irvine: Stay Safe While Trick-or-Treating in Irvine's Beautiful Neighborhoods - 10/25/23 01:48 PM
The festive season of Halloween is upon us, and as families in the Irvine villages prepare for a night of fun, it's essential to prioritize safety while trick-or-treating. As one of the top Irvine real estate agents, I've had the privilege of assisting many families in finding their dream homes in this beautiful city. Here are some safety tips that align with the wholesome community spirit of Irvine:
Costume Safety:
Opt for bright and reflective costumes that can be easily spotted by motorists.
Ensure that the costumes fit well, especially the shoes, to prevent any mishaps. The length of the costumes should … (0 comments)

irvine: What's New This Fall: Parks, Programs, & More in "Inside Irvine" - 08/11/23 04:08 PM
🍂 Exciting news, friends and neighbors! The fall issue of Inside Irvine is here, and it's packed with all kinds of goodies for you to explore. Visit InsideIrvine to find out the latest about the City Council's exciting expansion plans, and how you might have a say in the shift to district elections. 🏛️
Ever been curious about the newly renovated Cattle Camp at Bommer Canyon Preserve? Well, now's your chance to see it! And speaking of bragging rights, did you know that for the eighth year in a row, the City of Irvine's park system has ranked among the top 10 … (4 comments)

irvine: Irvine: High-Quality Lifestyle for Safety-Conscious OC Buyers - 04/09/23 12:03 PM
If you're in the market for a new home and safety is your top priority, look no further than Irvine, California. Irvine is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in the United States, and for good reason.
According to data released by the FBI in October 2022, Irvine has the lowest per capita violent crime rate of any city in the nation with a population of 250,000 or more. (See the list of safest cities here.) This marks the 17th consecutive year that Irvine has held this distinction.
One of the key reasons behind Irvine's safety is its well-funded and well-staffed … (3 comments)

irvine: Have the benefits of owning a home changed? - 02/14/23 01:29 PM
No matter how the housing market evolves, some of the personal benefits of owning a home never change.
Homeownership can provide a sense of attachment and connection that goes beyond just having a place to live - it is often viewed as a secure haven and source of stability. In recent years, this has only become more pronounced; many people feel an even deeper connection to their home in light of current events, not only in Irvine, but pretty much everywhere.
This sentiment is mirrored by the findings from the State of the American Homeowner report, which showed that 91% of homeowners … (7 comments)

irvine: Inside Irvine: Spring 2023 - 02/11/23 12:54 PM
•Inside Irvine’s spring issue is now available online at and will soon be delivered to residents' mailboxes.
• Readers can learn about the City's efforts in mitigating climate change, how the Venta Spur Bridge connects Woodbury with Great Park Neighborhoods, and why Irvine has been recognized as a great place to work for two consecutive years.
• The Spring Activity Guide provides a list of City classes, camps, and programs happening this season; all activities are also previewable on before registration opens on Tuesday February 15th.

irvine: Home loan rates are rising - where do you think they’ll go from here? - 03/31/22 05:36 PM
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage increased an average of 1.2% since the beginning of the year, (from 3.22% to 4.42%), and just last week it leaped a quarter of a percent. Look at this chart to see how the movement of home-loan rates last year were not bad at all, compared to the rapid increase in rates this year:
I've read that many mortgage experts expect rates to continue to increase throughout the rest of this year. Let me know if you’d like me to send you some reading material.
What does this mean for you if you're looking to buy a home?
Well, because … (2 comments)

irvine: What Buyers Need to Know About HOAs - 09/19/19 10:36 AM
When searching for an Irvine home, you may end up selecting a property in a community with a Homeowners Association, (HOA), in fact in many communities, there are TWO HOAs. In Woodbridge for example, there's a Master Association which covers things like the two lakes, the tennis courts, parks and the 22 swimming pools, and for condo communities and some attached SFR communities, there are Sub-Associations, which usually cover the common areas, roofs outside walls, structure insurance, and so on.

There may be additional fees charged to homeowners if the reserve fund for the HOA cannot cover a major or … (3 comments)

irvine: 5 Reasons to Sell Your Irvine Home This Fall - 10/23/16 12:29 PM
The holidays are right around the corner, Irvine schools are back, and you might not think that now is the best time to sell your house. But with inventory below historic numbers and demand still strong, you could be missing out on a great opportunity for your family.
Here are five reasons why you should consider selling your house this fall:
1. Demand Is Strong
The latest Realtors' Confidence Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that buyer demand remains very strong throughout the vast majority of the country. These buyers are ready, willing and able to purchase... and are in the market … (0 comments)

irvine: South Lake in Woodbridge, Irvine this morning. - 02/24/16 01:49 AM
I try to go for a walk every day, usually before starting my three-minute commute to my office at First Team Real Estate. 
The sun wasn't up as I walked across the bridge over South Lake in Woodbridge Irvine today, so I had a great view of the full moon.
The sun was just about to rise when I snapped this photo of a lone duck, probably looking for breakfast. 
South Lake is one of two man-made lakes in Woodbridge. Both have beach lagoons and docks, where sail-boats, canoes, paddleboats and hydro-bikes are available for rent to Woodbridge residents.
Sail-boats can only be rented to people who know how to sail. … (3 comments)

irvine: Are you living in the safest city in America, (yet)? - 05/14/15 01:27 AM
No prizes for guessing which city is at the top of the FBI's list of SAFEST CITIES in the US!

