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Hey, folks, from Livonia MI! Took the five-hour drive from Chicago today to be a part of the semi-annual Floyd Wickman Forum this weekend.  Great sharing and networking opportunities, and a ton of how-to's, custom-made for today's Real Estate Market.  We can hardly wait to begin the conference Fr...
Good Evening! Here's our update on Chicago IL Real Estate Market Statistics, based on data compiled and reviewed Sunday Evening, January 10th.  Active Listing Inventory was stable last week.  Typically, inventory spikes a bit immediately after the first of the year, with the holidays being over. ...
Chicago!  Will it ever get passed the old Al Capone Rep?  The made-for-Hollywood story of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables exposing Old Al for Income Tax Evasion, and sending him to prison - truth, or urban legend? Being a life-long Chicagoan folks, I stay up late each night to watch Robert Stack ...
In Chicago, and in many other areas of the U.S., median home prices have fallen over the last few years.  Units sold have dropped, and many of those single-family homes and condos that have sold have been in distress - in poor condition, often bank-owned, and at a deep discount price. Dark clouds...
Saturday Morning, January 9th, 2010.  One of the shortest meetings with a prospective Listing Client in my Real Estate Career! The owner of a now-vacant home in the Chicago Suburb of Niles IL asked me to provide my pricing strategy and proposals last Fall.  She apparently did not like what I told...
If you live in Chicago, you can't let the snow and a sub-freezing temperatures scare you.  This week, and every week, Winter Chicago is alive. Our Team Member Sue Moss outlines weekend things to do during Cold Weather Months in and around Chicago.  Each year, it seems, these colder months last lo...
Hope the first Business Week of 2010 has been a productive one for you! Here's the first Chicago Neighborhood News Update of the new year, courtesy of our Team Member Cathy Mallers.  This week, she covers the Chicago Neighborhoods of Norwood Park, Lincoln Park, The Loop, and the Gold Coast, as we...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Hey, you dogs!  This photo was taken during warmer days - days you could actually see the concrete sidewalk and back yard lawn here at Casa Moss, The Dean's Team Chicago Family Compound. The...
It's an old question, here in Chicago and across the U.S.  "When does the Real Estate Market heat up again after its usual seasonal slowdown between Halloween and the New Year? The old salt suggests the market begins to thaw in the springtime.  Here in Chicago, that is usually when average daily ...
Good Evening, folks! Our Chicago Real Estate Team, you know, was one of the first here on the North Side of Chicago to have an individual-agent website.  Ahhhh! I remember it well.  Ten Pages.  Templated.  Loads of stuff about US.  A little about our listings.  Nothing about other agents' listing...

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