clark county washington: Well, Well, Well. The Hirtz Decision and Wells in Clark County, WA - 03/14/18 01:47 PM
Well, Well, Well. How does the Hirtz Decision impact Land Owners in Clark County WA?
We are still getting calls from concerned land owners and buyers regarding the Hirtz decision in Washington state. The repercussions could have been daunting for rural land owners. At the heart of the matter is water usage - environmental concerns about protecting watersheds versus private wells, group wells, and commercial wells.  Rather than get into the nuances of a complex lawsuit, here is an article explaining the original lawsuit in great detail. 
The bottom line, it required land-owners to go through extensive and expensive testing to prove a … (17 comments)

clark county washington: Free Leaf Disposal - Clark County, Washington - 11/05/17 07:53 AM

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away; Lengthen night and shorten day; 
Every leaf speaks bliss to me Fluttering from the autumn tree. 
I shall smile when wreaths of snow Blossom where the rose should grow; 
I shall sing when night’s decay Ushers in a drearier day. Fall, leaves, fall
                                                                                             -Emily Brontë
Tis the season. The leaves are piling up in many Clark County yards … (21 comments)

clark county washington: Garden Crops in Camas Washington - Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labor - 08/17/17 08:03 AM
This is the time of year when our Clark County Washington gardens really heat up and yeild the fruits ( and veggies) of our labors. What a treat it is to eat fresh vegetables from our own yard. Our neighbors also have gardens and we're all experiencing a bumper crop of cucumbers and squash. Therefore, we are sharing our excess with the local Food Bank. 
We are big fans of organic gardening and are adamant about using non-gmo and heritage seeds and starts. It takes some thought and planning to keep Monsanto out of the garden, but we think it's worth the effort. The … (18 comments)

clark county washington: Radon Testing in Clark County - January is Radon Action Month - 01/15/17 11:48 AM

You can’t see it, or smell it, or taste it, but Radon gas could be present at a dangerous level in your Clark County, Washington home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. If you live in Washington state, radon is the largest source of radiation for almost everyone. Unfortunately, in Clark County, we have one of the highest rates of radon in the state. And, that’s because of what happened about 15 thousand years ago. 
The Missoula Floods refer to the catalyIismic floods that swept through the Columbia River Gorge at the … (12 comments)

clark county washington: Multi-Gen Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - A Good Fit for You? - 01/15/17 09:47 AM

We’re working with a Camas family ( mom, dad, and two kids) who want to live in a Multi-generational property with the wife’s parents. The parents currently live in the midwest, are retiring this Spring, and they haven't had  a chance to really spend a lot of time around their young grandchildren. Therefore, relocation for them is a top priority. The property they've decided to buy together will need an area where the older parents can age in place. In other words, living space with ground level access and one-level.
Purchasing a multi-generational property is a process. Since there are more people in the decision making arena, … (10 comments)

clark county washington: ViewHomes of Clark County - When You're Dreaming of a White Christmas - 12/05/16 10:32 AM
ViewHomes of Clark County™ are often situated in the hills of Clark County, Washington. Therefore during a cold snap, we tend to get the snow first, thanks to the higher elevations. This morning is no exception. Needless to say, we're in a very festive mood with Christmas music playing, a fire in the woodstove, and dreams of a White Christmas. If you're interested in discovering homes with Nature As Neighbors, elbow room for the soul™, and a better chance of snow, contact us today. 

clark county washington: Welcome to Nature As Neighbors - Our Dog Plays a Starring Role - 01/26/16 12:08 AM
Welcome to Nature As Neighbors
We are so proud and excited to officially introduce you to our new website, Nature As Neighbors. It’s been a true labor of love and the branding and message comes straight from our hearts.  Napa Consultants Ron and Alexandra Seigel  led us on a process of self- discovery and brand discovery to ensure our niche is not only on target with our personalities, but fills a void in the Clark County Real Estate market.
ViewHomes of Clark County™™ with Nature As Neighbors™ needs only one more tag line to sum up our brand - “elbow room for the soul.” ™ It … (23 comments)

clark county washington: Views of Clark County, WA - Into the Mystic - 11/29/15 12:40 AM
Views of Clark County - A Misty Sunset
The sunsets are as varied as the days from our ViewHome in Clark County, WA. We enjoyed this scene the other night. My husband dubbed it " Trees Dancing in Mist." His observation led me to Van Morrision's classic tune, "Into the Mystic."  Happy Sunday views to you. 

