authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - The Real Deal - 02/06/20 08:12 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Keeping in Real
Debbie Reynolds is missed in Active Rain. She is a warm and friendly, comfortable in her own skin, and the real deal. What you see is what you get. Debbie was one of the few agents who really jumped into video marketing with zest. We always enjoyed her videos showcasing her local market, Clarksville, Tennessee. 
This video, produced by Debbie in 2012, has over 16 thousand views. Impressive numbers. The best part, it's still relevant. The only thing missing was Debbie's Branding at the end. 
 Debbie's warm and friendly personality is on display in this video tour of a … (54 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken. - 12/19/19 08:48 AM
The Best Way to Be - Be Yourself 
We often talk about the importance of being yourself in video marketing. As our friend Alexandra  (Ron and Alexandra Seigel) says, referencing an Oscar Wilde quote, “everyone else is already taken.” 
Being genuine and authentic is the best way to put others at ease and build relationships.  Phony is a turn-off, and while it can fool some for a while, eventually the facade chips away. 
Last week, Andrew, with Bozeman Real Estate Group asked members of Active Rain to critique a video. One of the things we immediately appreciated about it is the authenticity coupled with a sense of humor. 
The … (31 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Holiday Cheer - Part 2 - 12/12/19 07:19 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Cheer in Your Unique Style  - Part 2 
Last week, we shared a festive video produced by Sheldon Neal. The holiday video coveys a delightful Christmas message, "I'll Get You A Home For Christmas!!" set to the classic tune of "I'll be home for Christmas." While we could all agree to its entertainment value, most of us didn't think we'd be comfortable trying to do our own version of his concept.  
And unless, we share many of Sheldon's traits, it wouldn't be a good fit for us anyway. However, Sheldon's video should inspire us to evaluate our own special traits and talents. What are our secret weapons? Something that few, if any, could … (42 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Holiday Cheer, Uniquely Yours - 12/05/19 08:13 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Cheer in Your Unique Style  
Tuning in to Your Style  
You've heard us say this before. And, more importantly, you hear it a lot from marketing and branding experts. Authenticity is huge in your marketing. That includes video marketing. Genuine beats slick any day. 
For some reason, we missed this video last year. Hannah Williams first shared it, and we recently found her post. Thanks Hannah!  So happy we did too, as we really love Sheldon's style in this holiday video.  Talk about a big personality. 
The take-away for us, his authenticity. Using a sense of humor, and an ability to carry a tune, results in this … (43 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursday - A Day Late, but all about YOU! - 02/01/19 07:50 AM
YouTube Thursdays- A day late, but with thoughts of YOU. 
A scheduling conflict for business prevented this post from being submitted on Thursday. However, as promised, here are some ideas to help you determine how to interject yourself into videos if you suffer from stage fright. This week, is part 1. 
First of all, think about who you really are, the heart of soul of you. My good friend Alexandra, writes about this concept in one of her recent posts. We think, if you really want to thrive, in all aspects of life, it’s important to journey inward to find your true “me.” 
You are … (15 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - Introductory Video - Inspiration and Authenticity - 02/08/18 08:21 AM
Today, YouTube Thursdays looks for some inspiration to help those of you who are working on an Introductory, or About Me, video.

Here's some tough love before we continue today. If you aren't going to utilize the basic principles to produce a good video - the right equipment - a storyboard - good lighting - and basic editing, it's probably best to hire a professional. You might be surprised at how affordable it is too. The ROI should be pretty high, considering how many ways you'll be able to use the video. Those of you who work in an office with multiple agents might want to suggest hiring a … (24 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - The Art of Selling You with Videos - 03/03/16 03:00 AM
Videos about You - Consider a Little Less You.
Press the YouTube Button to join our video group.
Our Harcourts office had some training yesterday and the instructor showed us several videos of other agents talking about their philosophy and why their clients are so happy. Bla bla bla. The videos were about two minutes long and everyone at the table starting losing interest in about 20 to 30 seconds.  Who the heck wants to watch anyone talk for more than a few seconds?  Frankly, it's boring. 
The Art of Selling You
A better method, in my opinion, is to let others talk about how great … (26 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - Videos - Dare to be you, the rest will follow. - 04/08/15 09:00 AM
Authenticity is (nearly) everything in videos designed to attract like-minded clients. 
I know, I know, you're sick of me telling you this. Honestly though, how can I keep one my best lead generators a secret? And if you keep ignoring my pleas to start using video - I'm going to keep coming back to bug you, time and time again. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post daring Rainers to be themselves in a video - I even offered them a prize. Debbie Reynolds and Jerry Newman  were the only ones who took me up on my offer, and they each got a … (31 comments)

authenticity: YouTube Thursdays - TBT- The Importance of YOU. - 10/09/14 12:54 AM
 Today, I dug back into the archives and found one of my first series as a member of Active Rain. It's about the importance of music, sound, and authenticity. As a reminder, be careful about your use of music, and if you have any concern about whether you can freely use it ( copyright), err on the side of conservative. There are plenty of on-line services that provide music for a fee - or get creative, seek out local muscians in your area. I bet they'd love the exposure...
Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final … (46 comments)

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