youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Opportunities Abound - 03/24/22 09:21 AM
YouTube Thursdays - March 24th, 2022 
Nearly every week, we find an opportunity to promote our niche in a subtle and gentle manner  Especially, if like us,  you're listing-light this year because much your SOI is hesitate to make a move. 
Perfect tie-ins work to remind folks what we're about, and more importantly, remind them we're here if, and when, they need us.
For example, March 30th is National Take a Walk in the Park Day. Naturally, it's a perfect match to our Nature As Neighbors niche, but it would likely work for many of you. After all, most cities and suburbs are also … (28 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursday - Setting the Tone - 01/13/22 08:20 AM
YouTube Thursdays - January 13, 2022
Work continues this week to build our resource site called - Rural Properties in Clark County, WA. It's a niche we really want to hammer home. (No pun intended).  We're proud of our knowledge and expertise.  After living on a rural property since 2015, we have learned the nuances of this lifestyle. 
Like most lifestyles, living in the country isn't for everyone. But for those who do have a passion for it, information and shared resources is a big deal. It's what you don't know that tends to get you in trouble.
Therefore, helping people avoid the purchase … (27 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Coming Up with a Plan - 04/29/21 10:56 AM
Youtube Thursdays - April 29, 2021 - The Planning Stage Involves Some Research. 
We are getting close to producing our generic video intro for our YouTube Channel Neighborhoods in Clark County, Washington playlist. Yesterday, I did some testing of various locations for the shoot. If you've been following this series, you know we have covered a lot of ground over the last couple of months. 
Neighborhood Videos
Weather and Whatnots
Tips for Your On-camera Shots
There's Always An Option B
Neighborhoods in Your Market
Effective Videos for … (23 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Revisiting The Maine Man - 03/19/21 10:28 AM
YouTube Thursdays - March 25, 2021 
This week, we're visiting Maine, via video. As you know, we are big fans of authenticity. Active Rain videographer Andy Moores has carved out an original style for his videos and we are drawn to his "real deal." 
Andy represents his market so well, and more consistently than anyone we know. Since much of the geography is rural, he often breaks down his area by features. For example, waterfront properties, log homes, vacation homes, homes in the country, farm properties - you … (24 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Who are the Neighbor -(hoods) in Your Marketplace? - 01/28/21 08:11 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Who are the Neighborhoods in Your Marketplace? ( Toying with a Mr. Roger's line...)
Neighborhood videos really work well as the bread and butter of your community-oriented video libraries. Evergreen in nature, once you produce one, it will work tirelessly on your behalf. You’re getting a lot of bang for your energy output.
One way to begin the process is to create a list of the neighborhoods in your market that match your niche. In other words, if your niche is Condos/Townhomes,  like Lawrence "Larry" … (47 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Is Video Marketing a Waste of Time? - 01/14/21 09:33 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Video Marketing - A Waste of Time?
It's already mid-January.  Hopefully, we are all looking forward to making 2021 another successful year in real estate. Video will once again be part of our marketing efforts. Admittedly, we just weren't feeling it last year. Consistency was lacking in the overall plan. 
Video marketing takes both time and consistency - if, you want to do it right. Doing it right takes planning, basic skills,(yes that includes editing), decent equipment, and authenticity.
Here is a list of our posts that cover the basics. 
 The Basics  More about Good Audio  Smartphones How to Make … (49 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Keeping the Faith - 01/07/21 08:50 AM
2021 has arrived! So many opportunites and possibilities are on the horizon. And yet, there are still going to be days that present challenges. It's how we handle those moments that make all the difference. 
In the coming weeks, we will gear up video marketing efforts for the new year. Today, however, a video reminder to accompany the Rumi quote, "Once the seed of faith takes root, it cannot be blown away, even by the strongest wind." 
                The Seed - Inspirational Short Film produced by Aaron Tharp. 
We both wish you a wonderful Thursday. 

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Summer Hiatus - 08/27/20 06:31 AM

Due to the lack of posting activity in YouTube Thursdays, and in Active Rain overall, we are taking a short break. No doubt we will feel refreshed and full of creativity again soon. 
In addition to selling houses, we're enjoy our summer productivity at home too. We've put in a new fire pit area, built a retaining wall in the upper side yard, and have completely sanded our decks. Currently, we're in the process of re-staining - the railings are almost done! 
Summer nights are especially enjoyable this time of year. We are looking forward to star gazing while sitting around our fire pit, or … (18 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Video Stories of Love, Inspiration, and Soul - 07/23/20 08:07 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Stories of Love, Inspiration, and Soul!
A recent post about different branding perspectives from Ron and Alexandra Seigel, really inspired us. Therefore. we are considering the varying viewpoints to tell our own brand stories as illustrated in their post. This is still a work in progress, however, we wanted to share what we have to date. 
Love - Passion for the environment, beautiful surroundings, and how Nature heals. 
Inspiration - Nature's healing can happen at home too through gardening, soothing vistas, and reflective spots created throughout the landscape. 
Soul - Connecting people to properties that bring them pleasure and rejuvenation. 

