We saw these in our travels last week, and wonder if these beautiful pumpkins were carved into Jack-0' Lanterns to celebrate Halloween. We can thank the Irish for the name. Celtic legend claims a stingy farmer, named Jack, made a bargain with the devil that left him wandering the earth for etern...
You Can Find Nature as Neighbors in Brush Prairie/HockinsonMany buyers are looking for homes in the country surrounded by nature, but still close to shopping, services, and good schools. Brush Prairie/Hockinson is a great area where we regularly find homes that meet this criteria.Hockinson has th...
You could not deny the activity going on dawn to dusk in the salvia (aka Sage) gardens at the home we were renting in Sonoma last week. Saliva is the largest genus of plants in the mint family. They are heat and drought resistant and a perfect choice for dry climates. Although, with nearly a thou...
 Can you guess what our three-and-a-half year old granddaughter is doing in this photo? She's working very hard. We spent a morning at the Children's Museum on a recent visit to Denver last month. Needless to say, we all kept busy, especially little Rae Rae. At the end of this very short video, y...
Camas Homes With Nature As NeighborsHomes in rural parts of Camas offer the luxury of nature as neighbors, with "elbow room for the soul".  Living close to nature and having privacy and space provide the daily pleasures of a relaxing retreat.  Camas has an award-winning small-town lifestyle with ...
 Recently, a reader of one of our blog posts asked what our region's topography is called. Is it country if it has rolling hills and an abundance of wildlife? The short answer is yes, but there are many nuances to the term "country" in Clark County, Washington.   At ViewHomes™ of Clark County, we...
  Our Multi-generational niche actually found us. Fortunately, when you pay attention, life generally gives you plenty of signals. In 2007, we moved into duplex style townhomes with my parents in one unit, us in the other. We not only liked the location and the gated neighborhood, but it was the ...
 This photo popped up on my Facebook time-line today - what a bittersweet reminder. It's a shot from three years ago. We'd lived in our Multi-generational home for about a month at the time, and dad and mom enjoyed the outdoor fire while the rest of us fed the flames with fallen limbs. It tugged ...
MultiGen Homes with Nature as NeighborsIt's no coincidence that our specialties - view homes on acreage with "elbow room for the soul" - are well-suited for multigenerational homes, too.  They offer accommodations for the whole family.  Sometimes they come with separate living quarters, sometimes...

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