nature: Spring - Celebrating the Pacific Tree Frog - 03/21/21 07:15 AM
Spring -  Celebrate the Pacific Tree Frog!
Thanks to a class of fifth-graders in Olympia, the Pacific tree frog is the official amphibian of Washington State.  Also known as the chorus frog, it’s scientific name - Pseudacris (rhymes with Ludacris) regilla - sounds like a rapper. And like Ludacris, these tiny frogs have a big song in their hearts, especially the males. Every Spring, you hear their loud  two-part ribbit designed to attract females.  The chirping stimulates other males to join in, and often, the resulting chorus of their joint efforts can be heard quite far away. It’s always sweet music … (29 comments)

nature: Beautiful Words Describing Nature's Gifts - 01/29/21 09:24 AM
      Get Lost In Nature And You Will Find Yourself
A recent post from Kathy Streib reminded us of the joy we find in discovering a new word. In 2019 our favorite find was the word, psithurism - (siTh ir iz um. It's used to describe the soft sound of wind whispering in the leaves of trees. We think it's so poetic! And, if you say it soft and low, it tends to mimic the sound. 
A similar one, susurrous is a lovely word used to describe the general sounds of whispered rustling. Also quite poetic in our book. 
We decided to … (38 comments)

nature: YouTube Thursdays - Keeping the Faith - 01/07/21 08:50 AM
2021 has arrived! So many opportunites and possibilities are on the horizon. And yet, there are still going to be days that present challenges. It's how we handle those moments that make all the difference. 
In the coming weeks, we will gear up video marketing efforts for the new year. Today, however, a video reminder to accompany the Rumi quote, "Once the seed of faith takes root, it cannot be blown away, even by the strongest wind." 
                The Seed - Inspirational Short Film produced by Aaron Tharp. 
We both wish you a wonderful Thursday. 

nature: Quote Worthy Wednesday - Sunset's Reminder - 05/06/20 09:00 AM
Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully. 
-Kristen Butler
Yesterday's sunny and warm day ended with this fiery sky. It hinted at a change on the horizon. And sure enough, during the night, we woke to window blinds tapping to the tune of the wind. Rain too.
This morning, we have clean fresh air, and the promise of another day. Regardless of what each day brings, we know it's going to be what we choose to make of it. Let's choose extraordinary. 

nature: Spring Fruit Tree Blossoms in Clark County, WA - 04/25/20 10:02 AM
"Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it."  
                                     -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
Spring is such a lovely time of the year in our area. We feel fortunate to have this season's beauty around us as we shelter-in-place at our rural home in Camas, Washington. Right now, our fruit trees are in bloom. Bernie is our family's resident fruit tree tender, and his TLC is apparent this year. 
His holistic approach includes thoughtful pruning, and … (34 comments)

nature: Geese are A Few of My Favorite Things - 04/03/20 11:20 AM
"Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudelsDoorbells and sleigh bellsAnd schnitzel with noodlesWild geese that fly with the moon on their wingsThese are a few of my favorite things." 
 -  Rodgers and Hammerstein  
"My Favorite Things" is such a wonderful, happy song. It's also my (Debb) favorite song from the 1965 film version of The Sound of Music, with Julie Andrews. The above refrain really hits home too, as it comforts me to hear the sounds of geese echoing from the sky. 
When geese honk overhead, their song speaks to my soul. There is something so hauntingly beautiful in the simple refrain.  Scientifically, they make more noise in flight to help each bird … (40 comments)

nature: Music to My Ears - A Brand New Word - Psithurism - 11/30/19 09:46 AM
We really do learn something new everyday. This morning, I ( Debb ), was delighted to learn a new word for one of my favorite sounds. The word is psithurism. Psithurism is the sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves. Psithurism comes from the Greek word psithuros, which means whispering.
And when you think about it, it's a perfect description of the sound. Late at night, when the wind plays through the branches of our nearby trees, it's easy to hear whispering sounds. At times, even imagine the trees gently talking, or softly calling a name. It's comforting, at least it is to me. 
Different … (27 comments)

nature: "Lions and Tigers and Pears - Oh Deer!!" - 10/04/19 11:38 AM
Rural life has great benefits - clean air, beautiful views, and elbow room for the soul. But it also has its share of hazards: Lions (Mountain), and Tigers (Lilies - toxic to pets) and Pears! (Well, Pears are not exactly hazardous, but they can lead to frustration and disappointment.)
Here's the story: 
Earlier this year, we posted a video explaining how to prune fruit trees for better production. After that demo, spring brought excellent results - full, bright blossoms that promised a bounty of apples and pears.  

I (Bernie) continued to prune unwanted sprouts, spray with organic oil, and generally ensure there were no bugs.  … (56 comments)

nature: Bring Nature's Restorative Power Indoors - Biophilic Design - 05/21/19 09:27 AM
Biophilic Design - The Relationship between Humans and Nature
We continue to learn spending time in natural settings is restorative. It's one of the big reasons we specialize in homes located in soothing environments. A growing body of evidence confirms being in nature has a profoundly positive impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being
This nature-wellness link is resulting in a rising interest in biophilic design. Biophilia literally translates to "the passionate love of life and all that is alive."  Therefore, from corporate offices to personal homes, architects and designers are working to help people feel happier, healthier, and more focused at work, and at home. 
Over a … (41 comments)

nature: What Can We Learn From Nature? Everything! - 05/03/19 07:42 AM

What can we learn from nature? Everything!
It turns out, we are surrounded by brilliantly-designed inventions that can teach us a lot. "Biomimicry" is the science that studies nature's inventions to inspire innovations for our daily lives. In short, old ideas are new ideas - and they are just waiting to be discovered. Plus, mimicking nature helps identify sustainable solutions that are compatible with our planet.
Natural resource scientist Janine Benyus is a huge proponent who says biomimicry is also a fresh look at how we view the world. "[W]e live in a competent universe, we are part of a brilliant planet, and we are surrounded … (47 comments)

nature: Sounds of Spring on the Trail - Lacamas Heritage Trail, Camas WA - 04/17/19 09:30 AM
One of our favorite places to run, walk, or just sit and listen, is the Lacamas Heritage Trail in Camas, Washington. Lucky us, it's just minutes from home too. Even Mac, our white golden retriever, was smiling during our hour-long outing. We had to take a minute and just listen...although, Mac would rather have been in the water. 
Happy Spring - don't forget to soak up the signts, and the sounds. 

