home sales: MultiGen Homes for Sale - November Market Report - 11/18/19 11:56 AM

MultiGen Home Sales - November.
Multigenerational households can be a great option for all ages. The 2018 Pew Research Center study shows that 1 in 5 or 20% of all U.S. households are multigen families.  Although many young adults are part of this population, seniors are becoming a larger percentage of these households.  And the benefits are clear - it far outweighs institutional or assisted living. As a result, fewer seniors are now living alone than in 1990s.
We have lived this lifestyle for over a decade, and have specialized in selling these types of estates. Our multigen homes are located on acreage or … (10 comments)

home sales: Pricing Your Home - Test the Market Waters or make a Splash! - 09/29/17 08:48 AM

It's been a strong sellers market the last few years in Clark County, Washington. Prices have been rising steadily and the inventory dwindling. Therefore, many sellers have a strong sense of confidence that their house is going to sell quickly, even at a higher price than the recent comparable sales indicate. We caution our clients to step back a bit and take a look at the data, and the realities of home selling.  
This year especially, we have turned down listings because of the unrealistic expectations of sellers. We know from past experience that testing the market with inflated pricing can backfire. "Let's … (39 comments)

home sales: It Pays to Buy a Home in Camas Washington - 08/19/14 12:42 AM
Average Sale Prices in Camas Out-Perform Area Homes
As we enter the soaring temperatures of August, home prices in Clark County are matching the hot gains across the country.  It is especially apparent in Camas, which has seen an increase in 8.0% over this time last year.  Even with increasing prices, Camas homes are selling at a faster pace than other parts of the County. Inventory has persistently stayed at a low of 3.9 months from May through July.

Camas prices have also increased month-to-month at a higher rate than the County. The County showed an average monthly … (29 comments)

home sales: Brisk Fall Home Sales in Clark County, WA - 11/17/13 08:35 AM
Brisk Fall Home Sales in Clark County, WA It's a strong season of selling as we head into the holidays. Many reports from around the country echo the same - homes are selling! Buyers are out and about and still scooping up those homes priced-well, and presented in good condition.
This past weekend, two of our new construction listings sold, and my out-of-town buyers put in an offer on a home that will likely go Pending this morning. What's going on?  Interest rates are good, and there's a renewed interest as smart buyers realize the opportunity.
Real Estate Agents help you … (6 comments)

home sales: Camas Boo Bash and Plenty of House Buying Treats - 10/10/11 12:32 PM
Camas Boo Bash and Plenty of House Buying Treats

Fall is a beautiful time of the year in Camas, Washington. Cold temperatures from theColumbia River Gorge set the stage for the jewel tones of autumn’s artful display.

Signs of the harvest are everywhere with welcoming displays of fall flowers and bins filled with locally grown pumpkins. You can feel a crisp and definitive change in the air.

Our quaint downtown has tree and flower lined streets, unique and friendly shops and plenty of delicious little eateries. It’s easy to fall in love with the charm of small town shopping.

Don’t … (12 comments)

home sales: Fishers Landing Market Report, Summer 2011 - Steaming Along - 09/12/11 02:25 AM
Fishers Landing Market Report, Summer 2011 - Steaming Along
Fishers Landing was named after Solomon W. Fisher. In 1850, Fisher filed land claims on acres of land along the north banks of the Columbia River and Government Island. In the 1800‘s the small community of Fisher and the nearby docks of Fishers Landing, located along the Columbia River, was a port for steamboat, and eventually ferry traffic. Today, Fishers Landing also refers to the high-tech industry and surrounding retail centers which are located a few miles above the area.
The 2011 summer housing market in Fisher's Landing is steaming along … (10 comments)

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