videos: YouTube Thursdays - Top Ten Lists for Videos - 10/10/19 10:45 AM

Top Ten Lists
Love them or hate them, there's no denying the popularity of Top 10 lists. Here's a few reasons why many folks seem to like them. 
The Power of 10. According to research, people are drawn to round numbers, and in particular, the number 10 for rankings.
Easy to digest. We are information swamped...a Top 10 list gives people an easy way to absorb the data, without much thought. 
Cocktail Chatter. The information can be fun to share with others. 
Great for current events. Subject matter, matters. Top 10 Christmas tree lists in April won't be as popular as those in November and December.  
Social Media … (54 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Cue the Music! - 08/15/19 06:57 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Cue the Music
Our updated video for our Multi-generational niche is behind schedule due to a myriad of reasons. It will happen, we promise.
Meanwhile, we were recently reminded of the importance of music in video production. The right selection can really enhance the viewers experience. 
These points are taken from a post written in 2011 called Music Notes.
Music effectively transforms us to another place, person or perspective. Science shows us that it has the ability to sooth, excite, and even heal.
Folks in the movie business know how to use music to set up a scene. Even if your eyes are closed, the music warns you when … (28 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - The Right Niche is like having a Superpower - 05/30/19 09:26 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Staying True to You is like Having a Superpower
Our good friends, Ron and Alexandra Seigel, help people find their niche in the luxury real estate market. We often think the right niche is akin to having a super power, as it's nearly impossible for others to duplicate.
Recently, while on a vacation to visit family in Juneau, Alaska, we realized, once again, how lucky we are to live our passion, "Nature As Neighbors." Even when we're away from home, our hearts and energy follow the same path. 
Spending time immersed in the beauty of nature with people you love is an extraordinary gift. We … (32 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Instagram Videos for Branding - 04/25/19 09:19 AM
Instagram Videos - Are they Valuable for your Brand? 

Here are some recent statistics about the viewers on Instagram. 
32% of all Internet users are on Instagram. 59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram 38% of female internet users use Instagram and 26% of male internet users use Instagram  
If you have an Instagram account, we highly recommend adding videos to your feed once or twice a week. It’s a great way to boost engagement, build your brand, and put your personality out there for making connections.  
There are … (26 comments)

videos: YouThursdays - The Value of a YouTube Channel Trailer - 07/26/18 01:39 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Welcome to Our YouTube Channel Trailer  ( Last week, we outlined the why's and how's of creating a Channel Trailer) 
We finally got it done. Our YouTube Channel Introductory video is now welcoming new visitors and giving them a taste of what to expect. We felt it was important showcase that we're multi-dimensional, and not just another real estate site with home tours. As usual, our white Golden Retriever, Mac,  is the scene stealer throughout the 55 second preview. 
Elements, or cards, are the latest way to add video suggestions, or a subscribe button to your videos. You'll see both here.  I'm … (31 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Creating a Channel Trailer - 07/11/18 09:32 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Creating a Channel Trailer 
A Channel Trailer is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and capture like-minded viewers, and clients!  Remember what our AR Branding Gurus, Ron and Alexandra Seigel say about personal branding, “It’s important to declare what you stand for as well as where you fit in the real estate market.” 
A Channel Trailer is the perfect vessel to highlight both of the aforementioned. As usual, careful thought and planning is the first step. As you create a storyboard, keep the following in mind. 
Assume the visitor to your channel knows nothing about you or your real estate niche(s). 
Hook your … (37 comments)

videos: Lifestyle Listing Videos - The Art of Telling a Story - 04/18/18 03:47 PM

