franklin county: First Impressions . . . DO . . . Make A Difference ! - 11/24/15 08:48 AM
 WARNING:   I am about to climb up on my soapbox and discuss a topic that may concern some people and upset some other folks so if you don't want to hear my rant it may be better to switch to reading someone else's posting today.   As I read a lot of blogs, I see many different styles and compositions.    I am always looking for ways to improve my own writings.
When a person is online and searching for information or inspiration on a particular subject, they usually do not know anything about the writer of a blog offered on … (10 comments)

franklin county: As the days grow shorter - 11/23/15 09:07 AM
For people that have outdoor occupations and depend on daylight to perform their job tasks, the ability to produce income is often reduced at this time of year.   Many seek second jobs to supplement their pay and that falls in line with many employers who are looking for temporary employees.
Though the added income from these second jobs can help pay basic expenses, there are many variables that come into play when applying for mortgage financing and whether those funds can be used to qualify.
If you are thinking of buying a new home or refinancing your existing home, it is a … (11 comments)

franklin county: Ready or not, here they come ! - 11/16/15 04:27 PM
At this time of year, things start to really pick up around here.   During the summer, we have frequent guests and enjoy entertaining friends and family alike here at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.   Most everyone loves to go for a relaxing boat ride or take a nice cool swim on a hot summer day.
As the summer winds down and guests are less frequent, the temptation arises to just relax.    "Oh, that can just sit there" or "no problem, I'll move it in a minute" become easy excuses for letting things go.   That won't do now.
Thanksgiving is … (3 comments)

franklin county: Like A Duck Gliding Across The Lake - 11/16/15 03:02 PM
The other day, I was looking out the window just after sunrise and the water was still.   There were no boats racing by and no fishermen in our cove.   The water was so still that it looked like a mirror.   There was a bright shining sun illuminating the trees along the shore causing their likeness to reflect clearly off the water.   It was a beautiful sight indeed and so peaceful.
As I gazed at this wonderful sight, in the distance, I could see one lone duck coming toward our seawall.   As it went, it left an even … (7 comments)

franklin county: Don't do it, . . . It's a scam ! - 11/14/15 02:31 PM
I saw a story on the news the other night that really bothered me.   The story was of an intelligent person who had been scammed and it told how the scammers did it.   I have heard of it before and thought most people would be smarter than to believe this but I was apparently wrong.
Because I care about each and every one that reads this blog, I want to reiterate that you should never give out your personal information such as bank account numbers or credit card numbers unless you are absolutely certain of who is on the other … (15 comments)

franklin county: This one should do it ! - 11/14/15 10:05 AM
I have been writing blogs for years on my ActiveRain site.   I have been reading and commenting on other ActiveRain blogs as well.   I have participated in several ActiveRain contests.   I have even submitted critiques to ActiveRain that were accepted and implemented.
Over the years, I have used my ActiveRain blog to share valuable information with my clientele.   I have also been able to share a joke or two.   I have blogged about personal triumphs and heartbreaks.   I have drawn attention to important subjects and events through my ActiveRain blog.
By being part of the ActiveRain community, … (8 comments)

franklin county: Prayers for Paris, for France and for our World - 11/13/15 08:16 AM
By now many of you have seen the reports on TV of the terrorist attacks in Paris.   We are all horrified by the sights and sounds.   Most of us think back to September 11, 2001 and how we felt that day.   The people of Paris are on lock down and their country is under military law.
All people, in France and around the world, are hurting for the innocents who were hurt or killed.   This isn't about mortgages or refinancing; nor is it about the local towns we serve at American National Bank and Trust.   This is … (10 comments)

franklin county: Smith Mountain Lake Mortgage Financing - 11/10/15 06:05 PM
I was here when Smith Mountain Lake was a river.   OK, technically it still is a river; but I was here when it was JUST  a river.   I was here before the water began backing up into the valleys and creeks and swelled to the current shoreline.   Why is that important you ask ?
Being here all these years has given me knowledge, background and experiences that no online Internet bank is going to have.   I know areas and roads and things that no "Johnny come lately" is going to know.   I know that I am the … (2 comments)

franklin county: Second Home Financing or Investor Loans - 11/08/15 12:26 PM
A lot of people in Virginia and especially in resort communities like here around Smith Mountain Lake are buying properties for purposes other than their primary residence.   Around the lake, it is commonplace for people to purchase homes for the purpose of vacationing during the summer.
There is also a vast market for vacation rentals that leads to buyers purchasing homes and then renting them out.   There are management companies available to take care of the home and make arrangements for those rentals so the investor's involvement can be minimal.
At American National Bank and Trust, we have an array of loan … (2 comments)

franklin county: Mortgages and Refinancing in Vinton, Virginia - 11/08/15 11:37 AM
Hi, neighbor.   That's right, we're next door neighbors or maybe next town neighbors.   I am Deanna Early and I do mortgages and refinances in Vinton, Virginia.   Though my office is physically located in Hardy, Virginia, those of us who are locals know the two are right next to each other.
Now I know what you're thinking, we have a bank here in town; right ?   OK, I'll give you that one but do you have a "Deanna Early" in your town ?   If I'm not around, I doubt it.   So what is a "Deanna Early" anyway … (4 comments)

