santa cruz county: Twin Lakes & The Yacht Harbor - A Beautiful Early Evening in Santa Cruz County - 09/18/09 05:53 PM

It was 5:45 mid-week. A beautiful day on the coast (there aren't many that aren't - not bragging, it's just the way it is in Santa Cruz County). Anyway, I asked my little rescue pooch if he wanted to go for a walk . . . I knew I wanted to go to the beach, but which beach? Seacliff? A really long walk if you go left or right . . . no, Capitola? . . . too many tourists still . . . How about Twin Lakes & the Yacht Harbor? Yeah that's the ticket . . . … (6 comments)

santa cruz county: The Jewel Box - A Quintessential Capitola Neighborhood - 09/01/09 02:12 PM
Last evening, I parked my car at the Capitola Community Center, and my doggie and I walked through the charming Jewel Box neighborhood, down the Union Pacific Railroad stairs to Capitola. The Jewel Box is a very eclectic neighborhood up the bluff from the Capitola Village and Beach. The streets, not surprisingly, are named after jewels:
Topaz Opal Jewel Garnet Emerald Crystal Diamond Jade Ruby Ct. (The last three streets, I consider an adjunct to the "official" Jewel Box neighborhood, which is laid out on a grid. The "official" Jewel Box is comprised mainly of single family residences, with some duplexes … (8 comments)

santa cruz county: Nothing is Lost in the Universe - Wisdom From a Park Bench in Capitola, CA - 09/01/09 08:44 AM
After taking a walk down to Capitola last night, with my pooch, we stopped to rest for a minute on this park bench, which overlooks the Capitola Pier. I turned around and saw this inscription, which says it all to me. I am sorry I do not know who the bench commemorates, but what a nice surprising and encouraging message!


santa cruz county: Tuesday Office Tour - A View of the Cement Ship - Seacliff, California - 09/01/09 08:03 AM
Wow. Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to live and work in Santa Cruz County. I think most Realtors have office tours after their Tuesday morning meetings, BUT how many agents are touring not-so-great areas? I hate to brag, but this was the view from a new listing in our office - this was taken off the deck in the late morning. The picture is of "The 'Cement' Ship," the Palo Alto, a Seacliff fixture (literally).


santa cruz county: Capitola-By-Sea - A Village on the California Coast - 09/01/09 07:21 AM
I love it when cities or towns are smart enough to retain character (if they were lucky enough to ever have it). Capitola is a city, rather a village, that many people say has European-like charm. Vintage houses (those are the Six Sisters below), beautiful natural surroundings. This is where Soquel Creek empties into the Pacific Ocean.
I vacationed in Capitola as a child, so I can attest to the fact that much of the charm of this jewel on the beach has been retained. Sadly, no more swings on the beach (if memory serves they were facing the sea wall … (2 comments)

santa cruz county: The Value of a Buyer's Agent to a Real Estate Buyer - 08/30/09 06:31 AM
I work with both sellers and buyers, but have a special affinity for buyers because finding the right home for someone and then getting the transaction to successfully close is like an old fashioned treasure hunt, complete with prirate-like obstacles. Finding a property is the easy part. Getting a transaction to close takes skill and tenacity. I have always said "real estate is not for the faint of heart." You have to be internally strong to endure all of the obstacles that are to be encountered in today's marketplace.
If buyers think that an agent is simply someone who finds you … (2 comments)

santa cruz county: Meat and Loans . . .Who Knew? - 08/29/09 05:50 PM
I had a floor call recently from a buyer in the Salinas, CA area. While our office may have listings in Salinas and some agents might do business in Monterey County, I prefer to specialize in Santa Cruz County. So I found an agent to refer the caller to, as well as a mortgage professional. In speaking with the mortgage professional to screen him for the caller, I told him the buyer is a first time buyer. I asked him if he was aware of programs for first time buyers (because one of the things I love to do is hook … (4 comments)

santa cruz county: Resources for First Time Buyers in Santa Cruz County - 08/29/09 05:15 PM
The definition of who is considered a First Time Buyer in Santa Cruz County might surprise you. If you have not owned property for three years, you might qualify as a First Time Buyer. The program is an amazing resource that allows people of lower to medium income to get a foot in the home-ownership door. The basics of the program are as follows:
You cannot have owned property for three years You must meet income restriction requirements (see County website for specifics) You must contribute five percent of the down payment towards closing costs The program will lend you up … (0 comments)

santa cruz county: Capitola-By-The-Sea - An August Afternoon at the Beach - 08/25/09 10:50 AM

Yesterday, my dog and I took a favorite walk along Soquel Creek, where it empties into the Ocean at Capitola Beach. It was a beautiful day - the tourists were out in full force, frolicking on the beach, eating ice cream, moseying around. You can forget all of your cares in a moment when you smell the saltwater. There's nothing like the beach. It is so beautiful and relaxing.
Those of us who live in Santa Cruz County are lucky to have this amazing resource to enjoy. I am fortunate to live … (0 comments)

santa cruz county: Santa Cruz Area Musings: Soquel Tidbits - 09/11/08 08:10 AM
Here are some facts I found interesting about the district of Soquel:
Rumor has it that Mission records indicate an alternative for the Native American name for, "Shoquel" was "Osocales" Soquel Creek was originally Soquel River (I will write more about this in future blogs) Charles Darkey Parkhurst (upon death discovered to be CharlotteParkhurst) may have been the fist woman to cast a vote for President in 1868 at Tom Mann's hotel (if you know the exact location of this hotel, please email or call me) Edward Porter was "Soquel's first merchandiser." Ned Porter's store reportedly sold "groceries, drygoods, and hardware with … (5 comments)