This week, we direct our focus to listing videos. 
First of all, we like to use interactive 3D tours, aerial videos, and slide-shows as visual marketing pieces for listings, with the addition of a lifestyle video to highlight the “feel of the property.”  The effort is to attract the right buyer through emotional connections. As real estate agents, we're actually selling a lifestyle - with a house attached to it.
While we have nothing against those slick sexy videos used in LA, New York, and other metropolitan areas, we think the style of your listing videos should match the personality of the property, the vibe of … (37 comments)

videos: Fall in Clark County, WA with Nature As Neighbors - YouTube Thursday - 10/20/16 06:07 AM
We were on our way to an inspection yesterday when we both felt the joy of a new season. The drive to the Washougal River property was gorgeous, and we both commented on the fall leaves this year - they are exceptionally splendid. It reminded us to showcase the beauty of our region with seasonal videos.  Our video of Spring in Clark County is a popular one, but we didn't have one for this time of year. Naturally, it didn't take us long to remedy the situation. Welcome to the beauty of Fall in Clark County, WA.
YouTube Thursdays reminds you to showcase the … (14 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - The Art of Selling You with Videos - 03/03/16 03:00 AM
Videos about You - Consider a Little Less You.
Press the YouTube Button to join our video group.
Our Harcourts office had some training yesterday and the instructor showed us several videos of other agents talking about their philosophy and why their clients are so happy. Bla bla bla. The videos were about two minutes long and everyone at the table starting losing interest in about 20 to 30 seconds.  Who the heck wants to watch anyone talk for more than a few seconds?  Frankly, it's boring. 
The Art of Selling You
A better method, in my opinion, is to let others talk about how great … (26 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Hyped about Hyperlapse from Instagram - 06/17/15 03:09 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Hyped about Hyperlapse 
 ( Note: I was so excited to share this with you, I jumped the gun. This marks the first Wednesday for a YouTube Thursdays Post. ;) ) 
You may remember my curiosity about Hyperlapse in a previous post. “Step up your Video Game - Hyperlapse from Instagram.” Business and life has kept me from exploring it further until today. The free app gives us the ability to speed up scenes (time lapse) and the stabilization capabilities are said to rival that $15 thousand dollar video equipment. 
This example is especially impressive because I was running while shooting video from … (19 comments)

videos: "The Fourth Annual 'Be The Star Of Your Own Movie' Contest"... - 01/30/15 05:05 AM
Hey there fellow Video stars and producers, it's time for Roger Mucci's " Fourth Annual Be The Star of Your Own Movie" contest. Here's a video of mine that won an Oscar several years ago. Yes, you'll  see a few Brad Pitt moments and some great fly-fishing, but be sure to stick around for the surprise! 

Here's a link to the entire entry explaining the plot: A River Runs Through It 
Have some fun with Roger's contest. My advice to you as a former winner?  Just go for it! Please leave comments on Roger's original post. He'll appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. 
"The … (10 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Go Mobile, or Go Home - 01/22/15 12:33 AM
YouTube Thursdays - The Importance of Mobile Friendly Videos

The National Association of REALTORS® estimates that 89% of buyers search for their homes on mobile devices. If your websites don't provide a user-friendly experience, or if your videos don't translate well to a variety of viewing locations, you're missing important connections. 
As bloggers and organic marketers,  we are always hoping to produce content in the most entertaining and engaging manner. One of the most useful tools to achieve this goal, in my opinion and experience, is video. However, when you add a video to your website - size matters. 
When you add … (27 comments)

videos: Galloping Grace Youth Ranch Pumpkin Patch 2014 - 10/23/14 01:24 AM
YouTube Thursday - October 23, 2014 - How to become a Local Star with Videos.
Family health issues are keeping me from posting a normal YouTube Thursday post today. Therefore, I choose to feature John McCormack's excellent video highlighting a local fall attraction. His video was picked up by the Galloping Grace Youth Ranch and gives him excellent local exposure, and credibility. It should be a reminder to all  of us that videos can be a wonderful promotional tool. Bravo to you, Q-man! 
( Unfortunately the group features and stars are still not working at this time, hang in there YouTube … (11 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - TBT- The Importance of YOU. - 10/09/14 12:54 AM
 Today, I dug back into the archives and found one of my first series as a member of Active Rain. It's about the importance of music, sound, and authenticity. As a reminder, be careful about your use of music, and if you have any concern about whether you can freely use it ( copyright), err on the side of conservative. There are plenty of on-line services that provide music for a fee - or get creative, seek out local muscians in your area. I bet they'd love the exposure...
Music - How to set the stage for your videos. Part 7. Final … (46 comments)

