view homes: Multigenerational Home Sales - Market Report May 2019 - 05/13/19 08:48 AM
Multigenerational Homes Are An Evolving MarketMultigenerational home sales are an evolving niche in the U.S. real estate market. This is true in Clark County WA as well. "Multigen" is where two or more generations decide to move back in together.
There are many advantages, financial and emotional. Often elderly parents move in with their adult children. This is much more desirable than a nursing home, or an independent living facility, which can be very costly. Sometimes grandparents are capable of share in child-rearing responsibilities. Everyone benefits from this arrangement.
Since we live in a multigen household, we specialize in finding and selling those … (14 comments)

view homes: What Can We Learn From Nature? Everything! - 05/03/19 07:42 AM

What can we learn from nature? Everything!
It turns out, we are surrounded by brilliantly-designed inventions that can teach us a lot. "Biomimicry" is the science that studies nature's inventions to inspire innovations for our daily lives. In short, old ideas are new ideas - and they are just waiting to be discovered. Plus, mimicking nature helps identify sustainable solutions that are compatible with our planet.
Natural resource scientist Janine Benyus is a huge proponent who says biomimicry is also a fresh look at how we view the world. "[W]e live in a competent universe, we are part of a brilliant planet, and we are surrounded … (47 comments)

view homes: April Market Report - Home Sales in Washougal, WA - 04/26/19 08:13 AM
Washougal Home Sales - Nature As Neighbors If you are considering a home in Washougal WA, you'll want the latest Market Report for home sales. Washougal is in a rural part of Clark County, so many homes are on acreage, have panoramic views, or are waterfront properties.
Washougal is Chinook for "Rushing Water" Its namesake, the Washougal River, Chinook for "Rushing Water", is one of the most pristine rivers in the West. Because of its rural location, the small town of Washougal has all the benefits of "nature as neighbors." It has the peaceful environs of the country, yet easy access … (11 comments)

view homes: Rural Homes on Acreage - View Homes of Clark County, WA - 07/11/18 10:10 AM

Recently, a reader of one of our blog posts asked what our region's topography is called. Is it country if it has rolling hills and an abundance of wildlife? The short answer is yes, but there are many nuances to the term "country" in Clark County, Washington.  
At ViewHomes™ of Clark County, we specialize in rural homes on acreage with soothing views and "Nature As Neighbors™."  Technically, most are located in the country (outside of city limits) in forested areas with rugged terrain, along creeks, streams, or rivers, and some are surrounded by farmland and/or equestrian estates.
One of the things we really appreciate about Clark … (13 comments)

view homes: View Homes in Clark County WA - Connecting to Nature at Home  - 06/23/18 01:35 PM
Craving a Connection to Nature?
Homes in Nature are a Retreat from an often Frenetic World 
A number of our relocation clients move to our area for a more relaxed lifestyle. We completely understand. Traffic jams, crowds, and a frantic pace aren’t our first choice either. The classic tale of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind, with our own twist. 
Instead of zooming between point A and point B, the wise slow-moving reptile may understand life is more about savoring the journey than winning races. Meanwhile, as the tale goes, the confident rabbit decides to rest and falls asleep. In our interpretation, the … (13 comments)

view homes: View Homes of Clark County: January Market Report for Hockinson - 01/12/18 12:48 PM
You Can Have Nature as Neighbors in HockinsonMany of our baby boomer clients aren't downsizing. In fact, they are looking to upsize a bit. The biggest reason we hear now is "Room for grandkids to come and visit!"  That 1800 SqFt single-level works fine for just the two of them, but add overnight visitors, and there is too much chaos and lack of privacy - especially with kids.
Many are also looking for homes in the country to enjoy the benefits of privacy and nature, but still be close to city amenities - easy access to shopping, services, and good schools. They miss the … (4 comments)

view homes: View Homes of Clark County: Market Report Ridgefield, WA - 11/07/17 03:39 PM
Ridgefield, WA offers Nature as Neighbors and View HomesAre looking for a home with a view, privacy, and surrounded by nature?  Then you should consider homes in Ridgefield, Clark County, WA. Ridgefield has an inviting small town atmosphere. An easy stroll downtown gives you access to historic landmarks, charming shops, restaurants, a community library and beautiful parks.  The city is finishing a recreational loop system of pathways to connect downtown with neighborhoods, parks, schools, and the waterfront.
Recreation is plentiful in Ridgefield where the National Wildlife Refuge serves as the city's backyard and is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. You … (10 comments)

view homes: I'll do the Dishes! Life in a View Home of Clark County, WA - 10/01/17 06:33 AM

