video marketing: YouTube Thursday - Still Not Having Fun with Videos? Why Not? - 06/21/18 07:34 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Just for Fun Videos 
Last week, we encouraged you to have some fun with videos. First, taking the time to consider topics that matter to the core clients in your niche. Not only are you building a library of entertaining videos, you are showcasing a bit of your own personality - as well as the non-real estate related amenities in your marketplace. Plus, if it's fun, and of interest, you're likely to find it easier to get it done. 
As with all video production, you need to remember the basics. Steady camera work ( no shaking and fast panning, please), decent lighting and audio … (39 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Time to Have a Little Fun! - 06/14/18 10:00 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Just for Fun Videos
Today, our YouTube Thursdays suggestion is to have a little fun. In other words, we encourage you to produce videos that truly connect you to your core audience. Building connections is pretty effective when you tap into your own passion. Once again, this effort requires some thought. What values do you share with your target demographic(s)?

For example, let’s say you sell a particular geographic area. Instead of the usual listing, neighborhood videos, shops and businesses, try to pin point the subtle reasons why you love the area. Imagine a video serious showcasing … (26 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - The Meat and Potatoes of your Video Library - 03/28/18 03:53 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Community Videos! 
Last week, we featured an example of a neighborhood video with a reusable (generic-agent) open and close. It makes it easier to produce a series of neighborhood videos without the need for an on-camera stand up for each one. 
This week, YouTube Thursdays focuses the lens on Community videos.
These should be the meat and potatoes of your video library. Instead of featuring the areas where people buy a particular home, these videos showcase the charm of the downtown scene or shopping area, what’s happening in the area, year-round festivals and community gatherings, not to mention, specialty videos like a featured business, ice-cream … (36 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Neighborhood Tours - Making it Easier - 03/22/18 02:51 PM
Last week, we promised a generic introduction - and outro example for neighborhood videos. After all, videos take time to do well, but why not streamline the process whenever we can? While we may wait until the weather improves before doing our final generic neighborhoods introduction, we think this one works fine for now.  
Before we show you our examples, here are some things to keep in mind for "all" of your videos. See you think we managed to incorporate those in our two examples.
1.  Be yourself. There is nobody quite like you - take advantage of it. 
2.  As you produce more and more … (37 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Branding YOU as the Local Expert - 03/08/18 11:06 AM
YouTube Thursdays - 
Be sure to Subscribe to our group - 
Do you have the pulse of your community niche(s)?  You should.  Video is a great vessel for owning a marketplace. Schools, major employers, restaurants, parks, neighborhoods, businesses, and people come to life via videos. 
The benefits of Community Video Marketing : 
Buyers: People find you because of your library of videos introducing them to the communities, neighborhoods, businesses and people in your market.  Who can compete with the true community expert?  Exactly. 
Sellers: Potential sellers also want the local expert selling their property. If you’re the one who brings the community and neighborhoods to life, they’ll find … (37 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Introductory Videos - It's a Wrap! - 02/22/18 08:29 AM
YouTube Thursdays - It's a wrap! 
Unfortunately, weather issues have delayed our shooting schedule for our own introductory video.  Therefore, we'll have to share it with you at a later date. If you have yours completed, please feel free it share it with us in the comments below.
Today, we have some final thoughts before moving on to the next video you need in your YouTube library. If you're still hesitate to create an Introductory video, ask yourself why. The  most common objections we keep hearing are shyness, lack of skills, lack of time, etc.
If you're still working at it, here are links to the previous YouTube … (24 comments)

video marketing: Marketing Tools - The Good, The Bad, and The Winners - 02/17/18 09:36 AM
The Losers
Our marketing lacked a unique value proposition.
We used to try to be all things to all people, therefore our marketing efforts were all over the place.  Like many agents, we worked tirelessly for our clients - of all ages and from all walks of life. Clark County is a large area too - about 660 square miles. Trying to stay on top of the inventory in every segment of the market was nearly impossible.  We worked a lot of hours trying to cover all the bases.
Plus, without a true focus, a well-developed niche, it was difficult to express our unique value. Looking back, it … (40 comments)

video marketing: Slideshow or Video - What's the Difference? - 02/02/18 04:41 PM
Slide-shows and videos are not the same. First of all, we think both have value in real estate marketing. However, they are very different tools. 
Slide-shows work very well when marketing a listing if your goal is to the showcase  property - be sure to add your contact information and brand. Slide-shows are created by using a series of still photos. Adding transitions, the Ken Burns effect, and text/graphic slides help to enhance the viewing experience. Many people call these videos. They are not. 
However, if your goal is to capture the mood, or the lifestyle of a property, video is likely the better choice. A video can literally bring … (17 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Tips for Your On-Camera Video Scenes - 02/01/18 11:44 AM
YouTube Thursdays -               
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Introductory Video - Time to Think About Your On-Camera Appearance
Hopefully, you've got the basic equipment by now, and committed to your video style. Your storyboard is done, and now you're scoping out the best location to shoot your on-camera cut-ins ( think best lighting). It is also important to do some practice in front of the camera. Test various lighting, test your audio … (45 comments)

video marketing: The Audio, Real Estate Video Sound, It Adds So Much, Is 40% Important. - 01/25/18 04:03 PM
Some people think videos have to be slick to be good. In my opinion, as long as we don't turn off viewers with shaky video and poor audio, or bore them to death with a lackluster story, authentic videos that showcase our markets - and who were are - are the most powerful. 
It works well for Andy Mooers Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 , who sells real estate in Maine. Andy has a huge video library, the sheer number is impressive. What's also impressive is his authenticity, not only in representing who he is, but also his marketplace.
In my opinion, one of the things he does very well is … (17 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - First things, first - You. - 01/04/18 08:02 AM
YouTube Thursdays - join here. 
Videos help you connect with potential clients. It's a great way to attract and build organic relationships. But first, you need a plan. If you're committed to producing videos in 2018, you need to give your strategy some serious thought.
If you are going to take the leap and produce your own videos, make sure you have the basics covered. You'll need a camera (or smartphone), external microphone, tripod, and editing software. For more details on this topic, you can refer to last week's post. 
At this point, we're going to assume you are committed to join us in our journey to produce a … (37 comments)

