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This is exactly something I was thinking about blogging about in the near future.  Just because you are approved for more, doesn't mean you should max out your buying power!  And just because the situation will allow you to buy that house with an RD loan with zero money down, doesn't mean that ha...
This is a very informative piece that I thought I might share, important to know what's going on with short sales!  And I do think Fannie Mae might be evil...:)Just in time for Halloween, I want to tell you something scary that’s no ghost story. Over the last few weeks, I’ve laid the groundwork f...
This is not my original content, and I feel it is not just a call to action to the Real Estate Community, but to all the neighbors in a neighborhood to keep on the lookout and be involved:THE BROKEN WINDOW THEORY....A Call to Action for the real estate community..... I read in the Wall street Jou...
This is not my original content, but it is very informative about selecting the right agent to help you.  No, all agents are not the same!An interesting thing happened, I listed a home less than 2 weeks ago, there was 2 other homes for sale on the street. Within 7 days we had multiple offers and ...
This is not my original material but I absolutely love it.  A good commentary on all that Realtors do for their clients.  Yeah.  "All we do is open doors". How many times has a potential buyer wanted to meet you in order to "Interview" you? Every time someone wants to meet me so they can "intervi...
This is not my original material but it is very informative regarding short sales.  Hire a listing agent that is experienced with short sales and has an excellent success rate at getting them closed!The one thing most people agree on is that Short Sales will continue to be a large part of our mar...
This is not my own original content but is very informative regarding FHA appraisal rules.  Good to know if you (or your clients if you are a Realtor) are buying FHA which many people are!FHA guidelines state that a house has to meet MPR (minimum property standards) for existing houses, and MPS (...
I don't know what your experience has been with short sales, I've been thrown right in the deep end working on many since I got my Real Estate license in 2009. The most valuable thing I've learned about short sales with more than one lien?  Work out a deal with the junior lienholders, getting tho...
Well, it's official.  After all the short sales I've encountered I never thought this one would be the impossible one.  The short sale lender won't even talk to me about the impossible situation they have put me in! I've had this listing for a dear friend of mine for many months now.  We tried se...
When most people that don't live in Michigan think of Michigan, what do they think of?  They think of the largest city, Detroit, of course.  But what they might not know is that Detroit is shrinking, and a lovely city over on the West side of the state is poised for growth!  While the industries ...

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