linkedin: It's time for some spring cleaning... - 03/21/10 08:27 AM
I had my baby on January 11, 2010! She stayed in the hospital for a while because she was born 8 weeks early.  We brought her home in the middle of February and things have been hopping around here ever since.  I also had to take a day job so my time has really been limited. So one thing I have been meaning to organize is my LinkedIn account. It's gotten a little bit out of hand.  What I'm doing now is removing connections that have never sent me an email or connected with me anywhere outside of LinkedIn.  In other … (0 comments)

linkedin: Today! Linked Power Telecall - 11/19/09 08:37 AM
I just found out about this telecall that's happening today.  Basically they are giving you tips on how to get sales using LinkedIn.  In order to register for this call just click on the words LinkedIn Power Prospecting (this is an affiliate link) in this post.  Enjoy the call!

linkedin: To my linkedin group family - 05/02/09 08:29 PM
I'm pleased to see how this group has grown in number. My goodness. I never would have thought that we could have grown to over 100 members with very little promotional effort on my part. That means I must have an awesome group of people here! But seeing as how we have new members I need to remind everyone of the rules. Very simply, this group is about anything related to linkedin or social media. If I see a post that doesn't mention one of those two things, it will get deleted. Now I have gotten behind on deleting unrelated posts, … (0 comments)

linkedin: My LinkedIn Profile Has Changed. - 03/03/09 09:51 AM
I changed the url for my LinkedIn profile.  My new LinkedIn profile is at
I just found out that I could change the url without changing my username. I thought that was pretty neat.  LinkedIn was the only place that I didn't have my married name as part of the url. I feel a lot better now. Please make a note of the change. Thanks.

linkedin: How to get your blog on your LinkedIn profile. - 11/11/08 11:38 AM
As a follow up to the other post I wrote on this subject, here's how to add your blog to your LinkedIn profile. These instructions are for wordpress blogs.  I do know that this application works only for wordpress blogs and typepad blogs.
1. Log in to LinkedIn
2. Click on the Applications link
3. Click on the wordpress icon
4. Then it's going to ask you for your url or rss feed.
5. Put that information in and you're good to go.
I hope this helps.

linkedin: LinkedIn Developments - 11/03/08 06:35 PM
Have you been to LinkedIn recently? They've recently added some really cool features. You can add your wordpress blog to your profile.  You can share powerpoint presentations with your network. They have a feature that allows you to share your travel plans so you can easily hook up with your LinkedIn friends in different cities. I think they've finally got the hint that they need more functionality if they want to stay alive in the competitive world that is Web2.0 I think it's great! Go there as soon as possible and add some of these features to your profile! As always … (4 comments)

linkedin: After a long hiatus I'm back on the radio (Internet Radio that is) - 09/17/08 04:04 PM
I took a long break from it but I'm back. I have launched my own Internet Radio Program. I haven't nailed down an exact schedule yet so check here for announcements and reminders about my show. I'll be talking about online networking, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain, and whatever else I think of. Click the button listed at the bottom of this blog post for information about the radio program.

linkedin: Realtors, are you where your customers are? - 09/17/08 03:37 PM
Active Rainer's, I have a question for you today.  Are you where your potential customers are?  Let me explain.  It's perfectly okay to hang out at active rain with all of your buddies.  It's all right to hang out at the other real estate forums that are out there.  Let's face it, those people aren't going to be very likely to buy a house from you. 
You need to be sure to spend some time at places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to get in front of consumers.   The consumers need to know that you have all of this great free … (0 comments)

linkedin: Don't forget to post your LinkedIn profile. - 09/12/08 02:25 PM
Don't forget to post a link to your LinkedIn profile to the group as well as your LinkedIn email address so people can send you LinkedIn invitations. That's one of the reasons I started this group. I wanted to help people grow their LinkedIn network. When you post your link indicate what you're looking for as well.

