family: Friday the 13th - An Anniversary, A Full Moon, and A Full Heart - 09/12/19 10:33 AM
Friday the 13th – An Anniversary, A Full Moon, and a Full Heart
It’s Friday the 13th. Tonight, a full moon should light up the night sky. The first full moon in a number of years to shine on this particular date.  
Today also marks the one-year anniversary of losing dad. Earlier this week, the hospice organization, who helped us care for dad in the months before he died, hosted a memorial service for patients who passed last September. Bernie, mom and, I were the only people who attended. It as a lovely service and we left with full … (33 comments)

family: Rae Rae's Off to Pre-K ! - 09/04/19 02:18 PM

You can sure see the excitement in our grand-daughter, Raegan's face, on her first day of Pre-K. Yesterday, Social Media sites were filled with similar photos of children announcing firsts for Pre-K, Grade School, Junior High, High School, and for some, a first year at college. 
It's hard to believe our little Valentine is old enough to be going to any school. It seems like yesterday when we boarded a flight to Denver on February 14, 2015 to meet her for the first time. She was actually born late in the day on February 13th, but she'll always be our family's Valentine. 
We have … (21 comments)

family: Pros and Cons of MultiGen Living - Considerations Before Buying - 07/24/19 08:51 AM
The Pros and Cons of Multigen Living - Considerations before buying a house together. 
Two-generational and three-generational households are on the rise in the United States. A multigen household is defined as two or more generations of adults living the same house, or a shared property. As the only REALTORS® in Clark County, Washington who specialize in this niche, we know it's imperative for families to find a suitable house to share.
For example, the right property for an aging parent will need, at the minimum, a main-floor bedroom and a bathroom with safety additions such as grab bars beside the toilet and in … (23 comments)

family: Glorious Juneau, Alaska - May 2019 - 05/31/19 03:41 PM
During a recent visit, our family in Juneau, Alaska planned six days of activities for us. The best part, our two grandson's, Sage and Adler, are now both old enough for most of the adventures.
One day, we went out on their boat and picnicked on an island. Along the way we spotted sea lions and humpback whales. 
Another day we climbed a steep 4-mile trail near the Mendenhall Glacier. We saw fresh bear scat, but fortunately no bears. 
The next day, we hiked another steep 2-mile trail up to the Mt. Roberts Tram. Our legs muscles were burning with memories of the day before. Along the trail, Bernie and … (18 comments)

family: A Birthday Celebration at Our MultiGen Home - 04/07/19 09:42 AM
“I am a continuation like the rain is the continuation of the cloud.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh, No Death, No Fear
Today would have been dad's 90th birthday. It's the first birthday we've spent without him.  Needless to say, we are all missing him, but reminding each other to be grateful for the time we did have together. Our multi-gen home and lifestyle gave us a tremendous amount of bonus moments to spend with him. 
Dad had a great sense of humor and enjoyed making us laugh. You certainly get that in this photo of him wearing a new scarf and headband, Christmas gifts for our niece. It still … (27 comments)

family: One of Our Favorites - MultiGen, Of course - 02/10/19 09:32 AM

Since it's Sunday, and we often share a story or information about Multigenerational living, it seems appropriate to write about a favorite transaction. One of our first multi-gen sales involving a busy doctor and his wife, their two little boys, and his mom who lived far away. 
We got the call first, from the mom, on Christmas Eve. She was visiting her son and daughter-in-law for the holidays and was considering moving to the Vancouver area to be closer. Would we show her a few condos? Naturally, we did. We also showed her a few more the day after Christmas. 
Her son tagged along for the … (18 comments)

family: MultiGenerational Homes! It's often Beyond the Economics - 01/06/19 08:29 AM
We read an Q and A today that really caused us to shake our heads. Fortunately, someone tagged us in a comment to bring the discussion to our attention. We're grateful. Once again, there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation about  multigenerational living situations. The question posed was this one: " Do you know 64 Million Americans live in Multigenerational Homes? That's 1 in 5 families." 
Here are some of the responses that surprised us,  
" I did not know that." "The higher housing costs, the more it will be this way." "I'm sure we will see more lawsuits where parents are trying to get their deadbeat children … (43 comments)

family: 2018 Holidays at Our Multi-gen Home - It's Almost a Wrap - 12/30/18 08:00 AM
Many of our friends and colleagues have asked how we are doing managing the holidays this year. You see, it's the first holiday season without dad. Naturally, he is missed and mom has moments where her emotions get the best of her. She's not alone in that, but, overall we're doing well. 
For the first time since I was a child, mom and I decorated our tree together. We drank herbal tea, listened to Christmas music, and had fun sharing stories about the ornaments as we placed them in the branches. I know dad would have loved watching us share this special task. 
Bernie and I did manage a quick getaway to … (22 comments)

family: Goodbye for Now, Dad - News from Our MultiGen Home - 09/15/18 05:53 AM

We knew it would happen one day. After all, we were prepared for it - or so we thought. It turns out, you're never quite prepared to lose someone you love. For those of you who have followed the saga of our multigenerational home, you know we chose our living arrangement when my dad was diagnosed with Dementia. In addition, dad had a multitude of other health issues including congestive heart failure. On Thursday morning, September 13, 2018 dad finally passed. Quietly and without drama, just the way he wanted. 
Since  coming home from the the hospital in March, we have spent many hours taking care of him. … (41 comments)

family: A Gorilla in the Midst, with Two Fun Monkeys - 08/03/18 08:41 AM

We recently returned from a quick trip to Tacoma, Washington with one of our son's family. While the youngest was undergoing a minor surgery, we volunteered to keep the older children entertained. They chose to visit the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium from the list of possible adventures in the area.  Since zoos tend to depress the two of us, we were a little concerned about the experience. Fortunately, it was quite enjoyable. More on that later...

