Camas Meadows Golf Club  Although my husband and I are not golfers, we enjoy the beautiful landscaping and natural setting of Camas Meadows Golf Club, which borders along one of our favorite running trail, Lacamas Heritage Trails.  As spring sets in, we are noticing more activity on the course, s...
Vancouver Farmer’s Market - Helping Oso, WA Slide Victims If you get a some time today, head to the Vancouver Farmers Market. In addition, to the spring crops of fresh and local food, you’ll be able to help victims of the recent mudslide in Snohomish County. Yesterday, Market organizers say visit...
YouTube Thursdays. The Importance of the Audio in your Videos.
Today, YouTube Thursdays focuses on the importance of using music, natural sound, or both in videos. Videos have the power to create an experience - they can transport us, and evoke emotions. Leaving out the benefits of setting a scen...
Condos in Fisher's Landing - Vancouver, WA There are a variety of options if you’re looking for a condo in the Fisher’s Landing area of Vancouver. Fisher’s Landing is a bustling section of Clark County and is located on the eastern border of Vancouver, and to the west of Camas. The 192nd Avenue c...
Hidden Gems in Clark County, WA - Added Home ValueOne of the most delightful finds in residential real estate is discovering hidden gems. If they’re not yet maximized, they have the potential to translate into big value down the road. Quite often these finds can increase your enjoyment too - and ...
My husband knows how I feel about the shallowness of certain cocktail parties, and insincere forms of networking, therefore he sent me this very funny list of tips from The Onion. I know you've probably seen a few of these examples in action. Hahaha. Have a great Tuesday. Connecting with professi...
No More Electrical Cords! One of my pet peeves is a tangle of cords, or cords snaking across walls to plug in our lamps, TVs, and other household appliances. I go to great lengths to find creative ways to avoid cord clutter. For years, I've dreamed of a wireless world in the home environment. App...
Seniors - And the “Shadow” ClientOne of our favorite people recently downsized from his large suburban home to a small condo. This friend and client, in his late 80’s, personifies aging at its best. He’s healthy, active, enjoys traveling, collecting and restoring antique toys, and cares for his g...
Heritage Trail in Camas, WA -  A Celebration for “The Man in the Hat”He impressed me from the very first day I saw him, in early 2007, while running the Heritage Trail in Camas. Tipping his blue hat, and giving a jaunty forehead salute, he wished me a cheerful “Good Morning.”  The good-energy vib...
It's the first day of Spring. Hurrah. Here's to warmer weather to those of you hit hard with old man winter of late. Today, YouTube Thursdays reminds you to take advantage of one of the most beautiful times of the year. Spring!As you might guess, people tend to think the Pacific Northwest is alwa...

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