linkedin: Be sure to connect with your LinkedIn friends on other platforms - 08/29/08 01:21 PM
Okay, you've gotten that all important yes from your LinkedIn connection.  Now what?  You should connect with your LinkeIn contact on other social networking platforms you use.  Is the new contact involved in real estate? Invite him/her to join you here on active rain.  Invite your LinkedIn contact to join you on twitter and follow your tweets.  Of course you should ask your contact before you start sending them a lot of invitations.
When you connect with people on other social networking platforms besides LinkedIn, you give them a chance to get to know you better.  Once people become familiar with … (0 comments)

linkedin: LinkedIn Tip: Keep In Touch With Your Contacts - 08/21/08 02:21 PM
Be sure to keep in touch with your LinkedIn Contacts. Once you connect with people on LinkedIn be sure to keep in touch with them. It doesn't have to be much. A simple email or phone call will do the trick. I usually tell people to bookmark my blog since so I don't bombard my contacts with emails. I do suggest that you send thank you notes when people accept invitations. You should also send thank you notes if you get a referral from a contact or if they introduce you to someone on LinkedIn that you've been wanting to meet. … (2 comments)

linkedin: How to Use LinkedIn Part 4 Quality vs. Quantity - 08/04/08 03:18 AM
When you start talking about social networking there is usually a conversation about quality vs. quantity.  Some people think that you should build a small network of people that you are closely connected to.  Others think that you should focus on building the largest network possible and then forge relationships with those people.  I personally fall in the latter school of thought.  When you are in a field as competitive as real estate, the more people you know, the better.  You never know where that next referral might come from.  Of course, you have to draw your own conclusion on this … (13 comments)

linkedin: How to Use LinkedIn: Part 3- Adding Connections - 08/01/08 04:42 AM
By now you've signed up for linkedin and you have created an awesome profile.  Here comes the fun part: Adding Connections.  First you want to start with your real world connections.  These are the people you work with, went to school with, current and past clients, and people you may worship with.  Once you send invitations to those people, the next thing you want to do is join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your specialty.  You should also join LinkedIn LIONS by going to
Joining this group will get you a lot of connections.  Basically the people in this … (16 comments)

linkedin: How to Use LinkedIn: Part 2-What to Put In Your Profile - 07/27/08 09:34 PM
Here is part 2 of my LinkedIn series.  This section will cover what information goes in your LinkedIn Profile.
Picture: You can upload a picture to your profile.  This will help your contacts remember who you are.
Headline: This should be something catchy but not too long.
                Example: Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Professionals
Location: This is picked up automatically by LinkedIn when you entered your zip code during the application process.
Employment History: You don't have to list all of the jobs you've ever had.  However, if you do list all the companies you have … (1 comments)

linkedin: How to Use LinkedIn: Part 1 - 07/26/08 12:17 PM
The first thing you have to do to use LinkedIn is join and set up a profile.  You join LinkedIn by going to the LinkedIn website.  Once you go to the website, you fill in your name and email address.  After you hit continue, you will be taken to another screen where you will be asked to create a password, fill in your postal code, and enter your employment information.   Check your email after you join as they will probabbly send you a confirmation email of some sort.  That's it for this section. In the next section we'll talk about what … (1 comments)

linkedin: My LinkedIn Profile - 07/22/08 12:10 AM
Here is my LinkedIn Profile:
Feel free to send me an invitation to connect.

linkedin: New Group For LinkedIn Members - 07/22/08 12:08 AM
I created a new group for active rainers that are on LinkedIn. I thought this would be a good place to post your LinkedIn profile, get new connections, and ask LinkedIn specific questions. If this is something that you're interested in, you can join the new group by going here : LinkedIn on Active Rain

linkedin: LinkedIn Answer - 07/04/08 10:25 AM
Someone asked me what LinkedIn was in a comment that I saw on another post.  Basically LinkedIn is similar to activerain in that it is a social networking platform.  It's different from activerain in the sense that activerain has more opportunities for you to interact with the people in your network than LinkedIn does.  I use both because both of them help increase your visibility and anything that increases my visibility online is a good thing.
If you'd like to connect with me via LinkedIn, my LinkedIn homepage is
Happy 4th of July to you!

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