nature: Go Take a Hike! It's Healthy for Your Body and Your Brain. - 04/09/19 10:04 AM
 Photo Courtesy of The Columbian, 2009
In the Pacific Northwest, the spring hiking season is about to get underway. April's rainy weather makes our local trails muddy and slippery, therefore, we are still a few weeks out.  May will bring an influx of adventurous people in boots and backpacks, ready to exercise their bodies and quiet their minds. 
We both enjoyed reading a recent article regarding the benefits of hiking. The part we especially found interesting is how it impacts our brain. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that spending time in nature significantly decreases negative thought processes. Especially, the type of obsessive … (19 comments)

nature: Almost Wordless Wednesday - Wondering on a March Wind - 03/27/19 10:16 AM
" I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." 
-Jimmy Dean 
 This week, the gorge winds are blowing at our rural home in Camas, Washington. We enjoy the watching the tree limbs dance and listening to the tones of wind chimes as gusts swirl across the landscape. While we cannot actually see the wind, it always lets us know when it passes through. And, it generally carries a welcome reminder about expectations and resilience.

nature: Celebrating the Green on St. Patrick's Day - 03/17/19 08:39 AM
Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is said to make one invisible to leprechauns and fairies. Otherwise, the mischievous woodland sprites will sneak up and pinch anyone who isn't wearing green today.
It's likely no surprise to learn we are celebrating the Green today, and everyday for that matter. We think it's too bad Mother Nature can't send out fairy creatures to pinch any of us who forget to honor the green/environment. 
Regardless of how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we hope you take a moment to recognize the amazing power of green in our lives. Green spaces impact on our physical and mental health in profoundly positive ways. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day to … (19 comments)

nature: A Perfect View to Start the New Year - Nature As Neighbors - 01/02/19 07:33 AM

One of our clients posted this glorious photo on my Facebook timeline yesterday, with a message - "To the start a New Year. Thanks again for all your help." We both think it's a pretty powerful testimonial and clearly reflects our brand, ViewHomes™. They moved in at the end of October, and I've been getting weekly photos via text with a comment, such as "Pinch me, I can't believe this is our home," or " I never want to leave." 
The luxury of elbow room for the soul, with nature as neighbors, fill and soothe busy souls. Science backs us up too. Simply looking at scenes … (34 comments)

nature: Almost Wordless Wednesday - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - 12/19/18 08:42 AM
This Father Winter statue on our mantle reflects the outdoors. He reminds us of the seasonal beauty found during the winter months. In the bag, he carries pine cones, twigs, greenery, and berries - Nature's decorations. We wish you special moments to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us this time of year. Connect, breathe, and appreciate - all is calm, all is bright. 

nature: The Sounds of Sage in Sonoma - 10/28/18 10:10 AM
You could not deny the activity going on dawn to dusk in the salvia (aka Sage) gardens at the home we were renting in Sonoma last week. Saliva is the largest genus of plants in the mint family. They are heat and drought resistant and a perfect choice for dry climates. Although, with nearly a thousand varieties, there's a salvia choice for nearly every part of the continental United States.
Some saliva plants are magnets for attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. That was certainly the case for this variety. At first, I (Debb) thought it was Russian Sage, I have it at … (25 comments)

nature: Fourth of July - This year, It's for the Birds! - 07/04/18 10:05 AM

The triplets are growing.  ( Only two cooperated for the photo.) Our resident nest of Dark-eyed Juncos has kept us (well, more me) busy in the past week and a half - nervously watching. The nest hangs in a flower basket right outside one of our bedroom windows. Therefore, I've taken it upon myself to keep a check on them while their mom is out finding food. Bernie calls me the surrogate mom - neurotic, but well-meaning. I think he's right. One day, I failed to see either of the parent birds come to the nest and was certain a cat, or something, must … (22 comments)

nature: Are You My Mother? - 06/27/18 04:38 PM

We have a Dark-Eyed Junco nest hanging in a fuchsia basket outside our bedroom window. For two-weeks, I've waited patiently to see three little eggs hatch. The mother bird has been patient too, sitting on the nest nearly day and night. 
Finally, a few days ago, while the mom went on a food run,  I spotted scrawny little bodies squirming around the bottom of the nest. Opening the window, I quickly took this photo, trying not to disturb them.
Sensing my presence, one of the triplets opened his beak for a meal. It reminded me of the classic children's story, "Are You My Mother?" by PD Eastman.  Less than a minute later, I saw their real … (26 comments)

nature: View Homes in Clark County WA - Connecting to Nature at Home  - 06/23/18 01:35 PM
Craving a Connection to Nature?
Homes in Nature are a Retreat from an often Frenetic World 
A number of our relocation clients move to our area for a more relaxed lifestyle. We completely understand. Traffic jams, crowds, and a frantic pace aren’t our first choice either. The classic tale of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind, with our own twist. 
Instead of zooming between point A and point B, the wise slow-moving reptile may understand life is more about savoring the journey than winning races. Meanwhile, as the tale goes, the confident rabbit decides to rest and falls asleep. In our interpretation, the … (13 comments)

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