clark county wa: Rural Gardens in Clark County, WA - Heavenly Hydrangeas - 08/29/17 08:58 AM

When you live in a more rural area, with a bit of acreage, it's likely your gardens will have various lighting conditions. For example, at our multi-gen home in Camas, we have gardens in full sun, partial sun, and light-dappled shade. Therefore, one of our favorite foundation plants is the hydrangea. There are many varieties of hydrangeas, thriving in full sun to partial shade.
The Panicle Hydrangea is the most sun tolerant and has lovely pyramid shaped flowers from about July through September. As with most hydrangeas, the blooms change color as they age. Ours change from white to pink. Bigleaf and Oakleaf hydrangeas are also good choices … (13 comments)

clark county wa: View Homes of Clark County, WA and Earth Day 2017 - 04/22/17 10:45 AM

It's Earth Day, and we're reminded of our continued commitment to live in harmony with nature and all of its magnificent creatures. In fact, our real estate focus, ViewHomes of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors™grew out of our passion for the environment. We believe beautiful and peaceful surroundings help to ground and center us. 
A ViewHome™ doesn't necessarily have a specific view,  instead it's a home with a bit of breathing room and scenes that relax us, rather than add to our stress. It's subjective. Perhaps it's views of a mountain, or a lake, or a river. Or, it could be pleasing scenes of … (12 comments)

clark county wa: ViewHomes of Clark County - Waterfront Homes for Sale - 05/10/16 01:27 AM
Waterfront Homes for Sale in Clark County, Washington
Waterfront living is special. Whether it's on a lake, a babbling brook, a mighty river, or a calm pond, the views are ever-changing. Nature seems to be in abundance as wildlife is also drawn to water. Perhaps that's why people hope to find their perfect waterfront ViewHome.™ Speaking of which, we have a lovely waterfront ViewHome currently for sale close to the Clark County/Skamania line. It has fabulous Washougal river frontage and its own private waterfall. We thinkg it's one of the most beautiful spots you're likely to see with a house attached. Be sure to call us today for your private … (11 comments)

clark county wa: ViewHomes of Clark County - Elbow Room for the Soul - 02/08/16 11:49 PM
Nature As Neighbors - We love selling Elbow Room for the Soul 
ViewHomes of Clark County™ grew out of our love for nature, beautiful surroundings, and a peaceful environment. We recently moved our multi-generational household to an area located in the rolling hills north of Camas-Washougal. Our property sits on an acre-plus with towering trees, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and we get seasonal views of the Little Washougal River. Our family loves having Nature As Neighbors.
If you're looking for a family estate with enough room for visiting family and friends, and land to garden or enjoy privacy, you're similar to the majority of our clients.. We also specialize in Multi-generational living … (15 comments)

clark county wa: News And Views of Clark County - Turn Around - Don't Drown - 12/10/15 03:56 AM
North End of Lacamas Lake At Everett Rd
Nature is displaying its true power with all the rain this week - dumping record amounts of water in the area.  Although we are usually set up for a little rainfall this time of year, the downpours have been especially heavy.  The picture, above, was taken after road crews opened up Everett Rd, which was nearly flooded by Lacamas Lake. 
With more rain scheduled, Nature will continue dumping extra water into the area.  Most of the main roads remain open, but some rural routes - especially along low-lying areas may experience temporary flooding. It may seem like common sense, but if you see a … (17 comments)

clark county wa: Views of Clark County - Nature Not Neighbors on a November Day - 11/05/15 11:44 PM
News and Views of Clark County, WA - Nature Not Neighbors
We've recently moved from our crowded suburban neighborhood to a more rural setting in the Camas-Washougal area. Now we see views of nature, not neighbors. Don't get me wrong, we're both fond  of our former neighbors, and plan to stay in touch, but our souls were in need of change. Our new home sits on just over an acre and nature surrounds us. This week, inspired by the views, the sounds of the Little Washougal River and the bird songs, my husband encouraged me to get out the camera. Here's are several … (18 comments)

clark county wa: Over the River and Through the Woods - Going the Extra Mile for Buyers - 04/14/15 12:47 AM
Over the River and Through the Woods in Clark County, WA
We have out-of-town clients coming in to look at houses located in the hills and woods above Camas - and several other communities in Clark County. Many of the homes are estates, and owners frown on agent previews. However, we will be driving the route today in advance of their arrival.
The tour will take several days and we will actually be going over three rivers, mountains, and many acres of wood in our search for the perfect, private family-retreat. The last thing we want is any surprises due to road closures, road … (57 comments)

clark county wa: St. Patrick's Day in Clark County WA - 03/17/15 12:47 AM
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Clark County