When you live in a ViewHome™ of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors, even mundane chores become special. Imagine all the changing scenes you’d enjoy from this kitchen window? Let us help you find, or sell, the perfect view. It’s our speciality.
Have a great Sunday. 

view homes: View Homes of Livingston Mountain - Nature As Neighbors - 08/30/17 10:04 AM

Livingston Mountain is one of the best spots for views in Camas. Residents in the area really do have Nature As Neighbors™, and large five-acre parcel lots ( and larger) give them plenty of "elbow room for the soul™." 
One of our multi-generational family/clients live in a gorgeous home in the gated Autumn Hills neighborhood. We love to visit the neighborhood as we're always treated to views of wildlife, plus expansive views of the valley and horizons beyond,  Children attend the award-winning Camas School District too. 
ViewHomes of Livingston Mountain                                 … (10 comments)

view homes: Feeling Stressed? A View Home Might be the Answer - 02/18/17 09:42 AM

Feeling Stressed - Consider EcoTherapy 
Social Media platforms are filled with references about people's current stress levels. In addition, constant news reports and polarizing opinions deluge us daily with negativity. Mental health experts remind us to stay informed, but to limit exposure if it’s taking a toll on our psyches. We agree, and would add the importance of adding/or maintaining frequent connections to Nature. The beneficial connections to the Earth and its systems are at the core of mental health treatment called EcoTherapy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 87% of their life indoors, another with another 6% … (14 comments)

view homes: A Great Day Ahead - View Homes from Washougal to Woodland, WA - 09/20/16 01:42 AM

A Home Tour and an Enjoyable Day - We Can't Wait!
We're getting ready to spend the day with one of our favorite couple clients. We met them several months ago at one of our listings. That particular home wasn't the perfect fit. We've kept in touch though, through the husbands unexpected heart issues, and more recently their two-week trip to Ireland. In short, we've created a strong connection and consider them friends, first and foremost. 
It's a story that repeats itself time and again. Our clients are like-minded people who appreciate the gifts from nature. They have an affinity for homes in private settings with views for … (7 comments)

view homes: How to Sell Your View Home in Camas - Our Secret Formula - 09/06/16 06:45 AM

Our Special Niche - ViewHomes 
If you want to sell your ViewHome in Camas, we’ll let you in on our secret formula. It’s not really a secret, but it may as well be as we're the only ones who can do it. You see, our entire marketing focus grew out our passion for nature, beautiful surroundings, and peaceful environments. We think this one sentence sums it up perfectly. We sell ViewHomes of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors and elbow room for the soul.™
Our first hand knowledge of the lifestyle, we live in our own ViewHome in Camas, coupled with our experience and expertise, … (14 comments)

view homes: View Homes for Sale in Camas, Washington - Elbow Room for the Soul - 06/20/16 11:50 PM

One advantage of living in Camas, WA is how many places offer amazing views of the area. The geological evolution of heat, ice and floods over eons formed dramatic promontories overlooking deep canyons, creating panoramic vistas from many points. The surrounding areas also morphed into peaks and hillsides, so you don’t have to be perched right on the edge of the Gorge to have views.
Views don't always have to be spectacular to be satisfying. Sometimes, it just takes the right amount of property with a territorial or pastoral to provide "elbow room for the soul."™
If this is what you look for in a home, you are in luck - there … (20 comments)

