green: View Homes of Clark County - Live Longer, Live Green. - 10/21/17 09:02 AM

Our premise, "Nature As Neighbors", is based on the notion that we believe living close to nature is a healthy and rewarding lifestyle, and is generally good for you. Now empirical evidence is showing that not only is nature is good for you - it will help you live longer. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health concluded "Evidence suggests that exposure to greenness may lower mortality rates..."
That's a pretty bold statement coming from data-driven environmental scientists. In an eight-year study of over 100,000 women nation-wise, mortality rates were closely monitored. Adjusting for risk factors such as age, smoking, … (13 comments)

green: The Greening of Clark County, Washington - 11/07/14 10:42 PM
Generations seem to agree about sustainable building practices.

Several years ago, my husband and I started noticing a trend we called “Gray is the New Green” – the proposition that as boomers age, our choice of lifestyle, housing and communities could help the environment for all generations.   It appears the trend is not only catching on, but is here to stay.
In the past year, there was a common theme for many of my buyer clients: find a home that will suit us as we age, but with enough room to include family. On a few occasions they were younger buyers … (24 comments)

green: March: Go Green in Charming Downtown Camas - 03/05/14 06:42 AM
March: Go Green in Charming Downtown Camas
Camas is going green,  and this eco-friendly Irish lass couldn’t be happier. Imagine combining a Lucky Leprechaun, with an environmental soul, and you’ve got the gist of the upcoming First Friday in downtown Camas.  You can wear green, find green, be green, and win green at the “March: Go Green” on Friday, March 7th.
Wear Green and get a free raffle ticket - plus you’ll be eligible for extras if you sport a green hat. A popular activity at the March First Friday is “Find the Lucky Leprechaun.” Each participating merchant will have … (10 comments)

green: The Green Neighbors' DIY Fair, Clark County, WA - 02/21/14 01:42 AM
The Green Neighbors’ DIY Fair, Clark County WA
If you want to learn a variety of useful and eco-friendly ways to maintain your home, plan on attending the Green Neighbors’ DIY Fair on March 15th. Two large local vendors, Lowes and Home Depot will be hosting a number of the workshops. For example, Lowe’s offers lawn mower repair, basic wiring, plumbing and furnance/AC maintenance tips. Home Depot workshops cover sheetrock repair, finish trim, and screen door repair.
Free information, Free Lightbulbs, Free Lunch at DIY Fair
There are also workshops to teach you bike maintenance, canning and preserving, organic gardening, … (21 comments)

green: Green Halloween Costumes - Eco-the-Friendly Witch - 10/10/13 09:14 AM
Green Halloween Costumes - Eco-the-Friendly Witch It’s that time of the year again, when Eco-the-Friendly Witch flies through with a few helpful hints. For several years, she has shared her energy and resource saving tips for families - Eco-the-Friendly Witch 2011, and Happy Green Halloween 2012.  This year, she's back in full broom.
However, this season she’s brought us a closet full of ideas for eco-inspired, adult Halloween costumes.There’s not a witch on her list. Instead, Eco-the-Friendly Witch has some costumes for those of you who like to wear your love for the planet on your sleeves, literally.
You can easily … (14 comments)

green: The REALTOR® formerly known as "Green" - 05/26/13 01:13 AM
The REALTOR® former known as “Green." Last week, my husband gave me an interesting article that he knew would pique my interest. Apparently, according to  a small ( 125 votes ) Future Cities poll, urbanites voted “green” as their most despised buzzword.
The results seemed puzzling, until I read further. It seems, at least in part, the reason may lie in the ambiguity of the term “green.” Sadly, the term if often misused and abused to point of much confusion.
Does “green” conjure up images of forced initiatives, expensive building components that don’t translate into savings, or sustainability and smart design? … (60 comments)