Nothing heralds Spring’s imminent arrival like the green we wear on St. Patrick’s Day. There are many kid-friendly and adult events throughout the day in Clark County. Here are just a few to consider:

                 (Photo: Steve Lane/ The Columbian)

Paddy Hough Neighborhood Parade
The 24th Annual Parade celebrates the Hough Neighborhood’s namesake, Paddy Hough, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day in 1846 and was a popular leader and educator in Vancouver until 1925.  Starting at 12:30 p.m., the parade begins at Hough Elementary School, … (25 comments)

clark county wa: 2015 - The Year To Sell in Clark County, WA? - 02/23/15 11:13 PM
Why this might be the year to finally sell your home. 
2015 homes sales in Clark County WA continue to edge up to pre-2007 levels. There are several facors at play:
The Economy has improved, bringing out a larger pool of buyers  Mortgage Rates are still at historic lows More 1st Time Buyers -Lending Standards have loosened and down payments have fallen Inventory is tight - so prices are rising
For more details about the current market, go to our Market Reports.
Be sure to fill out the form on our site to recieve a free Comparative Market Analysis for your home. It's good to know … (19 comments)

clark county wa: Living Large in a Tiny House - Dee Williams visits Clark County,WA - 08/31/14 12:33 AM
Living Large in a Tiny House - Dee Williams visits Clark County WA 
Dee Williams is a Washington woman who has become a pioneer for the small, make that tiny, house movement. After suffering a heart attack at the age of 41, Williams began questioning her life and what really mattered. It turns out, she discovered what most of us probably already know, “the important stuff in life isn’t stuff.”
However, unlike the rest of us, she sold her three bedroom Craftsman home in Portland, Oregon and built an 84 square foot home on a trailer and pulled it up to Olympia … (24 comments)

clark county wa: Labor Day 2014 - Winding Down Clark County WA - 08/29/14 02:12 AM
Labor Day Weekend Marks End of Summer
Labor Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the first Monday in September – this year it is September 1st. Ironically, this celebration of the American labor movement is typically observed by taking the day off – it is an official Federal holiday. Many families will be gathering for picnics, barbecues, and one last outdoor adventure (or two) before summer ends.
Walking, biking, or just chilling in the park listening to music- there's a lot going on this weekend:
Clark County Historical Museum’s last Walking Tour of the season with a labor theme … (15 comments)

clark county wa: Business in East Clark County WA Has Always Been Booming - Literally - 08/12/14 02:35 AM
Quarry Blasts Open for Future Development
Portland developer, Weston Investment, has submitted plans for a multi-use development in a former quarry located between Vancouver and Camas WA.  The 84-acre site along the Columbia River offers the opportunity for retail, office, single-family and multi-family development on a magnificent bluff overlooking the river. Appropriately named the Riverview Gateway, the developer has described it as the “front door to East Vancouver and Camas” – with 192nd Ave. as the entrance.
Recent developments have seen a major growth spurt along the 192nd corridor, which features new retail and offices alongside established neighborhoods, parks and … (22 comments)

clark county wa: View Homes on Acreage with a Master-on-the-Main in Clark County, WA - 07/20/14 02:54 AM
View Homes on Acreage with a Master on the Main in Clark County,WA

A relocation client is looking for a home in Clark County, WA with specific requirements. She wants at least a third of an acre, a master-on-the-main, plenty of room for visiting children and grandchildren, and a stunning view.
In our area, the stunning view likely means a river, lake or mountain view. Occasionally, all three. The tough part of this equation is the Master-on-the-Main and the larger acreage with a budget under $700,000. 
There are just 39 properties in the neighborhoods where she’s interested in purchasing her next … (16 comments)

clark county wa: Camas Farmer’s Market – It’s a Gift of Summer - 07/01/14 12:32 AM
Experience Fresh, Local Produce in Camas

We really enjoy living in a region that produces so much fresh, local fruits and vegetables - the Camas Farmer’s Market is one of the great places where you can experience the joy of such bounty. Last Wednesday, we didn’t get a chance to go down to the market, but in the evening our doorbell rang.
A Gift From Camas Farmer's Market!

