thanksgiving: YouTube Thursdays - Giving Thanks - 11/07/19 07:15 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Giving Thanks 
This is the perfect time of year to give thanks.  Actually, we think everyday is the perfect time for gratitude, but the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is especially rife with opportunities. 
Consider all of the possibilities for short videos geared toward seasonal messages of gratitude, abundance, and sharing. Okay, we'll make it even easier and give you some ideas. 
Thankful Messages
Generic message of thanks with short video clips of autumn scenes: Example, " Hi this is ________with a quick message of gratitude and appreciation. My/Our sincere thanks to you. May your heart and home be filled with abundance and joy. Happy Thanksgiving."  Logo slide and contact information … (25 comments)

thanksgiving: Day 12 of the 12 Days of Thanks Giving - Abundance - 11/23/17 07:44 AM
Happy Thanks Giving, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks Debbie! 
Day 12 of Thanks Giving
We wake on this November morning giving thanks for abundance. Our large table is set with favorite dishes and a turkey is brining in the garage. My sister is adding prime rib to the menu this year too, for those guests who prefer something meaty.  
We'll have all the expected side dishes too, but with our own twist. And for dessert, there's pumpkin pie, pecan bars, and a fresh fruit tart. Champagne, wine, and sparkling cider are chilling in a big copper tub filled with ice. We are so fortunate.
We're lucky to have the material things we want or need. However, … (23 comments)

thanksgiving: Day 5 of Thanks Giving - My True North Star - 11/16/17 07:12 AM
Debbie Reynold's November challenge keeps us in gratitude mode for the days counting down to Thanksgiving. What a perfect way to fill the Rain with positivity. Thanks Debbie
Day 5 of Thanks Giving 
My hometown - Juneau, Alaska 
Growing up in Alaska left its imprint deep in my soul. It fostered a connection to Nature and a respect for the environment which has become my true North Star. 
I'm so thankful to have such a clear understanding of what resonates within for satisfaction in my personal life, and in  business. 
Without an internal compass, it's easy to feel lost, or unsure as to what direction to take next. My North Star acts as … (20 comments)

thanksgiving: Thoughts on being Thankful - Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving 2015 - 11/24/15 10:02 PM
Thankfulness , like people, comes in many shapes and sizes.
Thank yous' are as individual as the individual. Some people have a tough time accepting something from someone else. They might grunt in acknowledgment, or seem oblivious as to what just happened. They may brush off a compliment with a curt reply, or a self-deprecating comment. So what? Judging reactions and responses as right or wrong is pretty silly. If we give something expecting something back, we probably shouldn't give it in the first place. 
We can't know what someone else is feeling. Perhaps they feel tongue-tied under pressure, and surprises often put us on the spot. Some people just … (74 comments)

thanksgiving: We need a home for our table! - 11/18/13 08:12 AM
We need a home for our table! It's that time of year again when our dining rooms get a lot of use. The first occasion is just around the corner now. Thanksgiving tables will soon be set with our most prized china, crystal, and silverware. Families and friends will crowd around enjoying good food and good company.
Those with large families tend to improvise. Many of the children sitting at a card table, or some make-shift surface covered with a cloth, will giggle through much of the meal.  A few will shove black olives onto their fingers and try to hang spoons … (15 comments)

thanksgiving: Thanksgiving's "with me in spirit run." - 11/22/12 03:20 AM
Thanksgiving's "with me in spirit" run.
This morning, my daughter, who currently lives in Denver, ran in the city's traditional Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Knowing that it's also a tradition for me to run on Thanksgiving morning, she asked me to run the event with her, from afar.
Therefore, at 10:15 Denver time and 9:15 locally,  we both began our 4 mile runs. It was easy to imagine her lively spirit every step of the way and see her face reflected in the beauty of nature. Strong relationships are like that - you can feel the connection regardless of where you … (19 comments)

thanksgiving: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. - 11/22/11 01:21 AM
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.Thanksgiving is a reminder of my favorite WKRP in Cincinnati episode called "Turkeys Away." Station manager, Arthur Carlson thought dropping 20 live turkeys out of a helicopter would become radio's greatest Thanksgiving promotion. Instead his plan backfired.
Mr. Carlson didn't realize that the turkeys couldn't fly. Therefore, his holiday promotion quickly to turned to disaster as large turkeys splatted to the earth wreaking havoc in downtown Cincinnati. Folks knew who to blame too, a banner trailing behind the helicopter read, "Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP."
Do you promote turkeys that can't fly? I … (32 comments)

thanksgiving: Heads or Turkey Tails? - 11/06/11 02:50 AM
Heads or (Turkey)Tails?
Did we spot a Turkey Tail in the woods near Lacamas Lake? I'm not sure, but I do know this is a conk fungus. Conks, also known as a shelf or bracket fungi, grow on trees, fallen logs and even structural lumber.
Shelf fungi are important recyclers in the forest's ecosystem. They decompose woody  material and recycle nutrients that build soil, and create habitats for birds, tree dwelling critters, (think squirrels) and insects. What do you think - Turkey tail or Artist's Conk?  It seems kind of fun to think it's a Turkey Tail given the close … (21 comments)

thanksgiving: Ode to November - 11/01/11 02:48 AM
Ode to November
It’s time to gather pumpkins and ready them for pie.
 All Hallow's Eve, again we say good bye.  
 Hang up the costumes and clear away the webs. Company will be here soon, so freshen up the beds. We’ll gather round that table fine and sup on favorite food,Whilst grandpa gives his annual thanks for a happy, healthy brood.

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