niche: YouTube Thursdays - Niche Videos to tell (and sell) Your Story - 07/17/19 09:05 AM
YouTube Thursdays - The importance of a videos to represent your niche.
Videos to represent your niche(s) do a great job of explaining, in an interesting manner, you, your niche, and your brand.  If you feel you don't have the tools, or skill set, to produce the videos, this is the time to hire a videographer. 
Remember, these videos are not about you, they should be about the benefits you bring your target clients. Tell a story. Explain why you sell in a certain neighborhood, or geographic area.  
If you represent a certain demographic such as seniors, baby boomers, or millennial, tell the viewers why. Better yet, show them … (20 comments)

niche: YouTube Thursdays - The Right Niche is like having a Superpower - 05/30/19 09:26 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Staying True to You is like Having a Superpower
Our good friends, Ron and Alexandra Seigel, help people find their niche in the luxury real estate market. We often think the right niche is akin to having a super power, as it's nearly impossible for others to duplicate.
Recently, while on a vacation to visit family in Juneau, Alaska, we realized, once again, how lucky we are to live our passion, "Nature As Neighbors." Even when we're away from home, our hearts and energy follow the same path. 
Spending time immersed in the beauty of nature with people you love is an extraordinary gift. We … (32 comments)

niche: ViewHomes of Clark County - A Niche Creates Harmony and a bit of Magic - 12/05/15 02:42 AM
ViewHomes of Clark County™ - A Real Estate Niche Provides Built-in Harmony and a Bit of Magic
We attract clients who share many of our values. It's because we have similar passion for the lifestyle our ViewHomes of Clark County™ represents. When you have that harmonious connection, the rest seems to fall in place quite naturally. We know our market very well and that too helps our clients enjoy the real estate process. If someone wants to see large ViewHomes™ on acreage in Camas, the potential properties will likely have a septic and well. If that's not an agreeable condition, the search … (23 comments)

niche: YouTube Thursdays - Branding Your YouTube Channel - 06/26/14 12:59 AM
YouTube Channel Branding
Today, YouTube Thursdays reminds you to create continuity on your social media sites, including YouTube. What do you represent - or what's your niche?  Does your YouTube Channel reflect your marketing goals? In my opinion, it's nice to see an image that immediately transports a visitor to your marketplace. It literally sets the scene.
You can also create a logo, a title, or message on your YouTube Channel landing page. Front and center, you'll be reinforcing your message. This is an important way to showcase your uniqueness - the qualities that set you apart from all the other agents … (40 comments)

niche: YouTube Thursdays 2/20/2014 - What's My Niche? - 02/20/14 05:53 AM
This week, YouTube Thursdays gets inspiration from today's webinar "There are Riches in Niches."  If you didn't get a chance to join it live - plan to carve out some time soon to view the recorded webcast. Even if you're already enjoying some riches, you'll probably pick up a few tricks to help ensure your long-term success.
Let's assume you have discovered your passion (what are you good at, what do you love to do, what interests you most?), you've determined there is a market to justify your efforts, and you have mapped out a smart marketing strategy that includes video. … (30 comments)

niche: The Art of staying true to yourself - What's your niche? - 05/11/12 01:16 AM
What's  your niche? I'm an EcoBroker, which means I combine my love of nature, people and the planet with my job as a Realtor. Obviously, I also provide conventional Real Estate Services in Clark County, Washington, but I primarily market myself as a Neighborhood Specialist in East County, and my services as an EcoBroker.

Naturally, the majority of my blog posts reflect those two goals. It's important to realize what our goals are when we write and post to our various sites.  What are you trying to acomplish? Does your marketing truely represent who you are and reflect your … (19 comments)

niche: Men Only - "It's not for Women." - 10/11/11 07:18 AM
 “Men Only” - It's not for Women"Imagine having an open house and inviting only women to attend. Not sure it’s legal with our fair housing laws and such. However, it’s similar to the concept behind a new soft drink marketing campaign. Dr. Pepper’s latest advertising effort proudly proclaims, “ Dr. Pepper Ten is not for women.”  Apparently, research has found that many males aren’t comfortable drinking diet soft drinks because they aren’t “manly” enough. Therefore, the very masculine Dr. Pepper Ten comes in a stylish gunmetal grey can. How much more manly can you get than that?  Oh, and did I … (81 comments)

niche: Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final Notes - 08/23/11 08:24 AM
 Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final Notes

"Who are you...who, who, who, who? " Sure those are the lyrics to The Who's popular song, "Who are you."  But really, "Who are you?" 
It's important for your marketing efforts to reach specific targets, or niche audiences.  And, since most of us can agree that online marketing is a must - today, one of the best tools you can use to enhance your online presence is videos.
When creating videos, your music (and sound) choices can be as critical as your images. Personally, … (19 comments)

niche: Good Friend, Good Person, Good Realtor - 05/15/11 06:50 AM
A dear friend of mine, and a fellow Realtor was in town over the weekend. She is a determined person who has faced a lot of personal challenges over the years with quiet resolve and dignity. Since we haven’t seen each another for seven years, we spent Friday night sitting on my couch, drinking a good bottle of wine and catching up. Once the, “How are the kids, parents and mutual friends,” questions were answered, we turned to the topic of Real Estate.  Her market is depressed in pricing, but active in new buyer and investor sales. Often she spends weeks … (3 comments)

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Debb Janes and Bernie Stea have been a real estate team for over a decade in Clark County, WA, where they specialize in ViewHomes™, family estates, multi-generational living, and homes with large lots or acreage.




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