nichevideos: YouTube Thursdays - Building your Niche-dom with Videos - 08/08/19 11:10 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Using Videos to Build your Niche-dom
Our shooting schedule for our Multi-generational niche video is on hold this week as we attend to real estate needs, our clients always come first. 
However, we continue our series about niche videos with examples of what other Active Rain members are doing. It's worth noting we had a difficult time finding agents with a video showcasing their niche speciality.  
Here are a couple we found.  
Joan Cox  is the Relocation Expert for Denver. Joan found a way to create her niche video with slides and voiceover and no on-camera appearance. ( For those of you who say you'll NEVER appear … (32 comments)

nichevideos: YouTube Thursday - What's Your Niche Bait? - 07/25/19 07:54 AM
YouTube Thursday - Using the Right Bait in Your Video Marketing 
Marketing is similar to fishing. If you don't know what particular fish you're trying to haul in, how will you know what bait to use?
We are big believers in niches for Real Estate. As our friends Ron and Alexandra Seigel say, "there are riches in niches."
Hopefully, you too have figured out a specific segment of real estate sales you want to go after in your market. That's the first step.
Once you have your target client identified it's a lot easier to plan your marketing strategy.
In this case, for the next few weeks we are … (27 comments)

nichevideos: YouTube Thursdays - Niche Videos to tell (and sell) Your Story - 07/17/19 09:05 AM
YouTube Thursdays - The importance of a videos to represent your niche.
Videos to represent your niche(s) do a great job of explaining, in an interesting manner, you, your niche, and your brand.  If you feel you don't have the tools, or skill set, to produce the videos, this is the time to hire a videographer. 
Remember, these videos are not about you, they should be about the benefits you bring your target clients. Tell a story. Explain why you sell in a certain neighborhood, or geographic area.  
If you represent a certain demographic such as seniors, baby boomers, or millennial, tell the viewers why. Better yet, show them … (20 comments)

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