clark county washington: 5 STEPS For Multi-Generational Housing Harmony in Clark County, WA - 06/01/15 07:45 AM
Living Together Can Have Great Rewards With Some Planning
  So you've decided it's time for your family (or extended family) to live together. Where do you start? Before running out to search for the perfect property, there are some STEPS you should take to make your transition to a multi-generational household is successful. In addition to hiring a Realtor® who has extensive personal experience working with families who have made the transition, you should sit down with all members and at least discuss these 5 STEPS:      Separate quarters?  Some people think they want to have everyone back under one roof again. They envision the … (36 comments)

clark county washington: MultiGenerational Housing Solutions in Clark County, WA - Another Solved! - 05/13/15 01:12 AM
Solutions for Multi-Generational Families
We love putting together the puzzle pieces when helping extended families create harmonious living situations. Privacy, accessibility,  and future needs are all components that we consider. Listening careful to the goals, and understanding each family members needs is critical to a successful outcome. 
Recently, we found the perfect home for another family in Clark County, WA. The doctor, his wife, and their two young sons, are all comfortable in a house with a lot of room. They want his mother and her husband to join them, but privacy and ample living quarters for all is paramount. Plus, they want acreage and privacy in a peaceful outdoor setting.
This … (23 comments)

clark county washington: Sellers, Does Your House Speak of Love and Life and Joy? - 04/19/15 12:25 AM
If you want to sell your home, make sure it evokes emotion.
This past week, we been in a number of luxury homes in Clark County, WA. Two different families are trying to find the perfect retreat for extended family living. We specialize in multi-generational family solutions, therefore we tour a lot of larger homes, or homes with second dwellings on acreage. 
Most of the homes are prices from about $700 and above. Generally speaking, homes closer to the million dollar mark have more bells and whistles and high end finishes, in addition, they tend to have the most stunning views. 
Therefore, it came as no surprise when one of … (33 comments)

clark county washington: Valentine's Day - Time for Pairings - 01/27/15 11:45 PM
Special Dinners for Valentine's Day in Clark County
Valentine's Day is coming up in just two weeks, and that's a special event that may require some planning. Especially if you want to enjoy a special dinner with your special person - it's one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. A few of our favorites for special occasions are Gray's at The Park in the Vancouver Hilton, Hudson's Bar and Grill in the Heathman Lodge, and our local favorite Roots in Camas.  Each offers fresh, locally sourced cuisine, great ambiance and service, and excellent wine selections.  Gray's is offering a special Valentine's Day … (19 comments)

clark county washington: Dreaming of a White Christmas - What are the odds in Clark County,WA? - 12/15/13 11:02 PM
Dreaming of a White Christmas - What are the odds in Clark County, WA?

According to the weather folks, the definition of a White Christmas means an accumulation of a least an inch of snowfall. That doesn’t seem like much does it? Come on, just an inch, that sounds pretty easy.
However in Clark County, ocean winds bring us for the most part, a temperate weather climate. In short, that means we have warm, dry summers and mild, damp winters. Snowfall is variable, and is rather uncommon.
Chance of snow on Christmas in Clark County, WA
State forecasters are calling this … (31 comments)

