youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Video Apps for Your Smartphones - 05/22/19 09:32 AM
Video Recording and Editing Apps for cell phones.
The quality of cameras in our smart-phones has come a long way, baby. And since we generally have our cellphones with us, we are lucky to have such a great tech tool on-board. Especially for those unexpected moments when we stop to capture a sunset, or a rainbow, or wildlife. Stills and video. 
If you plan to take advantage of your cellphone camera, it’s worth your while to explore some of the apps out there that can really up your game.  They offer new tools with filters, options for quick editing, and more.  Here are some highly recommended apps we … (37 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Does Your Marketing Story Include Stories - 05/16/19 08:45 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Does your Marketing Story include Stories?
Videos stand out in social media - and you can take advantage of it. YouTube and Instagram Stories continue to take center stage in 2019. One big reason for their popularity is they get prime viewing on both news feeds. For example, unlike regular Facebook posts, which appear on people's feeds, Stories are displayed right at the top of the Facebook app. Your Stories will be the first thing your followers see when they open their profile! 

Both Instagram and Facebook Stories disappear after 24 hours, however you have the option to save them to your camera. We … (21 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Instagram Videos for Branding - 04/25/19 09:19 AM
Instagram Videos - Are they Valuable for your Brand? 

Here are some recent statistics about the viewers on Instagram. 
32% of all Internet users are on Instagram. 59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram 38% of female internet users use Instagram and 26% of male internet users use Instagram  
If you have an Instagram account, we highly recommend adding videos to your feed once or twice a week. It’s a great way to boost engagement, build your brand, and put your personality out there for making connections.  
There are … (26 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - April's Shower of Video Opportunities - 04/11/19 08:31 AM
YouTube Thursdays
Video Idea starters for April. 
If you’re not feeling inspired to produce videos this month, why not? April  brings us a number of opportunities for producing short and relevant videos. Further, many of them can become evergreen videos, timeless, meaning you can use them again and again in new blog posts. Remember, much like your blogs, video channels need consistent and new updates to keep viewers engaged. 
Industry Related claims April is the best month to sell a house. Do you agree?
Is Spring the best time to sell a home? ( Check the stats from your local market!) 
Tips for getting your house … (18 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Adding Custom Thumbnails to Your Videos - 04/04/19 07:09 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Thumbnail Customization Options in YouTube 
You've likely noticed that YouTube automatically selects a thumbnail for your video. And while you have two others to choose from, the choices may not be what you want to convey. The ability to add a custom thumbnail is another good tool which offers greater control over your branding and video marketing. 
During your video shoots, make sure you take a number of stills. If appropriate, choose a person, or people. People are drawn to other people. At the very least, choose an image that reinforces your videos title and and content. Try to use bright colors, and add text in an … (34 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Spring Weather Watching - 03/29/19 07:57 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Watch for Seasonal Opportunities to Share Information 
The seasons can bring us great opportunities to produce yet another video. Relocation clients, especially, will appreciate learning more about what to expect when they move here. 
It likely comes as no surprise to learn that many people believe it rains in the Pacific Northwest, a lot. And, by comparison to some of the drier parts of our country, it does. 
However, Washington, also known as the Evergreen state, gets much of its beauty from the rain, and winter snowfall at higher elevations. 
We appreciate the rain, it brings us our green landscapes, pristine waterways, and variety of wildlife. Therefore, we produced this … (20 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Videos for Email Blasts - 03/21/19 07:44 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Vary your videos for Email Blasts
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We are very particular about what we send to our clients. Whether it's mail through the postal service, emails, texts, or a phone call, it needs to be informative, or valuable, or entertaining.  The jackpot is when it hits all three. 
Six-times a year, or every other month, we send a short video to our SOI. It's one small part of our touch system to remind them we are always here. Naturally, we vary the subject matter. Sometimes it's real estate related, or features a news worthy event such as Earth Day. There's … (31 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Animated Videos - Yes, or No? - 03/14/19 02:29 PM

If you've been following YouTube Thursdays for long, you know we believe authentic videos, with just a touch of you, is a great way to make connections. Trust is an important aspect of doing business, and we think you can build trust with the right video marketing formula. 

Since we're always researching the topic of real estate video marketing, we stumbled across this animated video. Full disclosure, it has over 8-thousand views. We are both wondering though, how it fosters trust or encourages connections. 