It was our neighbor Wendee’s young son. He had a bag of fresh produce from the Camas Farmer’s Market – yellow zucchini, onions, and cilantro! What a pleasant surprise and thoughtful … (19 comments)

clark county wa: Felida home on .62 Acres - Veggies, Flowers and Fresh Eggs! - 06/16/14 12:33 AM
Organic Gardens, chickens and plenty of updates create a charming spot for this Felida home.
For nearly a year, I've been on the look out for a great spot for one of my favorite buyer family's to call home. I've sold several of their homes now, and this is the fourth transaction together. We've become good friends.
There are good reasons  as to why it took this long to find a good match.  At the top of the list, they need a home to accommodate mom, dad, and two kids, plus a private and separate living space for the wife's mother.

clark county wa: Time to Plant Your Garden in Clark County - 06/06/14 11:58 PM
Raised Beds Help Gardens in Clark County 

If you enjoy gardening, you probably already know it’s time to get started on planting. If you haven’t tried raised beds, it is a great way to extend your season a bit – especially here in the Pacific Northwest where we have wet springs and cool evenings near the end of summer. Raised beds are heated by the sun throughout the day and release the heat through the soil, maintaining a more even temperature.
The other advantages of raised beds include less digging, more efficient watering, and overall low maintenance. You can find … (20 comments)

clark county wa: It's March - Spring's Welcome Changes in Clark County, WA - 03/01/14 01:14 AM
It's March - Spring's Welcome Changes in Clark County, WA
We’ll be springing ahead next weekend, officially, on Sunday, March 9th, at 2:00 am.  Regardless of how you feel about Daylight Savings time, it’s good for getting us off the couch, and outside in the evenings.
Thursday, March 20th is the first day of Spring. The vernal equinox happens twice a year, in Spring and Fall. The word equinox means equal night. Days and nights are approximately equal everywhere.
Days will be getting longer, and with the warming temperatures, flora and fauna will come to life again.
Sure signs of Spring, according the old … (31 comments)

clark county wa: The Green Neighbors' DIY Fair, Clark County, WA - 02/21/14 01:42 AM
The Green Neighbors’ DIY Fair, Clark County WA
If you want to learn a variety of useful and eco-friendly ways to maintain your home, plan on attending the Green Neighbors’ DIY Fair on March 15th. Two large local vendors, Lowes and Home Depot will be hosting a number of the workshops. For example, Lowe’s offers lawn mower repair, basic wiring, plumbing and furnance/AC maintenance tips. Home Depot workshops cover sheetrock repair, finish trim, and screen door repair.
Free information, Free Lightbulbs, Free Lunch at DIY Fair
There are also workshops to teach you bike maintenance, canning and preserving, organic gardening, … (21 comments)

clark county wa: Tips for Buying Investment Properties in Clark County, WA - 01/16/14 11:13 PM
Tips for Buying Investment Properties in Clark County, WA.  
Buying a rental property can be a good way to start building a real estate investment portfolio. Right now, local rents are on the rise, due largely to the growing population and former homeowners who lost their homes in a short sale or foreclosure.  
Before you buy the get-rich-quick-in-real-estate seminar, you should understand that investing in real estate is risky for a beginner, and should be pursued carefully like any other investment.  Unless you have a lot of cash lying around (and who does?) you will likely need … (19 comments)

clark county wa: Clark County WA- Record Sales for the year! - 12/06/13 12:25 AM

Clark County WA - Record Sales For The Year Clark County continues to experience a surge in home sales, reflecting a trend experienced by the rest of the country. The Census Bureau reports there is a boom new home sales.  Sales of new single-family houses in October 2013 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 444,000, which is 25.4 percent above the revised September rate of 354,000 and 21.6 percent above sales this time last year.  These numbers reflect the biggest gains since 2006.
Clark County Average and Median Prices Continue to Climb The median sales price of all … (9 comments)

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