> Violent crimes per 100,000: 48
> Population: 235,830
> 2013 murders: 2 (44th lowest)
> Poverty rate: 12.1% (53rd lowest)
> Pct. of adults with high school degree: 95.3% (7th highest)
Just 113 violent crimes were reported in Irvine last year, a city with more than 235,000 residents.
You were right! it's Irvine, California, (again!)
If you're not living in the safest city in America, and would like to, contact me.

irvine: Looking for pre-foreclosures or REO's in Irvine? Sorry! - 05/03/15 01:25 AM
Looking for pre-foreclosure homes or foreclosed ones, (REO's), in Irvine?
You may be disappointed.
HERE are the available Irvine listings.
Very few are listed for sale right now, but many more are expected to be listed in the months ahead due to HELOCS taken out during the boom years turning 10.
Usually banks give HELOCs, (Home Equity Line Of Credit), up to a certain amount (often in the ten$ of thou$and$), and they allow homeowners to use the money ffor any purpose, (pay of high interest credit cards, take a vacation, do some remodeling, whatever). Typically only the interest has to be paid for the first 10 … (3 comments)

irvine: Take the Kids in Your Irvine Home to Pretend City - 12/05/14 11:04 AM
If you have kids in your Irvine home, check out Pretend City, a novel children’s museum. It’s easily accessed, just south of the junction of the 5 and 405 freeways at 29 Hubble. The museum has several interactive exhibits where kids can play and explore. The Imagination Playground is a favorite, with blocks that can be used to build a fort, a robot, or anything else a kid can dream up. There’s also Pretend City, with all the institutions and businesses found in a real city. Children can explore and learn about their world in the exhibits in Pretend City.


irvine: Yes, a car caught FIRE outside my office window this morning! - 02/25/14 03:29 AM
I arrived back at my office at about 9:00 am this morning, to see members of the Irvine Police Dept and the OC Fire Authority at work.
There had been a car fire literally outside my office window, and I had missed all the action! 
Here's what I saw when I got back.

I spoke to the owner who said that the car had over 250,000 miles on it.
Imagine his surprise to get the call telling him to come downstairs....


irvine: Here's a stupid question to all homeowners out there. - 08/02/13 07:26 AM
Did you hear about the house that was destroyed by a fire this week in Woodbridge?
Thank goodness the parents & kids got out safely, and the OC firefighters rescued their black lab and gave it oxygen. 
The fire dept estimated damage to the house at $750,000, and the loss of contents was estimated at $150,000.
Apparently a multi-plug electrical adapter malfunctioned and this caused the  fire.
Now I'm no expert in fires, but I guess this could happen to anyone.
Here's a stupid question to all homeowners out there: Do you have insurance to cover your house & belongings?

What about you renters?
Your … (2 comments)

irvine: Low Inventory? Really? What Housing Shortage? - 06/08/13 07:04 AM
The number of active listings in Woodbridge DOUBLED in the last 30 days! Right now, there are 50 Woodbridge homes listed for sale, and 307 properties for sale elsewhere in Irvine.
While we certainly are still in a seller’s market, it is not as extreme as it was a few weeks ago.
Among those active listings are my listings at 11 Snowapple, ($650K), 6 Racing Wind, ($865K), and 14 Shooting Star, ($999K).
See more photos & details at
I'll be listing a single-story 2 bedroom home, (with den), in the Woodbridge Seasons tract, later this evening.
The prices … (2 comments)

irvine: Look's like the rain is stopping! Great news!! - 02/08/13 05:42 AM

irvine: Happy people live in Irvine. I knew I was right! - 01/29/13 06:22 AM
I'm surrounded by HAPPY PEOPLE!  They're all OVER Irvine.

EVEN FORBES MAGAZINE AGREES WITH ME, and ranked Irvine No. 6 among U.S. cities with the Happiest Young Professionals, based on criteria like work-life balance, work environment, job resources, compensation and growth opportunities.
Read more

irvine: Open House in University Park, Irvine TODAY. - 01/20/13 02:07 AM

I just listed this light and bright SINGLE STORY home in University Park's desirable Village 1. Yes, it’s a standard sale, priced at $525,000.
This single family home is exquisitely maintained, and is in a great end location. There’s lots of guest parking.
Address: 52 Seton Rd, Irvine, CA 92612
This spacious OPEN FLOOR PLAN, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home with direct access two car garage is a MUST SEE. In fact you can see it at the OPEN HOUSE I’m holding today, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
The home has an UPGRADED KITCHEN with sliding doors … (0 comments)

irvine: Rent close to North Lake in Woodbridge, Irvine - 09/07/12 04:12 AM


irvine: Today's housing market challenges bring OPPORTUNITIES. - 08/19/12 09:21 AM
All indicators are pointing to a gradual real estate market recovery. Woodbridge, (and the rest of Irvine), has a shortage of available housing inventory, which is sparking price increases and bidding wars for the first time in many years.
This chart shows that we haven't seen inventory this low since December 2005!

In addition to this low inventory, rising rental costs and the lowest mortgage rates EVER, are a significant incentive for potential homeowners to purchase and also for investors to increase their portfolios.Over a third of Woodbridge sales prices the past couple of months were at, or OVER list … (3 comments)

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