washington: View Home on Two Acres in Woodland, WA - Coming Soon - 05/26/18 04:00 PM

We can't wait to list another property with ViewHomes of Clark County. The Nature As Neighbors setting for this single level home is located in the hills above the Lewis River in Woodland. The custom 2800 square foot home was built by Cascade West Homes. The three bedroom, two and half bath home features an open Great Room design with a large work-friendly kitchen. Dacor stainless appliances, including double ovens, a five-burner propane cook-top, and plenty of granite wrapped counter space makes meal prep and entertaining a pleasure.  

Tall evergreens surround the park-like grounds and large windows bring the relaxing and rejuvenating qualities of the outdoors to the inside. A … (17 comments)

washington: Rural Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - Is this lifestyle for you? - 04/02/18 09:00 AM

If living in a rural home is something you're considering, we completely get it. At ViewHomes™ of Clark County, we specialize in selling homes on acreage in beautiful and natural settings. Country living can be a very satisfying lifestyle. However, living in a rural setting is quite different than life in the suburbs. 
In short, there's a lot to consider before leaping into the purchase of a ViewHome™. When living in a rural setting, it's important to be a responsible land steward and a good neighbor. We all have an impact on the environment and living on your own land requires a commitment to protecting the land … (16 comments)

washington: Spring is in the Air in Clark County, Washington - 03/20/18 11:21 AM
Spring is in the Air in Clark County, Washington 
We woke to a beautiful blue sky this morning at our home in rural Camas. A coat of frost covered the deck railings and grass. The robins didn’t seem to mind - they know something’s in the air.
The snowpack in the Cascade Mountains is melting, and the run-off is feeding springs, adding to the local watersheds. 
Everywhere you look, Nature is at work with her annual rebirth. 
Even a lone daffodil will soon be surrounded with cheerful companions. 
Today is the first day of Spring, 2018. It’s time to celebrate the Earth’s renewal with ViewHomes of … (13 comments)

washington: Recycled Arts Fair Clark County - The Procession of the Species - 05/05/17 10:45 AM

At Nature As Neighbors, we get pretty excited with any cause that celebrates the natural world. The Procession of the Species is no exception and it's coming Sunday, June 25, as part of the Recycled Arts Fair. The parade features costumed walkers, floats, music, and dancing with animal and element themes. 
The Procession celebration and parade designed to bridge the arts, the environment, and our local communty.  The art aspect confirms citizens creative process to use art as a forum of public expression. As a celebration of species, it awakens our sensibilities to the issues surrounding environmental awareness and protection.  As a local event, … (18 comments)

washington: Camas First Fridays - Spring into History on April 7, 2017 - 03/30/17 10:01 AM

First Fridays in Camas is a wonderful family fun event designed to drive traffic to downtown shops and businesses. We're big fans, and especially appreciate the monthly themes. Next up, we have the opportunity to "Spring into History" on April 7, 2017. Play the Guess About Camas history game, you'll not only learn more about our charming little town, but will be registered to win cool prizes. 
Highlights of April's First Fridays includes, The Two Rivers museum collection of old artifacts and photos of Camas/Washougal for viewing. Plus, you'll have  chance buy handmade rugs made out of Pendleton wool salvages woven on a 1890's traveling loom. And, if the … (13 comments)

washington: Winter Power Outages in Clark County, WA - - 01/10/17 09:55 AM

"There was a power outage at the department store yesterday, twenty people were trapped on the escalator." - Steven Wright
We've had quite a winter so far. The weather folks haven't compiled all of the statistics, yet. Therefore it's tough to know if the frequent spells of cold temperatures, snow, freezing rain and wind are as abnormal as they feel. Regardless, it has been challenging for commuters, and many people have temporarily lost power throughout the entire Portland-Vancouver Metro area. Especially those who live in rural areas, 
This is the second year we've lived in our Multi-Generational home located in the hills above … (18 comments)

