realtors: Results don't lie ! - 12/13/15 05:53 PM
It's been over two months and I'm still hearing agents complaining about the problems caused by TRID.   I find it interesting that even with the time available to prepare for it and learn about it, many still haven't.   Now that it has been in the marketplace for a while, it is no longer a secret.
The bad part is these same agents are still taking their clients through the same lenders.   What is it Einstein said, something about "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".   I think he referred to it as "crazy". … (5 comments)

realtors: Vinegar and sugar, which one are you and which one are they ? - 12/13/15 01:35 AM
In the course of business, we run into all types of problems and personalities.   Occasionally, something will go wrong during the process involved in buying a house but it is how you handle the problems that makes the difference.   Some folks are sweet as sugar, some are not.
First of all, I try to look at problems in a positive way and concentrate on the solution rather than harping on the situation.   I first identify what is perceived to be a malfunction in getting the deal done.   Next, I look at what it will take to get the deal … (5 comments)

realtors: Endicott, Virginia; I'm Your LOCAL Mortgage Loan Originator - 12/12/15 03:16 AM
If you live, work or play in Endicott, Virginia; you are in MY  area and I want to introduce myself to you.   My name is Deanna Early and I am the Mortgage Loan Originator for American National Bank and Trust.   I know you exist and I want you to know me and how I can be of assistance to you.
Just because you are down there in the southwestern part of Franklin County, Virginia doesn't mean you have escaped my attention.   As many summers as I spent on Philpott Lake with my family, I know  where Endicott, Virginia is. … (2 comments)

realtors: The best Loan Officer? How to decide. - 12/12/15 12:53 AM
This is the first post of another blogger that I have ever  posted on my blog.  Joseph Metzler is a Mortgage Loan Officer in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.   What he has laid out in his post also applies to borrowers here in the state of Virginia and across the nation too.   I am offering this post to my readers and asking that anyone in Virginia that needs a home mortgage loan or is considering refinancing contact me to discuss this further and answer any questions you may have.   Thank you.
Deanna Early is the # 1 ranked … (6 comments)

realtors: Don't Be Fooled, Find Out; Where Are They Really Located ? - 12/11/15 10:43 PM
As I often do, I went online and did a search for "Mortgages in Franklin County, Virginia".   After all, it's always good to know who else is out there and what products they offer.   I would say I was checking out the "competition" but I like to think I'm the best at what I do.   I have no other competition but myself and the expectations I try to live up to in my life.
Anyway, there was the usual list of banks and finance companies.   A number of them are not even in business anymore.   Some of … (4 comments)

realtors: DEANNA EARLY has achieved # 1 status in Franklin County, Virginia ! - 12/10/15 04:11 PM
Oh my gosh, you'll never guess what I just realized.   I have been so busy being so busy that it just flew right by me and for a time, I missed it.   Then when I went to the home page, there it was . . . .  # 1.   I had to sit and look at it and take it in for a moment before yelling out, . . .  Yeeeee haaaaaaa !
Please do not take it that I am a show off or want a bunch of recognition.   Quite to the contrary, I am just tickled … (6 comments)

realtors: Uneducated and Vulnerable - 12/10/15 03:41 PM
This is not an insulting blog about people that didn't finish school.   It is a realization that none of us are an EXPERT at everything.   Yes, we've called people a "know-it-all" or had that term pointed at us but it just ain't so.
Here's the deal.   Some people actually understand sophisticated calculations but are stymied when they try to decipher a mortgage.   People with college degrees and doctorates look at me with that "deer in the headlights" look when I put a mortgage package in front of them.
Don't be intimidated folks.   Mortgage loans ARE NOT EASY to figure … (5 comments)

realtors: The "NEW" three most powerful words in real estate - 12/08/15 05:14 PM
For people in real estate, the profession has long recognized the phrase "Location, Location, Location" as the three words that describe the industry. You were always looking for the right school district, the right tax district, close to shopping or close to work.   The location of the house was critical.
Having been in the industry as a lender for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of changes but that phrase has remained applicable for a long time.   In the days of not too long ago, potential buyers would feel well served by someone who kept them focused on … (44 comments)

realtors: My phone blew up today and it's your fault, ActiveRain - 12/08/15 04:07 AM
I had a tough day yesterday.   I had a deal that took a U-turn and I spent most of the day trying to restructure and rescue it.   I was also a little under the weather and my thumb is still hurting (previous blog).   I came home last night and crashed hoping today would be a better day.
Even before my alarm clock went off, my phone did.   Not just once but over, and over, and over.   After a while, I couldn't ignore it anymore, I had awakened the sleeping giant.   It appears the term "early risers" … (24 comments)

realtors: I can't believe I finally did it, I'm into SIX figures ! Wooo hooo ! - 12/06/15 06:38 PM
When I started this blog many years ago, I was not diligent about writing and posting.   I didn't realize how important it was to put my thoughts into the mix of ActiveRain knowledge and experience.   Despite my slow start, I did occasionally offer a post expressing my opinion or insight.
As a beginner, I wasn't sure anyone cared.   I didn't think anyone read what I posted.   I wasn't getting any comments or responses from my blog and for a time, I abandoned it.   After a while, it got easy not to do any postings.
Then one day, someone … (44 comments)