videos: Summer Video Challenge, Show Us Your Local & Bring in the Juice - 08/07/13 11:25 PM
YouTube Thursdays for August 8th, 2013 - Bob Crane's most excellent contest to promote local videos for marketing. Way to go Bob, and thanks Kerrie!
I may even do a few videos before the deadline for the extra points - but ALWAYS do video for the extra SEO - it really works.
Summer Video Challenge, Show Us Your Local & Bring in the Juice
We all know how great local events are for attracting clients and bringing in the Google Juice and we have been told how much Google likes Video, so this Challenge is going to combine the two for a … (21 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays 10/4/2012 - Promoting your YouTube Channel/Videos - 10/04/12 01:49 AM
Today, YouTube Thursdays reminds you to promote your video channel. If your video library is a well kept secret, it's not going to do you much good. There are obvious ways to promote your videos and YouTube Channel. 
First and foremost, push your channel and videos through your social media platforms. Promote via Facebook, Twitter, Active Rain, your own website(s) and even in your signature line.
You should also promote your videos on Google+. In fact, you can load your video into the "Hangouts" section and invite your friends and clients to view it with you. Imagine - instant feedback! … (34 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays 9/13/2012 - She's no Debbie Downer! - 09/13/12 12:58 AM
Today, YouTube Thursdays features "The Real Debbie Reynolds" and her creative concept for a series of videos called, "Debbie's Quick Fixes."
How smart to produces a series of posts and videos with solutions to everyday household tasks and repairs. It's perfect marketing for a Realtor(or Stager).
In the series, Debbie is offering value to the viewer, plus her friendly and relaxed demeanor is sure to build trust and connections. As in, new clients!

Be sure to join our YouTube Thursdays Group and VBloggers - and watch videos. You'll get some great ideas and inspiration from other Rainmakers.

videos: YouTube Thursdays 8-16-12 - A Challenge to be Yourself ( prizes included) - 08/16/12 05:26 AM
What? You're not perfect? Well guess what,  neither am I.  In fact, I've yet to meet a perfect person. Although, I was lucky enough to meet the person "perfect-for-me" about 12 years ago. But, I digress. Today, YouTube Thursdays isn't about my marriage - it's about being yourself.
Many Real Estate (and related industry professionals) tell me they are quite shy about appearing on camera, and that's keeping them from utilizing video in their marketing efforts. Totally understandable. However, it's a fear that has to be faced and overcome if want to utilize this powerful marketing tool.
If you're … (29 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays - Richard Yates Takes a Bite out of Apple - 07/18/12 11:18 PM
 iPhone Videos - Use Apple’s iMovie App If you have an iPhone and five bucks- you can produce videos. And, if you have the iPhone 4S, you have one of the best cameras available on a phone, meaning you can produce high quality 1080p HD videos. If you have the 4S, you can trim clips right on the iPhone and drag to select start and stop points. Or you can fine tune your video movie in iMovie, once you’ve downloaded it from the App Store for just $4.99. Today, YouTube Thursday features Richard Yates. Richard is my AR pal and the … (29 comments)

videos: YouTube Thursdays 3/22/2012 - Video Essentials for Business with Craig Daniels - 03/22/12 04:51 AM
Today YouTube Thursdays reminds you of an important opportunity. I'm thrilled that Craig Daniels is teaching an upcoming course called Video Essentials for Business. It's a series of tutorials for beginning and intermediate bloggers. I've already learned several important tips from Craig and look forward to learning more.
Craig has asked me to demonstrate the iMovie (Mac) ( I'll be using iMovie 11, but iMovie 9 should also work)  version of the software editing tutorials.  He'll demonstrate two editing programs for PC's - Sony Vegas Movie Studio and the free Windows Live Movie Maker.
His classes begin with the basics … (24 comments)

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