washington: Luxury Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - ViewHomes of Clark County - 11/17/16 11:11 PM
Luxury Homes in Clark County, WA - ViewHomes with Nature As Neighbors
Luxury is subjective. Fortunately, luxury homes come in a variety of sizes and locations in Clark County, Washington. We really do have something for everybody. If your idea of luxury is a well-appointed home with Nature As Neighbors and plenty of elbow room for the soul™, we’re a good match. We not only live the lifestyle, it’s our speciality at ViewHomes of Clark County.™ 
There are currently more than 330 ViewHomes to choose from at NatureAsNeighbors. Feel free to browse through the listings at your leisure, and don't worry, we will … (15 comments)

washington: Sundays at our Multi-Gen Home in Clark County, WA - 10/23/16 01:19 AM
Mom and Dad and the Kids - Together Again
We live in a multi-generational home. Mom and dad, my husband and me, and my sister and her husband. I’m sure some people think we’re nuts. Hey, I might have thought that prior to actually experiencing this living arrangement. It’s likely not for everyone, but it works for our family.
Dad has dementia and we find that it’s important to keep him engaged in life. Naturally, mom worries about him, so we make sure she has outlets for her varying emotions. We also handle most of the monetary and household responsibilities for them to keep … (14 comments)

washington: Multi-Gen Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - Elbow Room for the Soul - 08/23/16 03:51 AM

Extended Family Living Options in Clark County
Many of our clients are going through the transition to multi-generational housing – providing room for elder parents, or adult children with their own families. We also have the personal experience of multi-generational housing with my parents, so we know the challenges and extreme peace of mind and satisfaction that can bring to a family.
We've discovered how challenging it can be to find suitable homes in the area with enough "elbow room for the soul,"™to give everyone the privacy they need. Privacy, we've discovered, is the ultimate luxury. Add the component of having nature as neighbors, and the soothing … (13 comments)

washington: Looking for a Log Home in Washougal? We found it for you. - 08/07/16 02:51 AM

Washougal Log Home for Sale
Log homes have warmth and character. If you're a fan, you're likely a fanatic. This beauty sits on 5.4 secluded acres with "Nature As Neighbors."™The 3300 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath home  also has a garden area, shop, and spring fed creek. Luxurious and rustic, we think you'll want to see more of this stunning log home in Washougal. Want to see the inside? Call us today for a tour. 

washington: A Garden Party Busted by the Cops - Plan Ahead in Clark County, WA - 07/20/16 01:23 AM
A Garden Party in Washougal - The Neighbors called the Cops
Our client, and now good friend, always celebrates special occasions in a big way. Last weekend, she threw herself a garden party to celebrate her last year as a 60-something. We knew we in for a treat, as she has great taste, style, and flair, and is very detail oriented.
The afternoon party was set up in her beautiful gardens with beverages and tasty hord’ourves. Soft music played over the speakers as guests mingled before an early supper.  Once seated, the hostess had a special gift for everyone and we enjoyed the … (9 comments)

washington: Rural Homes and Lifestyles in Clark County WA - Our Love of Lavender - 07/14/16 04:37 AM
Lavender - A Great Choice for Houses with Acreage and Critters
We sell ViewHomes of Clark County. Specifically, homes with the added joy of having nature as neighbors, and plenty of elbow room for the soul. One of the main staples of our rural gardens is lavender. It does well without a lot of fuss, plus deer and rabbits leave the plants alone - that's a huge plus in any garden, but especially those in the country. 
Some of our Favorites Lavender Plants to Grow
One of the easiest varieties to grow in the Pacific Northwest is Spanish Lavender. We have a clump of Otto … (11 comments)

washington: Homes on Acreage - ViewHomes of Clark County, WA - 06/28/16 12:55 AM

ViewHomes™ of Clark County, Washington
Room to roam, wide open spaces, private retreat - regardless of what you call it, we think "elbow room for the soul,"™ is the ultimate luxury. It's our own love of privacy and views, with Nature As Neighbors,™ that led us to our Real Estate Speciality - ViewHomes™ of Clark County.
We list and sell homes with all of the aforementioned amenities. If you are craving a connection to Nature and enjoy neighbors, but appreciate privacy, we have the property for you. From sprawling estates in the hills, to cozy cottages in the woods, to lodge inspired homes on the … (16 comments)

