contest: Me, me, me. But, I'd rather know about You, you, you. - 12/13/18 10:55 AM
It's fun reading the posts originating from Kathy Streib's December challenge. More things you may wish you never knew about me.  Here goes. Hope more of you take a few minutes to particpate. I'd (Debb) much rather know more about YOU. 
Age:  Young at heart 

Best Traits: Positive, loyal, and solution-oriented
Biggest fear: Missed Opportunities 
Favorite time of the year: Fall and the Holiday season
Favorite drink: Coffee and Champagne
Early bird or night owl? Early
Favorite song: Toss up between "Hallelujah" ( Cohen) and "As Time Goes By"(Casablanca) 
Ghosts, are they real?  It's possible, but haven't seen one. 
Hometown: Juneau, Alaska 
In love with: Time spent with my family, Mac, and my good friends. 
Favorite Holiday Song: Christmas Time is Here ( A Charlie Brown … (32 comments)

contest: An Olympic Mindset for Business - Going for the Flow - 02/24/18 08:34 AM
An Olympic Mindset For Business - Going for the Flow 
Olympians who perform in the Zone are more likely to win the gold. As my very athletic son, Sean, told me years ago, “When I ski and get in the “zone,” time and thoughts disappear. It’s effortless and pure bliss.” Most of us have had those moments, right? Perhaps while on an afternoon trail run,  or during a challenging game on a tennis court. 
However, we can also find that effortless energy in other arenas too, such as work. Those are the wonderful days when creativity and productivity are optimal and tasks become … (36 comments)

contest: Setting our Course for More Success in 2018 - 01/04/18 10:54 AM
Debbie Reynolds is at it again. Thanks Debbie! Her latest challenge, Making 2018 the Best Year Yet, gives us the opportunity to map out our course. 
The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. 
Thich Nhat Hahn
Mindfulness continues to be a big focus of ours in 2018. It sounds easy enough, right?  However, paying keen attention to any moment, and staying immersed and fully engaged in the task at hand requires a high level of detached discipline. It almost sounds like a contradiction. 
We think mindfulness is more than a practice, it's a way of living.  A choice. 
In addition, we both identified these three overriding themes … (23 comments)

contest: Christmas Eve in Kodiak AK - The Fisherman's Gift - 12/02/17 09:20 AM
The Fisherman's Gift 
This is an entry into Kathy Streib's December Challenge: Share a Favorite Holiday Memory with Us. Thanks Kathy! 
Several months after a divorce, when my sons were quite young, I made a decision to move to Kodiak, Alaska to help start a radio station. Still in my twenties, it was a bold move. Dad and mom, and the rest of the family thought I was nuts, so did my friends. Other than two people, I didn't know a soul on the seemingly desolate island in the Gulf of Alaska. It was my first time away from home too, other than college. 
Up until then, … (71 comments)

contest: Day 11 of The 12 Days of Thanks Giving - Music - 11/22/17 08:07 AM
We are one day away from ThanksGiving. Debbie has filled Active Rain with 12 days of Thanks Giving. Thanks Debbie! It's been wonderful to start each day with gratitude.
Day 11 of Thanks Giving 
We can't imagine a world without music. It transports us to instantly into different emotional states. It sets the stage for a variety of settings - movies, TV,  cars, living rooms...
Bernie and I both share eclectic musical tastes. For example, last night we listened to rap from Macklemore. He's a Seattle artist, and like most successful rappers, his music is steeped in social commentary calling for change. 
On one of our … (14 comments)

contest: Pay it Forward 2017 - Bridges Palliative Care - 11/18/17 12:41 PM
Naturally, like most people, we try to pay it forward whenever we can...on a daily basis. However, this year we found another way to pay it forward. It also happens to be a cause that's near and dear to our heart. 
In late summer, we realized that the stress of managing dad's health challenges and mom's fragile emotional state was taking its toll on us. Therefore, during one of dad's hospital stays, his caregivers suggested we contact an organization called Bridges. Bridges Palliative Care provides medical, spiritual, and emotional assistance for patients and their families.
It's a good resource when someone is not ready for hospice care. As the … (18 comments)