clark county washington: Won't you be my (green) neighbor? Clark County, WA - 02/10/13 12:27 AM
Won't you be my (green) neighbor? Clark County, WA As and EcoBroker-Realtor in Clark County,WA, I’m always looking for like-minded people and organizations. Recently. I stumbled upon, and joined a network called Clark County Green Neighbors. It’s right up my alley and down my street.
If you share a desire to live in harmony with the environment, do yourself a favor and check out the website. It’s great resource with wonderful tid-bits of eco-friendly information.  And you can even earn badges for being a good, green
Proud to be a green neighbor in Clark County. Once you get the Green Neighbor … (26 comments)

clark county washington: Green Homes in Clark County, WA - Plenty of Options in 2013. - 02/08/13 03:20 AM
Green Homes in Clark County, WA - Plenty of Options in 2013. If you think winter is a slow time in Real Estate, thing again. There’s been a lot of activity in the sales of green homes in Clark County in the past 30 days. Buyers and sellers aren’t waiting for Spring to arrive.
As of February 8th, 2013, there are 11 new listings, 17 pendings (only 1 of those is a Short Sale), and 11 solds within a 30 day period. The median time on the market is between 107 and 115 days - a sellers market.
The sold prices range … (10 comments)

clark county washington: Musical Chairs at the Finch Feeder - Exploring Clark County - 05/11/12 12:07 AM
Recently, we had a number of Finches competing for a spot at a backyard feeder in Clark County, Washington. It was delight to see them perched up and down the sides of the tube as it swayed to and fro in the evening wind. It reminded me of Musical Chairs. They are entertaining birds and great singers. Finches brighten backyards around the nation, including those in Clark County, WA with a variety of colors - bright blues, yellows, reds and purples. Plus, their melodic song fills the air with sweet sounds.
Ironically, it's the male Finch who sports the brightest … (21 comments)

clark county washington: Distressed Properties in Clark County, Washington - Not the only game in town. - 05/08/12 12:50 AM
Many of my clients assume the only listings in Clark County are Distressed Properties - short sales and bank owned. That's not accurate, they aren't the only game in town. In fact, the local RMLS just released the statistics for all Distressed Residential Properties in the first quarter of 2012.
According to the RMLS, this is the break down for Clark County when comparing percentage share of the market 1st quarter of 2011 to 1st quarter of 2012.
First quarter of 2011 to 2012, distressed sales as a percentage of new listings decreased by 4.6% (39.7% v. 35.1%). First quarter … (13 comments)

clark county washington: Green Business Program in Clark County, Washington - 02/08/12 05:14 AM
Do you have what it takes to be a green business? Clark County, Washington has a new program designed to help businesses flourish in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, the program is directed toward the local economy.
The green economy is growing 10 times faster than the general economy as consumers demand more green products and services. Businesses with the green designation are poised to better handle the recession and realize growing sales in the future.
Implementing sustainable business practices can reduce the amount of materials used and operational costs, thereby saving money. Plus, Green businesses help protect, … (14 comments)

clark county washington: Something New's Cooking in Clark County, WA Kitchens - 07/25/11 04:00 AM

Thanks to a Hazel Dell woman, something new's cooking in Clark County, Washington kitchens. Felicia Hill's son has a life-threatening peanut allergy, so when she couldn't find a bakery to guarantee a safe birthday cake for him, she made her own.

Hill took cake decorating classes and started experimenting with recipes for peanut, gluten and dairy free cakes. Soon, she was baking them for close friends and families. Her creative and colorful concoctions were so popular that she decided to try to make a little money on the side by selling them. 

However, she found … (8 comments)

clark county washington: Think before you Swim -Water Safety in Clark County, Washington - 07/23/11 04:52 AM
Think before you Swim.Hurray, the sun is finally shining!  Just remember to think before you swim in Clark County, Washington this weekend. Some lakes, rivers and streams are just too risky for swimming because of high water levels and swift currents. Parents especially need to remember there's no lifeguard on duty at most of our county swimming holes.

Tragedies can be avoided.Sadly, three people have drowned this year in Southwest Washington.  The most recent involved an 11 year old boy who dove into the water after a pop bottle. He was with similar aged friends at a popular area known … (6 comments)

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