videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - The "Just Right" Factor - 06/20/19 07:17 AM
YouTube Thursdays - What it takes to get it right. 
We both really enjoyed this video from Ron and Alexandra Seigel. While the three minute length is longer than what we often suggest, we think the subject matter and quality of the video warrants the longer time.
The graphics, photos, and video were pleasant to watch and Ron's narration is clear and easy to follow. Plus, you can pick up a hint of his personality in the inflection of his voice and when he chuckles. 
Did you notice the video has a story? That's a big part of its success. We are compelled to learn how Alberto creates remarkable customer service. … (35 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - Farming with Videos - 06/06/19 08:12 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Video Farming 
Recently, we have noticed an uptick in on-line traffic on our sites, and an increase in calls.  Specifically people interested in multigenerational homes and lifestyles, and people wanting more information about various neighborhoods.
The neighborhood hits are interesting - it's not for properties in a town, or an area, but very specific. This isn't anything new, but it is a good reminder - our strength in organic marketing comes from having a razor sharp focus. 
We are amping up our Neighborhood video marketing efforts to compliment our current mailing campaigns. We think it's a one-two Farming punch.  
1. Our Brand - Making sure we stay true to our … (31 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - The Right Niche is like having a Superpower - 05/30/19 09:26 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Staying True to You is like Having a Superpower
Our good friends, Ron and Alexandra Seigel, help people find their niche in the luxury real estate market. We often think the right niche is akin to having a super power, as it's nearly impossible for others to duplicate.
Recently, while on a vacation to visit family in Juneau, Alaska, we realized, once again, how lucky we are to live our passion, "Nature As Neighbors." Even when we're away from home, our hearts and energy follow the same path. 
Spending time immersed in the beauty of nature with people you love is an extraordinary gift. We … (32 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - Flex Your Hyper Local Muscles - 05/02/19 08:41 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Use Your Hyper-local Strength as an Advantage
Many agents see Zillow and other large search portals as the big bully who is stealing our business.  There is a way to fight back though - flex your hyper-local muscles. We think the best way to beat these mega search sites is by offering people something they can’t - hyper-local content. 
Neighborhood and community videos are a great way to gain viewers and meet potential buyers and sellers.  Videos about schools, home-values, hot neighborhoods, farmers markets, parks and trails, dog … (28 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - Creating GIFS from Videos - 04/18/19 07:08 AM
YouTube Thursdays - You Say Gif, I Say Jif! 
GIFS are everywhere. As to how to pronounce it correctly, the debate rages on. However, the guy who created the format, Steve Wilhite, insists it's pronounced "jif', like the peanut butter. We've noticed most people still pronounce it with a hard g, "GIF." 
Regardless of how you say it, a .gif file is basically an image file format that is animated by combining other images into one single file. You can quickly create a GIF from your videos too. It's actually a pretty simple process. 

GIFS are great way to introduce and share a video. Short and sweet, they should … (33 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - We Won't Say Boo, Or Will We? - 09/27/18 07:35 AM

We're working on our marketing for the final quarter of 2018. I know, it's hard to believe we're nearly there. Like a few others in Active Rain, videos are one of the major cornerstones of our overall marketing plan. The holiday season especially, lends itself to opportunities for video production. 
Therefore, I was pleased to see Sedona Superstar Sheri Sperry - MCNE®'s plan to use video in her 4th Quarter Marketing. The first, a Halloween theme with the premise, Real Estate doesn't have to be scary.  
Buying or Selling Real Estate Is Scary! from Rick & Sheri Sperry on Vimeo.
It reminded me of this old video I produced … (35 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - Lifestyle Videos - Part 1 - 04/26/18 01:58 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Listing Lifestyle Videos
First and foremost, we are selling a lifestyle when we market our listings. We are tapping into some pretty deep-seated emotional connections and values about "home." Video makes it easier.  As with all marketing, we need to identify the target demographics and explore their habits and preferences. Who are they and what's important to them? 
This week, we have the first pieces in place for our most recent listing - the neighborhood and community amenities that appeal to the likely buyer.  Fortunately, we're quite familiar with the demographics in the Felida area, and we're going to highlight the livibility and convenience of the location,  coupled … (35 comments)

videomarketing: YouTube Thursdays - Focusing Our Lens on a New Year - 12/28/17 07:34 AM

We've been getting postive responses to last week's post regarding our efforts to revive YouTube Thursdays, Vbloggers, and video marketing in 2018!
If you Google Video in 2018, a large number of articles are going to pop up with predictions and advice about the use of video in your marketing plan.
If you Google Video for Real Estate in 2018, you'll discover a number of helpful articles with sage advice to help you focus your efforts on the right type of videos. 
Here are some video basics to help you prepare for your Video Marketing in the New Year. 
Video Quality - Today's smart phones are equipped with some … (61 comments)

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