realtors: Now that Astronaut Scott Kelly is back home, he better buy one NOW ! - 03/02/16 02:12 AM
Have you not been amazed by the ongoing exploits of American Astronaut Scott Kelly ?   We have all seen his unbelievable photos from orbit showing everything from lightning storms, to the Aurora Borealis to his comical bits on late night TV.   He has been a scientist, a pioneer and an inspiration to people all over the world.   It has been an amazing journey for sure.
After being isolated from the earth for a year, some things have surely changed for Scott Kelly though.   As soon as he landed, procedures began to test the reaction of his human body … (11 comments)

realtors: Half a million in the bank and a 500 credit score, How can that be ? - 02/29/16 10:18 AM
Does this not sound impossible or at least ridiculous ?   People are getting BAD  advice out there and every time I come across someone like this, it scares me.   I don't want to see anyone in financial hardship but when you're no where close; why would your credit score by so low ?   BAD  advice !
I work with people who are not financial scholars.   I work with ordinary folks, like me; but some of this is just wrong.   Another bank, which shall remain nameless, but it's a big one; got this person in such a deep … (3 comments)

American National Bank and Trust Company has three offices around Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.   The bank is a Virginia based institution and has been providing financial services to Virginians for over 100 years.
I am the LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator for the Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia area.   My name is   DEANNA EARLY  and I have been doing Virginia Mortgages and Refinances for over 30 years.
I can be reached by my direct phone line at (540) 721-2349 or by email at " ".   I cover ALL areas around Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia including all of Franklin, Bedford and Pittsylvania counties.
Our offices … (0 comments)

realtors: WASTE, FRAUD and ABUSE ! - 02/26/16 05:54 AM
Are you not tired of hearing this same old cliche ?   I know I am.   I think it's time that we all said, "enough".   This may be a great slogan at political election times but it has meaning for each of us in our daily lives too.
Quick Background Information:   American National Bank and Trust Company is a Virginia based community bank and has been providing financial services to Virginians for over 107 years.   We didn't just start doing this yesterday.   I, DEANNA EARLY, am a LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator with over 30 years of experience. … (3 comments)

Today is Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and it's Election Day in Virginia.   It is a day when you and I, individual citizens of the United States of America, have the opportunity to express our personal desire as to who we want to be the next leader of this great country.   It is not something to take lightly.
The right to vote and pick the leadership both locally and nationally is a birthright and a duty of every American.   I will do my duty today and I hope that you will join me and step up to do yours.   … (5 comments)

realtors: THE INSIDE STORY ! - 02/26/16 04:41 AM
I thought this was an excellent title to write behind because it could lead in so many different directions.   Don't you want to know "The Inside Story" ? Of course you do.   It's like having a special lane all your own on the highway.   It's knowing the best information you can get on any subject.
I want to divulge "The Inside Story" of home loans and mortgages to you.   I want to share with you whatever you need to know to get the best possible mortgage for your purchase or refinance.   I help people get through this very … (3 comments)

realtors: It's Leap Day but don't leap into a mortgage or home loan until . . . - 02/26/16 03:39 AM
It's February 29th, Leap Day, 2016.   Wooooo Hoooo !   Let's celebrate and make it special.   It only comes once every four years so we have to enjoy today four times as much as any other day this year.   So, . . . . . put a big smile on your face and "leap" into your day.   Make it wonderful !
Now then, let's come back down to earth for a minute.   I'm a Virginia Mortgage Loan Originator and mortgages are my thing.   I live, work and play mortgages every day, all day.   Even on … (1 comments)

realtors: It's Sunday, a good day to do a good thing to change the world ! - 02/26/16 02:44 AM
I am a charitable person and try my best to help anyone in need.   But most of my charitable actions are local and hands on.   I have, however, found a way to help people on the other side of the globe.   This method of assistance is very impactful and anyone can do it, even YOU.
Today is Sunday, the Lord's day, and a great day for doing good works for your fellow human beings.   If you don't mind, I would like to offer you an idea for changing the world on your own.   I would like to … (3 comments)

realtors: Today is BOAT SHOW day in Roanoke, Virginia. Come by our booth - 02/26/16 12:57 AM
It is Saturday, February 27th and it's the day of the annual Southwest Virginia Boat Show in Roanoke, Virginia at the Berglund Center.   It is an annual event because when spring hits, everybody wishes they could be out on the water cruising along with the wind blowing through their hair.   That's right, we can all dream of a fun day off but sometimes you need to have the right vessel to make that dream come true.
Of course, a new boat doesn't do you much good without a matching body of water to insert it into.   Around here, there's … (4 comments)

realtors: It was my birthday but my husband was the star of the show ! - 02/25/16 02:09 PM
I was born on February 24th so yesterday was my birthday.   I intended to have a good day because I deserve to feel better about myself and my life.   Some people may not understand that seemingly self centered comment but those who have read my previous blogs will understand.
Over last weekend, I marked the one year anniversary of my mother's passing.   I still catch myself reaching for the phone when I have a thought that I would like to share with her or want to get her wise consultation on a subject.   Mom and I were very … (7 comments)

