The Bug Chicks are coming to Vancouver WA - Find your inner bugdork. The Bug Chicks are coming to town this month to help us find our inner bugdork. Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker (aka The Bug Chicks) are entomologists who travel around the country to bring us a closer look at the fascinatin...
The Color of Pumpkins When we think of pumpkins. we normally envision a vibrant orange gourd. And, many of us think they do make some of the best jack-o'-lanterns. However, pumpkins come in a rainbow of fun colors - red, pink, white, tan, green and blue - and various shades in between. Pumpkins r...
Slaying the Energy Vampires in your home! Every day, and all night long, there are vampires in your home sucking power from outlets and costing you more money. Silent and relentless they siphon energy around the clock, even when idle. Standby power is the energy used by some appliances and electr...
The Boo Bash 2013 - Camas, WA The streets of Camas are closing down again this week, Wednesday October 23rd from 3pm to 5pm, for the annual Boo Bash. Each year, around this time, little ghosts and ghouls are out in full force with one thing on their mind - CANDY! Fortunately, local merchants are ...
As a Realtor® and EcoBroker, I use Perma-flyers for my listings. It makes good sense to me, as most sellers still want flyers for their homes. Personally, I'm not a fan of flyers. As we know, most folks find properties on-line. However, the majority of my clients are still convinced a flyer is im...
New Construction - Spec homes and non-refundable deposits. Some buyers expect a custom building experience when purchasing a spec home. In most cases, a few changes can be made, normally within the material selection choices being used by the builder.  Keep in mind, limiting those options help to...
My wonderful AR friends Ron and Alexandra wrote this great post about the power of Localisms. Since, I can't figure out how to add graphics to the comments section, I chose to show you the proof of how powerful these posts can be to our SEO.  Notice, only two comments, and one of those was my own...
Haunted Houses in (and around) Clark County, WA - Boo! There are various reports of paranormal activity in Clark County, WA, and this time of year, they might be a good place to visit for a spooky Halloween adventure. Who knows if they are true hauntings, or just vivid imaginations at work. Exper...
Flu Shots in Clark County, WA - Get protected now! Anyone over the age of 6 months should get a flu shot. Protecting yourself now, before the flu season starts, is your best defense according to Clark County health officials.  Flu can happen at any time, but it occurs more frequently between Octo...
Stingy Jack - The History of the Jack o’ Lantern. Pumpkin Carving is a popular part of our Halloween and Harvest Celebrations. We’ve been making jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins for centuries. In fact, the tradition hails from an old Irish myth about a character named Stingy Jack.Stingy Jack was a...

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