green: Solar Garden Art - Light up the night. - 08/08/12 04:45 AM
Solar Garden Stakes - Light up the Night
Solar garden art adds whimsy and interest to the garden and is a great way to light up the night. Most gardeners appreciate their eco-friendly aspect as well as their beauty. It’s easy to be charmed by the soft glow of colored lights throughout the dark landscape.
If you want to add interest to the garden, consider glass solar garden stakes that look good all day – not just during the evening hours. Some of the most attractive feature graceful stakes and stylish swirled glass in rich colors. Or, are sculpted in shapes to … (20 comments)

green: Eco-Chic, or Eco-Cheeky? - 07/29/12 12:48 AM
Colored nail polish can be a fun way to express yourself. According to fashion writer Jay Arnold, here's what your polished mani-pedi might be telling the world.
      Taupes and Natural Shades - You're an all American, clean cut girl
      Bright Pink: Barbie pink is for light - hearted and optimistic girls
      Grey - Cool fashion maven with an attitude to match
      Hot Neon - Energetic and confident
      Dark Shades - Don't mess with me femme fatale
      French Pink - Classy and composed
      Cool Metallic - Tough - this is … (30 comments)

green: Paint your world Green this Spring - in any color! - 05/02/12 05:09 AM
Paint your world Green this Spring, in any color.  Zero VOC - Non Toxic paint now comes in all sorts of colors. Eco-safe paints have come a long way over the past few years.
However, considering all the green certifications out there, it can be confusing to choose the best product - one with Zero VOC's, one that is truly Green and one that performs well. But, that's why you've got me. As an EcoBroker, together we'll wade through the "green washing."
You'll find quite a few paints that claim Zero VOC's ( volatile organic compounds). However, you can … (11 comments)

green: YouTube Thursdays 4/20/2012 - Video Ideas for Earth Day 2012 - 04/19/12 03:26 AM
Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, 2012 and there are many little reminders and festivities planned in honor of the event. For many of us, honoring the Earth and our resources is a year round effort. Perhaps, you too recognize the need to live in harmony with our environment, instead of against it.
YouTube Thursdays reminds  you that it's time to send that beautiful message of "green," in fact, how about using video?  Maybe this effort will inspire you to shoot your own Earth Day video this week. You are also invited to read the accompanying post, short and sweet,  … (11 comments)

green: Alpacapalooza 2012 - Shaggy, charming and environmentally friendly. - 03/31/12 02:35 AM
Shaggy, charming, and environmentally friendly alpacas take center stage in Clark County, Washington this weekend at the annual Alpacapalooza. The show is held at the Clark County Fairgrounds Event Center in Ridgefield today, March 31st  from 8am to 5pm and tomorrow April 1st, from 9am to noon. Alpacas are camelids, as are camels and llamas. Natives of the Andes Mountains in South America they are bred for their fiber. The fiber is as warm as wool, but as soft as cashmere, and without lanolin - that means it’s hypoallergenic. There are two types of Alpacas and each produce a different type … (19 comments)

green: Green Homes in Clark County - 02/22/12 02:08 AM
Green homes in Clark County come is all shapes and sizes and vary dramatically in price. There are currently 257 Green Homes listed for sale in Clark County, Washington. They range in price from a low of $135,200 to a high of $1,799,900.
The highest priced Green home is a 6968 Sq. Ft. beauty built by Tamarack Homes. It's a 2009 Parade of Homes entry, and is located on a 1.67 acre lot in a gated community in Battleground.
The lowest priced listing an attached 1405 Sq. Ft. Energy Star rated home built by Aho Construction. It's located in Covington Village … (17 comments)

green: YouTube Thursdays 2/2/2012 - Rise and Shine Campers! - 02/02/12 03:30 AM
Rise and shine (video) campers, it's February 2, 2012. Bill Murray keeps waking up in the movie Ground Hog Day reliving the same day - until he becomes a better person. It's a luxury we don't have in real life.
Therefore, the lesson for me is to live each day filled with passion and joy.  It's an attitude, and a mindset, one that can keep us stuck in the same old patterns, or one that can break us free and lead to celebrations.
Today, YouTube Thursdays (follow link to join) celebrates the ordinary - the things in life that we often … (21 comments)