video marketing: Fall in Clark County, WA with Nature As Neighbors - YouTube Thursday - 10/20/16 06:07 AM
We were on our way to an inspection yesterday when we both felt the joy of a new season. The drive to the Washougal River property was gorgeous, and we both commented on the fall leaves this year - they are exceptionally splendid. It reminded us to showcase the beauty of our region with seasonal videos.  Our video of Spring in Clark County is a popular one, but we didn't have one for this time of year. Naturally, it didn't take us long to remedy the situation. Welcome to the beauty of Fall in Clark County, WA.
YouTube Thursdays reminds you to showcase the … (14 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Let your Videos do the Talking... - 03/31/16 12:34 AM
A Video is worth...
If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine the power of a video. Video can transport viewers from across the miles to experience the sights and sounds of a particular location. It's a great way to evoke emotions and create connections. 
The destination setting and lifestyle is the luxury factor for one of our latest ViewHome™ listings. It's tough to capture it in photos alone. Certainly the dramatic view, on a river with a private waterfall, looks beautiful in the photo, but you can't really get a sense of being there. 
We think the video brings it to life. 

video marketing: YouTube Thursday - Does Your Brand Shine with Quality? - 01/28/16 03:21 AM
YouTube Thursday - Quality Shines
In our opinion, you've got to look at your videos with a critical eye. Do they send the right message to your potential client? For example, we're rebranding all of our videos - not an easy task, but necessary. Our new logo will be an information slide for most of our videos. However, recently we noticed a problem.You can easily see the difference in these two examples.  The larger the playback mode the more the blur. It's really noticeable in full-screen viewing. A blurry logo is not acceptable.  
Notice the difference in the quality of the logo jpg in this second video.
By … (10 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - You have a video library - now what? - 10/14/15 11:41 PM
How to best present your video marketing.

Charlie Dresen  is my video hero - I've said it time and time again. Today, I typed in Steamboat's My Home, the name of his YouTube Channel, to find his most recent videos. However, the link led me to his video rich website, not his YouTube Channel. What a treat! 
He has organized his videos in an easy to find, easy to digest format. He has a video listings section, areas to live in Steamboat, a lifestyle guide, properties he has sold, a video blog, and why you should hire him. It's perfect. Here's a link - I think you'll enjoy … (34 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Vimeo Thursdays? - 10/07/15 11:39 PM
Where is the best home for your videos?
Earlier this week, my favorite couple from the Q,  John McCormack and Debbie contacted me to ask some questions regarding their YouTube account. Specifically, why one of my YouTube videos counts down and appears to notify the viewer of an upcoming video (also mine)? They are frustrated because other videos are automatically featured at the end of theirs. 
In this case, I think they may be watching videos of mine in a playlist. The autoplay loads the next video in the series immediately. It's better than a competitors video, but in my opinion, it would be better if the … (38 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Introductory Videos 2015 - 07/30/15 04:04 AM
Introductory Videos 2015 - YouTube Thursdays 
You know I’ve written about them before, and even won an Active Rain contest in 2011 for my submission of an introductory video. Honestly, looking at the video now, it's no longer relevant. Nor, in my opinion, is it interesting enough to hold a viewer's attention. In fact, it darn near embarrasses me. Ha. Therefore, I’ve been looking around for new ideas. 
First of all, I want this video to immediately grab the attention of potential viewers. It needs to be entertaining, informative, relatable ( to like-minded potential clients), and short! The last thing most of us want to look … (40 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Vimeo or YouTube for Real Estate Marketing? - 06/11/15 01:47 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Vimeo or YouTube for Real Estate?
There is a lot of discussion about Vimeo. Rightfully so, paid accounts on Vimeo allow subscribers to feature beautifully smooth and clean looking videos without any clutter. It’s a supportive community of professionals and caters to niche topics. 
If you want videos for business support or content pages, Vimeo is a great choice. In my opinion, real estate agents in the luxury niche should use Vimeo almost exclusively. However, YouTube is still a great platform and a good place to start your video marketing efforts.
Here are the basic differences: 
Viewers Per Month 
Vimeo - Approximately 100 … (24 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Good Videos have this in Common - 04/30/15 12:11 AM
YouTube Thursday Tip for April 30, 2015
Recently, while watching two very different styles of video, it was apparent as to why it was easy to stick around until the end. They both told a story. One made me smile, the other was relatable - both were entertaining.  
Patagonia gear may be expensive, but the company honors their wear guarantee for years and recycles old products.  This video, about "Worn Wear," captured, and kept, my attention.   It's likely because it appeals to my values,  and is also entertaining. How can you not appreciate a message that encourages you to love the worn-well performance gear in your closet, instead of … (36 comments)

video marketing: YouTube Thursdays - Videos - Dare to be you, the rest will follow. - 04/08/15 09:00 AM
Authenticity is (nearly) everything in videos designed to attract like-minded clients. 
I know, I know, you're sick of me telling you this. Honestly though, how can I keep one my best lead generators a secret? And if you keep ignoring my pleas to start using video - I'm going to keep coming back to bug you, time and time again. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post daring Rainers to be themselves in a video - I even offered them a prize. Debbie Reynolds and Jerry Newman  were the only ones who took me up on my offer, and they each got a … (31 comments)

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