washington: Views Of Nature - "Water, Water Everywhere" - 06/09/16 12:04 AM
Summer Heat and Popular Cool Water Spots
With the heat spell upon us, it is comforting to know we are surrounded by so many places where water is easily accessible in nature. Whether you just want to wade in a shallow stream, or plunge into a deep pool, you have many choices for cooling off outdoors.  The big challenge is – with all the choices – deciding where to go.
The biggest natural water feature in the area is, of course, the Columbia River, and the options are unlimited if you have a boat. Some areas are off-limits due to access or strong currents. But if you want to lie on … (23 comments)

washington: View Homes in Clark County, WA - Specializing in Elbow Room for the Soul - 05/24/16 12:25 AM
Craving "Nature As Neighbors" with ViewHomes™ of Clark County
We know it's a growing trend in our area. More and more people are craving a connection to Nature. While we know there are still many who enjoy the bright lights, big city lifestyle, our clients have one thing in common - they want to have Nature as their neighbor. To say we "get it," is an understatement, we not only "get it," we live it too.
Our home sits on an acre plus and we enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on a daily basis. This the first year we've had room enough for a large … (18 comments)

washington: Waterfront Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - 05/07/16 01:11 AM
Waterfront ViewHomes™ of Clark County
The weather is warming up and waterfront homes are becoming more and more popular with buyers. I guess the heat reminds us of the cooling aspects of life lived on the water. If you're interested in finding a ViewHome™ in Clark County with access to a lake, river, or creek, we can help. 
For example, here's a vibrant one-level home on the Washougal River with its own Waterfall.  We think it's one of the most magical properties we've ever had the pleasure to list. Buyers who are seeking a true get-away retreat need to call today for a tour - before … (16 comments)

washington: Alpaca Adoration and Dreaming in Clark County, WA - 04/04/16 04:05 AM

Alpaca Adoration and Dreaming
Alpacas make me feel all warm and fuzzy - I just love them! Don't ask me when this adoration began, it's tough to pinpoint. Perhaps the moment I laid eyes on my first one. There's something kind and friendly about them - and whimsical. If they were smaller, I'd ensure we had a dozen! My mom, who lives with us, recently informed me that she loves them too.
However, regardless of our admiration for them and our acre-plus property in Camas, we will not be getting any alpacas in the near future. They love company, and as herd animals, it's not fair to have … (18 comments)

washington: Multi-Generational ViewHomes of Clark County - Elbow Room for the Soul - 03/09/16 11:33 PM
ViewHomes™ with Room for the Entire Family
ViewHomes of Clark County™ grew out of our love for nature, beautiful surroundings, and a peaceful environment. We recently moved our multi-generational household to an area located in the rolling hills north of Camas-Washougal. Our property sits on an acre-plus with towering trees, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and we get seasonal views of the Little Washougal River. Our family loves having Nature As Neighbors.
If you're looking for a family estate with enough room for visiting, or live-in family, and friends, and land to garden or enjoy privacy, you're similar to the majority of our clients.. Since we also specialize in Multi-generational living,  we have helped many … (14 comments)

washington: ViewHomes of Clark County, WA™ - Woodland - March 2016 Market Report - 03/07/16 10:39 PM
ViewHomes of Clark County - Woodland Washington
Woodland, Washington is about 20 miles north of Vancouver. It is also one of the oldest communities in the state of Washington. It's location gives area residents easy access to recreational spots along the Lewis River and to Mount St. Helens. The city is technically in both Clark and Cowlitz counties, but most residents live in Cowlitz County where the majority of the city lies.
Many people visit Woodland to see the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens. Klager was a prolific breeder of lilacs. Her former home and gardens were saved in 1964 from being torn down to make room … (14 comments)

washington: Hummingbird Hopeful in Camas WA - Rufous or Anna's? - 02/24/16 11:36 PM
Rufous or Anna's at Our Camas Feeder? 
(By Mfield, Matthew Field, http://www.photography.mattfield.com – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)
We recently wrote about Rufous Hummingbirds our region. We’ve always known the Anna Hummingbirds winter over in the Pacific Northwest, but we were a bit surprised to learn some Rufous do too. My husband thinks a female Rufous may have visited our feeder this week, I suspect it’s a female Anna’s hummingbird.  Both are more drab in color than the males, but Anna’s have a sheen of green feathers along their sides, while the Rufous have a subtle red shading. Anna’s are a bit larger than the Rufous too. They … (14 comments)

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