santa cruz county: Bella Roma - A Slice of Italian Ambiance in Capitola, CA - 10/22/07 10:33 AM
Bella Roma, Capitola, CA.
I have been enjoying meals at this restaurant for a few years now. It is owned by Gaetano Balsamo and is located in Capitola Village, just a short walk from the beach.
The food is enjoyable and a highlight for me, is the "old world" ambiance. The wait staff is awesome!
Bella Roma
316 Capitola Ave.
Telephone: 831.464.2608.
   Bella Roma, Capitola, CA 

santa cruz county: I Got My Act Together on Day Five of the Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz! - 10/14/07 08:20 AM
Now this is more like it! Cold Water Classic, Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA
A couple of days ago, I posted a blog on my camera battery conking out on the Fourth Day of the Cold Water Classic. Day Four was drizzly, weather-wise, but Day Five was unbelievably beautiful - clear and warm. Day four was on a Friday, so parking was a not an issue - it was a little more challenging on Day Five, a Saturday, but since the weather was so beautiful it was pleasant walking along West Cliff Drive and experiencing the surrounding beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

santa cruz county: My Battery Died at Day Four of the Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz! - 10/12/07 10:28 AM

Not a Great Photo of Steamer Lane, October 12, 2007 - 4th Day of Coldwater Classic - My Camera Battery Died. Those two "dots" in the water are surfers waiting for the waves that eventually came when my battery was COMPELTELY dead.
I made the ten or fifteen minute trip across town specifically to take pictures of the Coldwater Classic. I found a parking space right away, jumped out of the car, made my way to the cliff. Point and click and then point and click again, and NOTHING. No juice. The first picture was supposed to be a test. I had just … (2 comments)

santa cruz county: The Upper Yacht Harbor & Arana Gulch Santa Cruz: Just Before Dusk in October - 10/10/07 04:49 PM
Upper Yacht Harbor, Santa Cruz Just Before Dusk, October 2007 (c)
Another walk with my friend on a warm October early evening . . . we started at the Upper Yacht Harbor off of 7th Avenue in Santa Cruz. We quickly climbed into another world - the natural habitat known as Arana Gulch in the city of Santa Cruz. It is amazing that on the ocean side you have the busy Yacht Harbor, and behind it lies the natural Earth . . . no development allowed.
Arana Gulch at Dusk
A totally amazing tree in Arana Gulch

santa cruz county: Schwann Lake Park - An October Walk in Santa Cruz . . . - 10/08/07 09:12 AM
Amazing Tree in Schwann Lake Park 
There are so many hidden gems in Santa Cruz County, from interesting architectural surprises around every turn to beautiful parks and amazing gardens. The other day, a friend showed me a place I had never seen before: Schwann Lake (or Lagoon) Park - a part of Schwann Lagoon County Park. It was dusk, the weather was perfect, and the sights were amazing.
The area has a magical quality to it, which I personally equate to nature just doin' it's thing, without too much interference from humans (some would debate me on this point, as there are definite … (0 comments)

santa cruz county: Pleasure Point . . . A Saturday in September - 09/17/07 09:48 AM

The Hook, September, 2007, Pleasure Point, CA 
September in Santa Cruz is amazing - I can't get over it.
Last Saturday, one of my daughters joined me for a walk on East Cliff Drive. There were lots of surfers in the water. A beautiful day, even when waiting for the perfect set.
We walked from the parking lot at 41st Avenue (The Hook) down to 26th Avenue (and back). On the way to 26th Avenue, we went the beach route. Once we got to 26th Avenue, we cut though back neighborhoods. We're both interested in architecture and landscaping and it was fun looking at … (7 comments)

santa cruz county: Capitola, California - An Early Evening Walk in September - 09/16/07 06:03 AM
The mouth of Soquel Creek where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Capitola Lagoon, Early Evening September, 2007. Note: The lagoon is shored up in the summer time to provide more beach for tourists. In the off-season, the creek runs naturally to the ocean.
September in Santa Cruz County is amazing. The weather is generally warm, clear, and beautiful. That was the case last week when I took an early evening walk from Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz to Capitola. 
I thought this lavender colored rose was beautiful!

santa cruz county: Santa Cruz County: Life in a Unique Beach Community - 09/05/07 07:41 AM
26 th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA, September 2007
In November, it will be 10 years since I moved from Silicon Valley to Santa Cruz County. Living in a beach community is wonderful beyond compare. Yesterday was Labor Day, and instead of sitting in traffic for hours trying to get to a beach, I drove a couple of miles to 26th Avenue, one of the most beautiful beaches slightly North of Pleasure Point. The waves were incredible. My grandson commented that it was like "watching a show" - surfers, boogie-boarders, skim boarders - the day was clear and bright.
I think September and October … (6 comments)

santa cruz county: Soquel, California . . . Picturesque Soquel Elementary (Grammar) School - 05/16/07 05:55 AM

Soquel is a cute little "district" in Santa Cruz County, bordering the sea-side village of Capitola. Capitola itself used to be part of Soquel Landing.
As a student of local history, I am forever trying to figure out how things used to look - how various buildings were layed out on streets. Soquel Elementary School (previously Soquel Grammar School) is a case in point. It evidently was first established across the street from where it is now (which is on the East side of Porter St. in Soquel). Designed by famous architect, W.H. Weeks in the Spanish Colonial Revival style (as so … (2 comments)

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