realtors: Does Your Marketing and Writing a Blog Really Work? You Bet It Does ! - 02/24/16 06:30 AM
The other day, I got a phone call from a very nice woman.   She asked me, "Do you do manufactured home loans?"   "I certainly do", I said.   She then asked me a number of other questions about manufactured home mortgage loans.   She confirmed she was needing financing for a double wide home.
I asked a number of general questions to determine whether this particular home fit program guidelines.   I also asked routine questions about her and about her spouse and their income situation.   With these questions asked, I was able to narrow down her mortgage loan … (2 comments)

realtors: Woooo Hoooo, It's my BIRTHDAY and I'm going to be celebrating it today - 02/23/16 08:16 AM
You know, in life, we all have to overcome hurdles and sometimes feel happy or sad; depending on the particular event we are confronted with.   Well, today is February 24th and it's my birthday.   I may be considered one year older but in some ways, it seems only a short time since the last one.
Of course, in some ways it also seems like this year has dragged along for decades.   This year has seen great triumphs and terrific heartaches.   I lost my mother and had to deal with sadness and afterward the responsibility of handling her estate … (4 comments)

realtors: Inspired by a blogger, TALK TO A REAL PERSON ! - 02/22/16 03:52 PM
A little while back, I was reading another blogger's post and they were comparing getting information online from someone vs. having a face to face contact with the source.   I was intrigued by the way they concluded it.   Their last sentence was "I prefer to talk to a real person".
I went about my activities that day but couldn't get that thought, "talk to a real person" out of my head.   As I was completing my daily tasks, I began to take note of the vast array of information that is put in front of us every day. From … (6 comments)

realtors: The Mortgage Lender in Virginia for Virginia Home Loans and Refinances - 02/22/16 03:05 AM
As I write this; someone, somewhere in the state of Virginia is looking for a local mortgage lender.   At the same time; someone, somewhere in the state of Virginia is preparing to arrange for a home loan.   In either case, I hope they find me.   It's not because I'm at a loss for business, I've got my share.   It's because I want everyone in Virginia to get the best loan for their needs.
American National Bank and Trust Company is based right here in Virginia. The bank has been in business over 100 years and has been taking … (0 comments)

realtors: It's been a year and I still can't believe she's gone. I love you, Mom - 02/20/16 03:36 PM
Today, February 20th of 2016 makes one year since I lost my Mom.   I started my day unable to sleep.   As the sun began to rise, I sat and cried as I thought about the day about to dawn before me.   As the house illuminated with the new day's sun, I thought I would do a FaceBook post to remember and honor my mother.   I had a picture in mind I wanted to use.
As I began to search my computer files to find that one particular photo, I began to dry my tears as I realized what … (6 comments)

realtors: 50 years old and looking better than ever with a bright future ahead. - 02/19/16 04:51 AM
Last night, the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce had it's monthly Business After Hours.   These events are always quite popular and usually have a good turnout of local business people.   It is a fabulous way to meet and greet people in like occupations as well as to introduce yourself to some of the unique vendors in the Smith Mountain Lake community.
Of course, most of you here in ActiveRain and many of my blog followers are familiar with the Business After Hours concept and attend their local events frequently.   So, why am I making this particular one the … (4 comments)

realtors: As I'm starting my new week, I'm asking for my Realtors' opinions - 01/17/16 10:38 AM
As I begin the new week with a national holiday and a day off from the bank, I am pondering a pattern I have noted lately here at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.   In order to understand my local marketplace, I often throw out questions to my Realtors to help me.
Though the bank is officially closed Monday, I will be making contact with a number of local Realtors to pose this question to them:
Does it seem to you that more of your clients are either
"cash buyers" or "already have a lender" on board
before they come to you to tour … (11 comments)

realtors: Just today, I Saw A House Built In A Single Day, . . . . Well, Almost - 01/14/16 07:27 AM
In addition to doing permanent mortgages, I also do lot loans and construction loans.   In Franklin County, we have two very good modular home manufacturers.   I have been working a number of loans lately on modular homes and today, my managers and I were invited to watch as a home was delivered to the property and set on the basement foundation.
As a result, I had the pleasure today of seeing a house built in a single day, well almost.   Of course a modular home is actually built in the factory however, it was quite interesting today watching its … (11 comments)

realtors: Mortgages and Refinances in Scruggs, Virginia 24121 - 01/09/16 07:35 PM
My name is Deanna Early and I am the LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator for American National Bank and Trust.   Our office is just one stoplight down from Scruggs Road at the entrance to the Kroger store on Route 122.
I handle lot loans, construction loans and permanent financing too.   Whether it's your primary residence, a second or vacation home or you are an investor purchasing properties to lease, I have the financing you need.
American National Bank and Trust is a Virginia based community bank and has been providing financing for over a century.   I have been doing Virginia mortgages … (2 comments)

realtors: Mortgages and Refinancing in Montvale, Virginia 24122 - 01/09/16 06:30 PM
My name is Deanna Early and I am the LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator for American National Bank and Trust.   I have been doing Virginia mortgages for over 30 years now.   My bank is based here in Virginia and has been providing financing for over a century.
The bank and I are both local to this area and would like to assist you with your need for a mortgage or refinancing.   How local you ask ?   I used to ride with my Daddy when he worked at one of the fuel truck loading facilities on Route 460.   When … (3 comments)

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