green: Green Built Homes in Clark County - Market Report 12/26/2011 - 12/26/11 05:12 AM

green: My Elevator Speech and Video E Card - Plain Janes EcoSpeak - 10/29/11 11:48 AM
In crafting my elevator speech, I had a lot of ideas - some were funny, some a bit flashy, others tongue and cheek. Fortunately, I remembered Popeye's advice, " I yam what's I yam - and stayed true to myself. I'm calling it Plain Janes Eco-Speak.  The short spoken version. "Hi, I’m Debb Janes, I combine my love of nature, people and the planet with my job as a Real Estate Broker. That way, I can help you live in a more beautiful, comfortable and healthier environment - and save you money." The video version.
This addresses the perception that “Green” … (72 comments)

green: Eco the Friendly Witch - 10/27/11 03:01 AM
Eco-the friendly witch loves to travel on her broom - it’s fun, quiet and fuel free. When Eco has to use a more conventional form of transportation, she organizes all of her errands in one trip. Eco-the friendly witch won't use frogs or bird beaks in her recipes for potions and brews. She knows the important role all creatures provide in the delicate balance of our ecosystems and honors their value.  Eco-the friendly witch heats up her big black cauldron with eco-briquettes or lump charcoal. It may not seem like much, but small steps (taken by many) can help with the … (39 comments)

green: Super EcoBroker - Sporting a Green Cape - 10/07/11 04:17 AM
Super EcoBroker - No, I won’t be sporting a Green Cape - but it’s an interesting idea. I’ve got some down time, waiting on a new listing, waiting on a pending short sale, and easily managing 3 other active listings.  Therefore, what am I doing? Other than the usual marketing - I’m using the extra time to kick it up a notch. As a Realtor with the NAR’s Green Designation, I’m committed to the ongoing educational requirements necessary if I’m to be a knowledgeable Green resource in my community.  That’s my number one goal. I’m not going to sport a Green … (23 comments)

green: Energy Efficient Light Bulbs - Enough to give Edison a headache. - 08/24/11 12:23 PM
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs - Enough to give Edison a headache.

Here’s a bright idea. Let’s try to make the purchase of energy efficient light bulbs a little easier for consumers. Remember when buying a light bulb involved the simple choice of brightness? Well now you need to know about volts, lumens and kelvins, understand the terms omnidirectional and unidirectional, and know the difference between CFL’s, LED’s and Halogens.
 There are now endless choices of energy efficient light bulbs crowding the aisles of your favorite store. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for energy efficiency and welcome … (32 comments)

green: Pink Fluoresent Dog on the Loose - Lacamas Creek Warning - 07/26/11 12:22 PM
Pink Fluorescent Dog on the Loose - Lacamas Creek Warning
One of my favorite running trails is Heritage Trail in Camas which leads to Lacamas Lake where we let Mac, our white Golden Retriever, swim.  He's fun to run with because the trail is bordered in large part, by Lacamas Creek.  He plunges in, swims against the current, hops back out, then runs to the next spot where he can jump back in again.  He does this all the way to the lake.   

Imagine our surprise if we had not read the paper this morning – today, the … (13 comments)

green: Apps to Save you Gas $$ - 05/31/11 04:46 AM
Cell Phone apps to save you gas money.

It's a sign of the times. Cell phone apps that can save you some headaches from high gas prices, and "driving in general," are hitting the market. However, one app, that can actually save you some green at the pump, has instead fueled controversy.
The Driver Feedback app not only monitors your gas mileage as you drive, but alerts you when you're accelerating too much or taking corners too quickly. Sound familiar? Yes, apparently it reminds too many people of the stereotypical and annoying backseat driver in their lives. … (7 comments)

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