family: A Sunday Morning in July at our Multi-Generational Home - 07/08/18 08:37 AM
Sunday Morning at Our Multi-Generational Home

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update about life at our multigenerational home. Dad is still with us, and while he is too weak to get out of bed these days, he is not too uncomfortable at this point. We are so grateful. 
Mornings are my favorite time with dad. I’m ( Debb) an early riser, therefore it’s usually my job to get the various coffee pots brewing. Bernie’s is made in a Technivorm Moccamaster, I use a french press, and dad drinks his blend out of an old-fashioned Mr. Coffee machine. 
I digress. The point is my … (36 comments)

family: Mad Max or Fashionista in Goggles? - 02/14/18 09:16 AM

This is what three-years old looks like on Raegan. Tuesday was her birthday. Our youngest granddaughter has a lot of spunk, as you can likely see in the photo. Her mom tells us these goggles and a gold satin cape brought out a bit of runway attitude. Although, we think this photo looks more like a scene from a Mad Max movie.
Regardless, we can't wait to see her in action on our next trip to Denver next month. 

family: Almost Silent Saturday - My Girl! - 09/02/17 07:54 AM
This is our youngest granddaughter, she's two and a half years old.  Raegan and her mommy live in Denver and their visits home always feel too short. We're heading their way next month, and I can't wait. She's definitely my girl. 

family: Sundays at our Multi-Generational Home - Ode to Mom and Dad - 08/20/17 07:56 AM

We both really love Sundays. It's a great time to work on a joint project, or catch up on things put aside earlier in the week. My sister and I trade off hosting the family meal and today is her turn. Therefore, we're free to spend most of the day doing what we choose. We might even head to a favorite trail instead of tackling chores. 
The sun is rising through the big fir trees, we can hear the hummingbirds chirping at the feeders, and our white Golden Retriever, McKinley is napping now, after waking us up promptly at 6:00 AM. Our mugs are filled … (29 comments)

family: Happy Birthday Mom - Gardenia Glory and Family in August - 08/15/17 12:15 PM

Mom turned 90 years old this month, August 2, 2017 to be specific. We had a family reunion and party in her honor on the 6th of August.  Kids and grandkids, aunties and uncles, cousins and friends came from as far away as Colorado and Alaska. Fortunately, the rest live in either Oregon or Washingon. The above photo is of the core women in the family honoring our matriarch. 
The weather was extremely warm with atypically high humidity, but a misting fan helped us keep our cool for the outdoor dinner. She is a big fan of gardenias and I'd hoped my Hardy Gardenia … (13 comments)

family: MultiGen Homes in Clark County - Another Sale Pending - 07/09/17 10:35 AM

When we work with Multi-gen clients, it's generally a discovery process as the various family members weigh in on their wishes and needs. In this particular case, there are young children, their parents, and the mother's parents who will all be living together. In the beginning, they thought one shared household might work, but as we looked at properties and discussed privacy issues, they realized a totally separate living space for the parents would be the best match. Due to school and work considerations,  there were only several areas to focus our search.  In addition, they really want acreage, so we … (13 comments)

family: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Almost Wordless Wednesday - 05/03/17 07:41 AM
This little girl has star power. She lights up rooms and sparkles and shines wherever she goes. This is Raegan, our youngest granddaughter, playing hide and seek with her mama. However, Kelsea tells us it's quite easy to find her - just follow the giggles. 
Children have an uncanny ability to find fun in the most simple things. They see magic in moments and celebrate life with joy and spontaneity. Spirits soar when you believe life is full of wonder. We'll be mindful today, to see the world through a child's eyes. 

family: It's Valentine's Day - Let them eat cake! - 02/14/17 07:42 AM

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.  
Charles M. Schulz
This little sweetheart was actually born on February 13, 2015, but we still refer to her as our family's tiny Valentine. She was filled with her usual delight and sense of adventure as she headed out yesterday for day of treats with mommy. Raegan, like most children, lives in the moment, darting from one discovery to another with joy and curiosity. Since her diet is normally absent of processed foods, her red velvet cupcake was a huge treat. When we FaceTimed last night, she waited … (18 comments)

family: Superbowl LI - Random Ramblings - 02/06/17 11:39 AM

My head and heart just weren't in the game this year, and yet, when the Falcons showed such determination and focus, they pulled me into the excitement. The first two quarters seemed to be a lesson in humility for the Patriots. There weren't too many commercials that piqued my interest in the first half either, although 84 Lumber certainly did.  As the clock ran down for the first half, thoughts of Lady Gaga's upcoming performance came to mind. What would this talented entertainer have in store for us? 
Wow! What a performance. It goes down as my all-time favorite half-time entertainment to date. The drones … (19 comments)

family: Multi-Gen Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - A Good Fit for You? - 01/15/17 09:47 AM

We’re working with a Camas family ( mom, dad, and two kids) who want to live in a Multi-generational property with the wife’s parents. The parents currently live in the midwest, are retiring this Spring, and they haven't had  a chance to really spend a lot of time around their young grandchildren. Therefore, relocation for them is a top priority. The property they've decided to buy together will need an area where the older parents can age in place. In other words, living space with ground level access and one-level.
Purchasing a multi-generational property is a process. Since there are more people in the decision making arena, … (10 comments)

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