sales techniques: Tom from Sedona is Not Your BFF - 07/19/11 06:46 AM
Tom from Sedona is Not Your BFF
Hey Debb, how’s it going?  “Not bad,” I reply, trying to recognize the voice. “This is Tom, calling from Sedona.” My mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out any Tom I know who might be in Sedona.  He butts in, "Debb, I’m calling because your website, while beautiful, needs some SEO help.” “Tell me about it,”  I laugh, opening the door for Tom’s unexpected 35 minutes of hard selling. “Tell you what Debb,” says my new BFF Tom, “because I like you and want to help you out so much - if … (18 comments)

sales techniques: The Closer - Not Me! - 07/15/11 02:33 AM
The Closer - Not Me!

I’m a big fan of “The Closer.”Krya Sedgwick’s character, Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson has a way of getting the bad guys(gals) to confess, usually in a brilliant, yet sometimes unorthodox manner. I’m not a big fan of being “The Closer.” When I worked for a builder several years ago, our sales team was frequently required to role play.  One of us got to be ourselves, while the other pretended to be a prospective buyer.  While pointing out the features of the home, we were expected to subtly interview and qualify the prospect, and … (26 comments)

sales techniques: "Now Don't Go Getting All Salesy On Me" - 05/11/11 05:19 AM
“Now don’t go getting all salesy on me,”  sounds like something Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock might say. “Salesy-ness” could be a term Stephen Colbert makes popular.  This is, essentially, the ugly stereotype of sales people that has plagued us for ages.  We have all encountered smarmy types and affectations from time to time, although in a different way.  No doubt you’ve experienced the pushy sales clerk who has you running out the door to avoid the assault of being “over-helped.” Or, the eager beaver waiter who fakes endearment and keeps asking how’s your dinner when your mouth is full … (3 comments)

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