contest: Day 2 of the 12 Days of Thanks Giving - My Best Friend - 11/12/17 03:11 PM
Debbie Reynold's November challenge keeps us in gratitude mode for the days counting down to Thanksgiving. What a perfect way to fill the Rain with positivity. Thanks Debbie!
Day 2 of Thanks Giving 
Honeymoon in Alaska July 2002
Today I'm grateful for my partner in life...
We didn't find one another until 2001, several days after the 9/11 attacks that shook us all to our core.
Perhaps, because we are both parents, it helped us connect on a very visceral level.
We felt a profound sadness that our country was now going to be a very different place for our children.  It spawned some amazingly philosophical discussions - it … (21 comments)

contest: Day 1 of the 12 Days of Thanks Giving - Our Multi-Gen Home - 11/12/17 07:52 AM
Debbie Reynold's November challenge keeps us in gratitude mode for the next 12 days, what could be more wonderful as we close in on Thanksgiving 2017. 
          Thankful Day 1 -
One of the best decisions we've made in life is to share a home with my parents, and my sister and her husband. Our multi-generational home is large enough to offer each couple the space we need for privacy, yet ensures 24 hour support for 90-year old mom and 88-year old dad.  
Taking care of dad as his health dwindles, due to Dementia and congestive heart failure, is a … (29 comments)

contest: About Time - Living ( and Working ) in the Now - 10/02/17 05:01 PM

I just try to live every day as if I've deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life. ( A favorite quote from the movie, About Time.) 
We think successful time management comes with mindful self-management.  It’s still a relatively new practice for us, one that we are perfecting. Starting each day with gratitude and appreciation helps set the stage for the rest of the day. Savoring the taste and aroma of our coffee, we give one another permission to greet the day in our own personal way. … (43 comments)

contest: Brands We Love - And why we love them. - 03/09/17 10:16 AM

The March challenge from marketing gurus Ron and Alexandra Seigel is an important exercise for all of us. It not only gives us the opportunity to recognize great brands, but the process in determining why we chose the brands can lead us to some our core values. And the best part, those values can help us attract like-minded clients. 
  Raegan wearing her boots and vest from Nordstrom.
We both named Nordstrom as a store we completely trust, and frequently support, for many of our clothing purchases. While its headquarters is in Seattle, you'll find the luxury department stores throughout the United States and Canada. In … (18 comments)

contest: Nature As Neighbors - Frank Got it Right! - 09/30/16 08:18 AM
"Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close To Nature. It Will Never Fail You."
Frank Lloyd Wright
Paul's September Challenge to throw him some inspiration piqued my interest. After all, it's tough to narrow down dharma, or ones true purpose, in one quote. Or, at least I thought it might be difficult. Surprisingly, it came pretty easy once I looked at the list of my favorites quotes.  
While a young girl growing up in Alaska, I'm the one who called a tree my best friend.  Walks on rocky beaches, hikes in the mountains, or laying under the stars, is where I sought answers to life's biggest challenges, or decisions. Spending time on dad's fishing … (13 comments)

contest: Give me a Little Sugar - Costume Inspiration - 10/31/15 02:34 AM
Kimo has urged us all to re-discover the kid within. I love his Halloween themed contest this month and wish I'd had time to enter in all the categories. Alas, at least I have time to play for a bit today. This our entry into the Masquerade Ball. 
Our costumes today are an ode to the Mexican celebration called Day of the Dead.  They believe the gates of heaven open at midnight on October 31st to allow all of the deceased children (angelitos) to reunite with their familes for 24 hours. On November 2, the adults are allowed an earthly visit to enjoy all … (20 comments)