franklin county: Today, we salute our veterans here in Virginia ! - 11/08/15 10:43 AM
Today is Veteran's Day, we all know that.   It's blasted out on TV and there are signs everywhere but what are you doing to make today special and to truly acknowledge the men and women of the armed services ?
Like all Americans, we at American National Bank and Trust are proud of and appreciate the veterans of the United States of America.   We also want to acknowledge and do something special for them to recognize their sacrifice on our behalf.   Today being a federal holiday, the bank is closed.
The bank building  being closed doesn't mean the employees of the … (7 comments)

franklin county: It's more than a parade ! - 11/08/15 08:41 AM
This weekend, in many local communities, there were parades.   Yes, we had all the usual things like marching bands from the local schools, floats with people waving to the crowds gathered, all that and so much more.
We also had veterans from each service; the people who did what had to be done to make our life what it is today.   People who sacrificed their bodies and minds to do the job of our armed services and protect our country.
Being an Air Force brat, I have always known an appreciation of what the individual service members give up to do … (9 comments)

franklin county: Penhook, Virginia Mortgage Loan Originator - 11/06/15 11:19 PM
I was just in Penhook to meet a client and thought I should announce my presence to the rest of the community.   You and I need to get together if you are planning to do a mortgage anywhere in the Penhook, Virginia area.
I am Deanna Early and I am the nationally LICENSED mortgage loan originator for this area.   I have been doing mortgages in the state of Virginia for over 30 years.   As I said, I was just dropping off another loan package right here in your community.   I am in Penhook, Virginia frequently.
You know, community is important. … (3 comments)

franklin county: The things we said and what they perceived - 11/05/15 04:02 AM
My husband and I went out to dinner a few nights ago.   The restaurant was a bit crowded but we soon were taken to a corner booth to enjoy a nice meal. At the time, we were glad to get a seat and didn't pay much attention to anyone that was sitting nearby or how quiet the room was at the time.
As we began looking at the menu and discussing appetizers, we were having an ordinary conversation and didn't think about the possibility of whether someone was listening.   Once the drinks came and the appetizer order was taken, I … (8 comments)

franklin county: Dog lovers and owners, Beware ! - 11/05/15 01:17 AM
I am not a veterinarian or an authority on dog health but I saw a troubling story on the local news and feel dog lovers and owners need to know this.   I did not know this and would have been heart broken if this had happened to my pet and companion.   After all, when you have a pet for years and years; they become a part of you and an unnatural death will rip your heart out.
According to the news story, there is an ingredient in sugar free gum, peanut butter and some other products that is deemed safe … (9 comments)

franklin county: HERE I AM, VIRGINIA ! - 11/02/15 10:57 PM
Just the other day, my husband and I went to a local community function.   I had my name badge on my sweater clearly displaying "American National Bank and Trust".   Everyone there was able to clearly see that I am with the bank and when asked; I would explain I do Mortgages and Refinancing.
As this was not a "networking event", I was rather subdued in announcing my profession or presenting my product line.   Then we came across a couple we have known for some time.   As we chatted, they said "We knew you were in the mortgage business … (7 comments)

franklin county: Today is Election Day in Virginia ! - 11/02/15 06:45 AM
It is Tuesday, November 3, 2015 and it is Election Day in Virginia.   Today is the day our veterans have fought to provide and preserve for hundreds and hundreds of years.   It is a day that affects our daily lives and routine based on the choices we each make at the ballot box.
I am not a big politico and don't write this post to exhale my personal views to the masses.   I write this as a call to duty to all Virginians.   We have the right to vote yes, but we also have the privelege of being … (1 comments)

franklin county: The sky is crying in southwestern Virginia ! - 11/02/15 03:50 AM
It is a gloomy, gray day in southwest Virginia.   It is a day many of us did not see coming and had dreaded for years.   Around here it is a very sad day for the most part and the skies are weeping with a continual rain of sadness.   Yes my friends, it is, as the headlines announced; . . . . "The end of an era".
Today, longtime football coach and local icon, Frank Beamer, made the formal announcement that he will be retiring from coaching at the end of this season.   His 29 year tenure at Virginia … (5 comments)

franklin county: All Eyes On Martinsville, Virginia Today - 11/01/15 09:39 AM
It is race day in Martinsville, Virginia.   As people all over the country tune in to see the NASCAR race today, our community and it's attributes are shared with a national audience.   But did you ever notice, when the drivers are introduced, they always make a point of naming their home town.
You have to agree that even though the big race today is an event on a national or maybe even a worldwide level, it has it's roots in local shops and tracks all over this country.   In small towns everywhere, it is not unusual for people to … (2 comments)

franklin county: Burnt Chimney, Virginia 24184 Mortgages and Refinances - 10/30/15 09:49 PM
Have you driven down Hwy. 122 lately and passed by the old Planter's Bank branch at the corner of Jubal Early Hwy.?   Do you wonder who is available to assist with a mortgage or refinance in the Burnt Chimney community ?
Well, let me ask you to ponder another question.   Do you know where the Burnt Chimney post office is ?   Have you seen it in our community ?   This is a trick question, of course, because there is no Burnt Chimney post office.
There is an actual post office in Burnt Chimney but it is the Wirtz, Va. 24184 … (5 comments)

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