realtors: I do DOUBLEWIDE Mortgages and Refinancing - 12/06/15 03:52 PM
Franklin County, Virginia is a wonderful community and it has a diverse makeup of housing options.   We have stick built homes and modular homes as well as manufactured housing.   I find that there are a number of options for financing bricks and sticks homes but not as many for DoubleWides.
At American National Bank and Trust, we have home mortgage loans for DoubleWides.   We are your local community bank and we service the needs of our community.   So if you are considering the purchase of a DoubleWide, we need to talk.   There are some potential problems we … (3 comments)

realtors: I saw it happen first hand ! - 12/04/15 03:53 AM
Last night, I went Christmas shopping with a whole lot of friends, colleagues and neighbors.   We also went to the community's annual Christmas tree lighting.   There was the usual assortment of carolers, dancers and speakers.
There was the big shopping spree giveaway, too.   The young girl running the drawing said "we called the winner's name and SHE already picked it up".   I said "no I didn't".   It took a second and then she laughed along with me.
As I was going in and out of stores, I was busy looking at all the displays and checking out prices. … (12 comments)

realtors: Home Loans and Refinancing in Callaway, Va. - 12/01/15 05:26 AM
I like being the mortgage loan originator for Callaway, Virginia.   It gives me a reason to be in this quaint community at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains.   From my earliest days here, I've always enjoyed taking a drive through the winding roads of western Franklin County, Virginia.
Whether you are looking for a lot, building a home on your own land or purchasing a new home, I am here in the community.   I am available to sit down with you, one on one, so we can go over your home mortgage options.
My name is Deanna Early and … (2 comments)

realtors: Life can truly be wonderful ! - 11/30/15 04:10 AM
As everybody will attest to; Thanksgiving is over . . . . . . or is it ?   I have spent the last week preparing for, greeting, feeding, chatting, hugging, and yes; even kissing my relatives, friends and family who have spent the whole week or just last Thursday in and out of our home.   Yes, I need some rest !
As much as it would seem to be work to host this gathering, it isn't.   I love all of them and feel it an honor when they come to our home to join my husband and I for … (11 comments)

realtors: Mortgages and Refinances in Bedford County - 11/26/15 11:53 AM
I know there are people right now that are living or moving to Bedford County, Virginia that need my help with a mortgage or refinancing.   I know this is true because I am hearing it from Realtors, friends and clients who live and work in many different areas within Bedford County.
Whether you live in Moneta, Virginia or Huddleston, Virginia; you are in my area near Smith Mountain Lake.   If you live in Goodview, Virginia or Body Camp, Virginia, I am right here to help you with your loan needs.
As a long time resident of this area, I was here … (1 comments)

realtors: I made my mother-in-law happy today ! - 11/26/15 12:04 AM
Yes, it's Thanksgiving Day and the whole family, In-Laws and Out-Laws alike, are here at the house to celebrate.   Of course, being the cook I am, I started days ago with preparations and got up in the wee hours of this morning to finish the process.   My husband and I host the annual gathering and this year is no different, . . . well, for the most part anyway.
Unfortunately for me, this year IS  different.   Earlier this week I was doing my normal running here and there serving my client's mortgage needs.   Because I have multiple offices … (11 comments)

realtors: First Impressions . . . DO . . . Make A Difference ! - 11/24/15 08:48 AM
 WARNING:   I am about to climb up on my soapbox and discuss a topic that may concern some people and upset some other folks so if you don't want to hear my rant it may be better to switch to reading someone else's posting today.   As I read a lot of blogs, I see many different styles and compositions.    I am always looking for ways to improve my own writings.
When a person is online and searching for information or inspiration on a particular subject, they usually do not know anything about the writer of a blog offered on … (10 comments)

realtors: As the days grow shorter - 11/23/15 09:07 AM
For people that have outdoor occupations and depend on daylight to perform their job tasks, the ability to produce income is often reduced at this time of year.   Many seek second jobs to supplement their pay and that falls in line with many employers who are looking for temporary employees.
Though the added income from these second jobs can help pay basic expenses, there are many variables that come into play when applying for mortgage financing and whether those funds can be used to qualify.
If you are thinking of buying a new home or refinancing your existing home, it is a … (11 comments)

realtors: Ready or not, here they come ! - 11/16/15 04:27 PM
At this time of year, things start to really pick up around here.   During the summer, we have frequent guests and enjoy entertaining friends and family alike here at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.   Most everyone loves to go for a relaxing boat ride or take a nice cool swim on a hot summer day.
As the summer winds down and guests are less frequent, the temptation arises to just relax.    "Oh, that can just sit there" or "no problem, I'll move it in a minute" become easy excuses for letting things go.   That won't do now.
Thanksgiving is … (3 comments)

realtors: Like A Duck Gliding Across The Lake - 11/16/15 03:02 PM
The other day, I was looking out the window just after sunrise and the water was still.   There were no boats racing by and no fishermen in our cove.   The water was so still that it looked like a mirror.   There was a bright shining sun illuminating the trees along the shore causing their likeness to reflect clearly off the water.   It was a beautiful sight indeed and so peaceful.
As I gazed at this wonderful sight, in the distance, I could see one lone duck coming toward our seawall.   As it went, it left an even … (7 comments)

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