contest: MultiGenerational Housing, " The Story of Us "- Best Movie Entry - 02/28/15 08:43 AM
Whew, I'm just under the wire on this one. Here is my entry into Roger Mucci's Fourth Annual "Be the Star of your Own Movie," contest.  Naturally, I chose the Best Movie category and here is  my original video "The Story of Us." ( If I'd done anything other than a video, you all would NEVER have let me forget it. )   :) 
The Story of Us!
This is the “Story of Us,” a remake of the 1999 Rob Reiner movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis. Although, our story isn’t just about the two of us. It’s about the four of … (61 comments)

contest: YouTube Thursdays - " Best Movie Contest "- Video Guide - 02/12/15 07:37 AM
YouTube Thursdays: "Best Movie"  Video Plan for Roger’s "The Fourth Annual 'Be The Star Of Your Own Movie' Contest" 
It will be fun to see all of the entries into Roger Mucci's February contest. The red carpet is always exciting to watch, plus there's generally a bit of drama between the stars. I can hardly wait. Plus, Roger is the ultimate host. ( I wonder if Mickey will be attending?) 
Naturally, I’m especially anxious to see the Best Movie entries. While you can submit a slide-show ( collection of stills set to a video format),  I hope you take the leap … (31 comments)

contest: October's Challenge. Who would you like to meet? #2 - Dick ( and Mary) - 10/05/13 12:20 AM
Oops, I’ve done it again. Donna Forester’s October challenge has us choosing three Rainers who we’d like to meet in person. It’s a tough job to whittle the list down to only three. My first choice, Alexandra Seigel, is part of a duo with her husband Ron. Therefore, I know when I meet her, I’ll get to meet Ron too.
This time, I’ve once again chosen an Active Rain member who comes as part of a set. Mary & Dick Greenberg, “If you let these two people into your house, you can kiss it goodbye.” Mary seems like an awesome woman, … (24 comments)

contest: Sensei/Grasshopper - Hopping on the Video Marketing Bandwagon - 03/28/13 01:31 AM
The call for help came earlier this week, while I was on vacation in Alaska.  Dick Greenberg sent me an email asking if it would be possible to help an AR member add a voice-over to her video.
(A voice-over is a narrated audio track added "over" the top of a video production.)
My first call to Helen Prier was exploratory - PC or Mac?  Helen uses a PC and Windows Live Movie Maker.  Her enthusiasm for video came bubbling out during our first phone call. A video about a Blueberry Farm For Sale was getting tons of hits. "YouTube … (34 comments)

contest: Another Great Contest - Terkel's Video Plan and Action - 08/31/12 03:00 AM

Part 1 - The PlanWe’ve got another contest in Active Rain and this one is right up my alley and down my street. Terkel Sørensen has given us a challenge to create a video marketing plan by September 22nd - and produce at least one video.
One of the things I've discovered is that if you stick to your comfort zone and personality, it makes the video process much more natural - and fun. Here's an example of combining work with pleasure in one of my Exploring Clark County with Mac and Me videos.
What are you waiting … (27 comments)

contest: December 2011 Blogging Challenge Day 17 - - 12/17/11 06:27 AM
Day 17, 2011 December Blogging Challenge
Working on updating paperwork and files.
Finished Christmas Cards - hurray.
Answered emails from client responses to newsletter sent this week.
Filing, cleaning up office and calling it a day - husband's birthday and Christmas party tonight.
Here's my December Photo as promised. Too bad the power lines are in the shot -  12.15.11 Sunset.


contest: I'm thankful for Jimmy Buffet (not, Buffett) - 11/09/11 09:26 AM
ActiveRain/DocSign Contest - I’m Thankful for Jimmy Buffet (not Buffett, although, I like him too.) Thanksgiving is just around the corner, my father Jim, aka Jimmy Buffet ( because of his eating habits, not his musical ability - that’s Buffett ), will reside over the festivities with his usual sense of humor and eagerness - to eat!
Therefore, I’m remembering how grateful I am to have dad around. Over ten years ago his heart stopped during a so-called routine hospital procedure. My mother knew when she heard “Code Blue” over the hospital speakers, that it was dad.
Women in our … (22 comments)

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