view homes: View Homes in Clark County, WA - Specializing in Elbow Room for the Soul - 05/24/16 12:25 AM
Craving "Nature As Neighbors" with ViewHomes™ of Clark County
We know it's a growing trend in our area. More and more people are craving a connection to Nature. While we know there are still many who enjoy the bright lights, big city lifestyle, our clients have one thing in common - they want to have Nature as their neighbor. To say we "get it," is an understatement, we not only "get it," we live it too.
Our home sits on an acre plus and we enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on a daily basis. This the first year we've had room enough for a large … (18 comments)

view homes: Soundscapes of Nature - Finding Nature in Clark County, WA - 10/05/15 01:02 PM
What is your neighborhood soundscape?
The other day, we were driving to view a home for a client out in the countryside just outside Camas WA. Coincidentally we tuned into an NPR interview with Bernie Krause, a scientist who has spent his life recording natural "soundscapes" - environmental wildlife sounds from all over the world.
Through his recordings, he has documented the diminishing volume and diversity of wildlife over the decades.  The changes are alarming - especially in our country.  It was a compelling interview, which prompted a conversation about what we want as our natural surroundings and soundscapes where we live.  Here are some examples:
Soundscape before the … (12 comments)

view homes: 37100 SE 20th Street, Washougal, WA - Now Pending - 04/18/15 01:02 AM
Stunning Luxury View Home in Washougal is Under Contract
My latest group of  buyers wanted to find the perfect family retreat. A home large enough to house two couples - including the wife's mom and dad. Plus, with college age children, they hoped to locate a spot with amenities to make it a destination vacation for all who want to visit - including grandchildren and other family members. 
Acreage, a view, lots of square footage, and a feeling of peaceful serenity topped their list of wants and needs. Plus, the husband will need to make trips to Portland periodically for business purposes, as well as, … (17 comments)

view homes: View Homes on Acreage with a Master-on-the-Main in Clark County, WA - 07/20/14 02:54 AM
View Homes on Acreage with a Master on the Main in Clark County,WA

A relocation client is looking for a home in Clark County, WA with specific requirements. She wants at least a third of an acre, a master-on-the-main, plenty of room for visiting children and grandchildren, and a stunning view.
In our area, the stunning view likely means a river, lake or mountain view. Occasionally, all three. The tough part of this equation is the Master-on-the-Main and the larger acreage with a budget under $700,000. 
There are just 39 properties in the neighborhoods where she’s interested in purchasing her next … (16 comments)

view homes: Homes for Sale in Camas, WA with a Columbia River View - 03/11/14 02:12 AM
Homes for Sale in Camas WA with a  Columbia River View
Let’s face it, a good view gives a home added appeal. It’s a wow factor when large windows open up to a stunning vistas featuring some of nature’s finest gifts. In Camas, one of those stunning, and highly desirable views, is the Columbia River.
The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, and, by volume, the fourth largest in the United States. It flows for more than 1200 miles from the base of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, to the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, Oregon and Illwaco, … (16 comments)

view homes: View Homes for Sale in Camas, WA - 02/12/14 04:36 AM
View Homes for Sale in Camas, WA
A home with a good view gives it's owners added value - and when it's time to sell, the amenity normally translates into an increased listing price. In Camas, there are plenty of homes with views. You'll find windows that look out at the Columbia River, Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, Lacamas Lake, and other gorgeous vistas. 
It's hard to pinpoint the actual dollar amount of a view, as the location and the quality of the view all come into play. For example, a view of Mt. Hood from the corner of the Master bedroom, when … (19 comments)

view homes: Homes For Sale in Prune Hill - Camas, WA - 06/23/12 01:43 AM
Homes for sale on Prune Hill  - Camas, WA Homes for sale on Prune Hill are a favorite of luxury home buyers in Camas, WA. And for good reason, quality built - many of these homes also feature high-end amenities and stunning views. Mt. Hood, the Columbia River and Portland city lights can be seen from a number of popular Prune Hill neighborhoods.
Prune Hill has a rich local history and it lives up to the name. The cinder cone of a now-extinct volcano - the hill was once covered in Prune Orchards - earning it the title of “Prune Capitol of … (14 comments)

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