One company that produces animated videos, claims they cut through the noise of all the other videos people find on-line. Admittedly, this … (17 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Mindfulness, Videos, and Joy - 03/06/19 06:34 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Mindfulness, Videos, and Joy 
Enjoy Life and Stay Mindful
About two weeks ago, on one of our few nice days of late, Bernie pruned the fruit trees and sprayed them with an organic dormant oil. I encouraged him to shoot a video of the process. Many of our ViewHomes™ of Clark County clients have rural properties with fruit trees and it will be helpful to have a "how-to" video to share.  
While Bernie was working on the Asian pears, he heard the loud humming of bees in the nearby spring heather. Even though it's been in the 20's and 30's nearly every day for weeks, Nature is still a buzz with … (36 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - The Importance of a Title - 02/20/19 09:32 AM
YouTube Thursdays
Video marketing can help improve your brand and discoverability on-line. However, if you think creating generic videos about your market is time well-spent, think again. 
Just like blogging, your video titles need to be specific - with keywords targeting your perfect clients. It’s one of the basic lessons we have learned in Active Rain - the power of long tail keyword titles. Less competition is good. Now, more than ever. 
Google Searches 
Here are examples of Google Searches we did this morning, the first is generic, Homes for Sale in Camas WA. It’s tough to compete unless you buy a position or have … (32 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Taking the Shy out of Camera-Shy - 02/07/19 07:40 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Camera-Shy? Here's an idea. 
Just because you can't face the camera doesn't mean you can't interject yourself, and your personality, into your videos. The biggest advantage of marketing with videos is the power to make connections - and build relationships. And that's one of the big goals in business, right? 
However, if your on-camera appearance is forced, awkward, or lacks authenticity, it's going to fall flat. Comfortable and confident people put others at ease.  Last week, we encouraged you to spend some time looking inward - at the essence of who you are as a person. Embracing your uniqueness and knowing your strengths - and what brings … (39 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursday - A Day Late, but all about YOU! - 02/01/19 07:50 AM
YouTube Thursdays- A day late, but with thoughts of YOU. 
A scheduling conflict for business prevented this post from being submitted on Thursday. However, as promised, here are some ideas to help you determine how to interject yourself into videos if you suffer from stage fright. This week, is part 1. 
First of all, think about who you really are, the heart of soul of you. My good friend Alexandra, writes about this concept in one of her recent posts. We think, if you really want to thrive, in all aspects of life, it’s important to journey inward to find your true “me.” 
You are … (15 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - How to Make Videos Worth Watching - 01/24/19 02:48 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Making Videos Worth Watching 
Let's face it, entertainment is quite subjective. We all have different tastes.  That's why it is so important to really understand your target demographic(s) and what type of video will appeal to them.  Videos for our "Rural homes and estates" demographic will be very different than a video library targeted at First-time home buyers. 
First of all, we'll assume you know how important it is to have:
1. A storyboard - what's the point of the video? 
2. Good lighting - dark, grainy video is hard to watch - and it's not flattering. 
3. Quality audio - clear and clean … (44 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursday - Stay True to Your Brand - 01/17/19 11:56 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Branding Consistency 
In all of our marketing efforts, we carefully consider if the message we convey stays true to our brand. Print media, blogging, emails, direct mail, and videos all need to target our demographics and reflect our brand identity. If not, we risk confusing our data base and any potential future customers. 
We think of our brand as the personality of our business, and it truly reflects who we are as people. Our goal as REALTORS® is to connect with people who share our basic philosophy about life and who choose to live a similar lifestyle. Most of the time it works well. We not only … (31 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Thoughts About Video Marketing in 2019 - 01/10/19 08:18 AM
YouTube Thursdays - January 2019 Thoughts Regarding Video 
It’s a New Year, and the news regarding cooling trends in real estate makes us realize more and more the importance and value of niches in 2019. 
It’s imperative to identify what makes YOU different, what you represent better than any other agent in your marketplace. Anybody can throw a ton of budget dollars at lead generation sites, it takes more than that to be an expert. 
In addition, the content or information you share with your data base has to be relevant to them, and valuable. If not, it might be difficult to engage them. 
Quite … (27 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursday - Missing Suggested Videos in Embed Option? Try This - 10/30/18 08:02 AM
For some reason, we are missing an important embed option in our YouTube Channel. It's the ability to opt out of showing suggested videos, from other YouTube members, at the end of our own video. It's a frustrating issue and so far, I (Debb), haven't been able to pinpoint the reason.
We have tried logging out of our account and logging back in after refreshing the browser. We have tried using other browsers too. It doesn't make a difference. I've also experimented with other videos in our library - they are all missing the option when I look at the embed code. 
Since other members … (25 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouThursdays - Testimonial Videos Part 2 - 09/05/18 02:15 PM
Choose the format:
Multiple happy clients - or a series of videos featuring clients discussing the different aspects of your stellar service. 
 Select clients with different stories. You saved then money,  you found them the right home, you wrote the offer that won in multiple offers, you’re fun and enjoyable in addition to being highly professional. 
Select outgoing clients who are less apt to freeze up with a microphone or camera. 
Camera shy? Most of us are - really!  Here are few ideas to take the stress off your novice video stars. 
1.  Consider hosting an event - it’s easier to  interview … (29 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Getting Rid of Suggestions and Embed Video In AR - 08/23/18 10:43 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Getting Rid of Video Suggestions and Tips for Embedding your video in Active Rain. 
You don't want to send your video viewers in another direction, therefore, you'll want to make sure you get rid of suggestions at the end of your embedded YouTube videos. Unfortunately, it's a default in the embed code and you'll have to make sure you follow this step everytime you share a video.  It's easy, but it is one more thing to remember to do. 
Today, this is a two-part how-to video The second part is how to embed your video in your AR blog posts. … (36 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Adding a Branding Watermark to your YT Channel - 08/16/18 09:11 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Branding and Subscribe Option 
Last week, we shared a tutuorial for adding a subscribe button and video suggestions using Elements in your YouTube channel. This week, we share another option using your branding watermark. The best part about this option - it will automatically appear in all of your videos. It's a nice bonus and much faster than adding a subscribe element to each of the videos in your library. 
Hint: View in large screen, it's much easier to follow. 
If you missed the other tututorials in this series, here are some links:
Adding Elements to your YouTube Channel
Adding a Trailer to your YouTube Channel 
The Value … (29 comments)

youtube thursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Adding Elements to your YouTube Videos - 08/09/18 09:24 AM
YouTube Thursdays - August 9, 2018
Last week, we promised to show you how to add a video suggestion and a subscribe call-to-action to the end of your videos in YouTube. Speaking of last week, if you want to learn how to add a trailer to your YouTube Channel, here's how to do it. 

It might be easier to follow if you view the video tutorial in full-screen.  If you want to add a link to a website, YouTube now requires 1000 subscribers, and 4,000 hours of viewing within the last 12 months. If you don't have that option under the "add elements," that's … (33 comments)

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