke.
For the most part, on most flights these days, today's air travellers have little interaction with fellow passengers.  But today, between Chicago and Atlanta, the opposite happened.
Today, my wife and Team member, Sue, travelled with me to the Annual Keller Williams Main Event - their "Family Reunion."   This five-day event offers top training, factual trends information, incredible social networking, and a lot of fun - … (3 comments)

2008: WORDS OF WICKMAN (and friends) - First Notes from the 2008 Floyd Wickman Master Sales Academy, Just Concluded in Chicago - 01/13/08 03:45 PM
What a whirlwind weekend, folks! 
Just spent three days with about 350 of my closest Real Estate Friends, including several Active Rainers Sandi Lincoln, Toby Davis,  and Dee Nofziger, at Floyd's incredible 2008 Master Sales Event.
This was my 13th Floyd Annual Event - and one of the most positive and powerful - much to do with the incredibly POSITIVE AND POWERFUL attendees and Floyd Trainers in the room!
Will further digest and summarize my thoughts within the next couple of days, but I would like to laser-beam some top of mind 'aha's" and dialogue's for dealing with the unique challenges of today's market, in … (18 comments)

2008: NO PRINT NEWSPAPER ADS IN 2008! We RESOLVE in The New Year . . . - 01/01/08 09:09 AM
Wow, 2008!  Who would have thought, when we were little kids, we'd be here in "THE FUTURE!"
Happy New Year, Everyone!
The Plan is set (or as they say here in Chicago - "The Fix is In!")  Here are 10 ways we resolve to better manage our business, and our lives, in 2008 -
1.  NO MORE PRINT NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING!  Sorry, Chicago Tribune, we love you dearly (well, maybe, maybe not), but print ads are costly.  They are wasteful.  And they are just not effective anymore.  In 2007, 91% of our business was repeat or referral.  6% FSBO's and Expired Listings, 3% Cold Internet Related.  BUT … (8 comments)

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