Fireworks in Clark County, WA - Let's play by the rules. It's already starting. The boom, boom, boom of illegal fireworks begins around nightfall in my Camas neighborhood. Apparently, these few revelers fail to realize just how controversial our fireworks laws are in Clark County. There are many ...
Do you ever have those days when you feel stuck?  For some reason, you just can't seem to find that right direction to propel you out of a certain mood or mindset. When it happens, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to step away for a while. Meditate, go for a walk or run, call a good frie...
Lacamas Lake Lodge and Conference Center The 5,000 square foot Lacunas Lake Lodge and Conference Center will be built on the site formerly occupied by the Camas Moose Lodge at 227 NE Lake road. The building and 5-acre parcel of land were purchased by the City in 2000. The last of the old dock and...
Vancouver Farmers Market - Sunshine on a Cloudy Day The clouds are back in Clark County today,  but the Vancouver Farmers Market has plenty of sunshine to cheer you up.  You'll find fresh and local in a variety of shades, including yellows and golds. Rain or shine - the Vancouver Farmers Market i...
Going out of town Listing Agent? Keep the basics in mind. Yes, Listing Agent you deserve to leave town for the weekend. In fact, we all do from time to time. However, if you have active listings there are some basics you need to keep in mind. Let's call this Scenario 1 - You leave town the same d...
Attention Investors - HOA Rental Limits - Not just a condo issue. A rental cap in a neighborhood dictates the percentage of homes that are allowed to be rented at any given time. For example, if the rental limit is 10%, and there are 100 homes, then only 10 homes can be rented at any given time. ...
Hey Yogi, what's with all the hanging Baskets in downtown Camas? ( Photo credit to Thomas Hopkins ) Actually, these baskets are probably not the kind that get Yogi excited. Instead of peanut butter sandwiches and other picnic fare, these baskets are filled with brightly colored flowers and greene...
Hey Runners, get ready for the 2013 Vancouver USA Marathon Runners will be hitting their stride this weekend at the 3rd annual Vancouver USA Marathon and Half-Marathon. Both events are now closed for online registration. However, you can register at the Active Expo on Friday or Saturday.  Race da...
Lacamas Heritage Trail - Expect honking during the morning commute. Lately, a busy schedule and warmer weather, prompt early morning runs at Lacamas Heritage Trail. The 3.5 gravel based trail is located in east Clark County, actually Camas, WA.  The path winds through the trees, and in some parts...
Sellers, make sure you take advantage of Inspection Day. First of all, put your best foot forward. I've heard sellers imply that the inspector won't care if the house is a mess.  That is simply not the case.  And in addition to the inspector, chances are the selling agent and the buyers are also ...

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