Once we are crystal clear that we have identified these … (25 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Strike While the Iron is Hot - 05/06/20 03:01 PM
YouTube Thursday - There's No Better Time Than Now
Transport People Through Videos
The Maine Man, Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573 has been a video making machine for years. His online library is extensive and they work, effectively luring in relocation buyers to his special piece of Paradise.
Andy is passionate about the Northern Maine lifestyle and knows the ins and outs of the communities he serves. Plus, he uses some pretty tempting bait - low cost real estate, four distinct seasons, and gorgeous natural settings. 
Recently, he wrote a post about the current need to offer clients ( and prospective clients)  a stellar on-line experience. There are no masks or gloves required to sit … (63 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - The Beauty of Evergreens ( As in, Videos) - 04/09/20 08:01 AM
Evergreen Videos - The Workhorses of Your Video Library 
Evergreen videos are the backbone of our video marketing libraries. Not only do they work year round, at viewers convenience, but you can reuse them again and again. 
Case in point, these videos we produced tie-in well with the month of April. 
The first one echoes the theme of April's rabbits and egg decorating, and egg hunts. It was produced in April of 2018.
This one represents a positive spin on our April (Spring) showers in the Pacific Northwest. It was also produced in 2018. 
We produced this video last month, but it certainly works for the month of … (47 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - To Celebrate Spring, To Celebrate Nature - 03/19/20 09:46 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Celebrate Spring - Celebrate Nature 
The restorative impact of Nature is profound. Now, more than ever, it's important for us to connect with the timeless power of the earth. You don't have to escape to the wilderness either. Watching a squirrel scampering up a tree or hummingbirds at a feeder, has a calming effect on our brain, even through a window. 
Better yet, try to spend some time outdoors each day surrounded by nature. It's a potent stress antidote and costs nothing. It's likely to make you feel calmer, cope better with stress, and lift your spirits - especially now, when the current health crisis takes center stage. 
It's the first … (23 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Do you Doodly? - 03/05/20 06:49 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Doodly do? 
This week, Toby Barnett asked for feedback for this whiteboard animation video created in an online software program called, Doodly. While interesting, we're not sure if we'd use it enough to justify the cost. The best price we found was for the standard plan, paid annually, was $240.  
The other drawback ( no pun intended)  that comes to mind is concern as to whether these types of videos build a connection with the audience to a brand, and/or agent personality. Admittedly, we may be missing something.
Animated Videos may be a good way to mix it up.
Do you see value in using these types of videos to … (42 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Showing Some Love - 02/12/20 11:01 AM
YouTube Thursdays for 2/13/2020 - Showing Some Love 
Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Let's show some love to our fellow Rainers and do some YouTube subscribing. 
Mutual subscribing is a good way to add more clout to your YouTube Channel. The more subscribers the better. 
It also helps to watch a video - from start to finish, like it, and leave a comment. The more we help each other's YouTube Channels, the better our marketing efforts will pay off.
Today's featured videos from the week!This week, we chose a few videos that we thought were especially fun or memorable. First Georgie Hunter takes us on a quick sensory … (31 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Aligning with the Mindset of your Target Client - 01/30/20 07:56 AM
Community Videos - Thinking Like Your Target Client
First things first. Put yourself in the mindset of your target client.
What's important to your target clients? These are the topics you'll want to explore as you create a video library about your community. Local videos are going to establish you as the area expert as you introduce viewers to interesting sights, places, and people in your community.
They'll find the videos if you take the time to do the initial research, produce them using the basics of good video production, and title, tag, and promote them properly. 
Aligning Your Videos to Your Clients 
Today, let's explore the idea of … (33 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Showcase your Community, It's Good for your Brand - 01/23/20 07:14 AM
YouTube Thursdays 
Do you want people to find you through videos.  Showcasing your market is a great way to get found.  
If you want to build an effective community video library, the first step is to outline your goals.
Still photos do a great job of selling homes, but videos offer us an experience. Sights and sounds help transport us to other locales - and the more senses you can engage via video, the better. More on that topic as we continue this series in the weeks ahead. 
First of all, what do you love about your community? 
Here's a short list we created for Camas, Washington that … (34 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - You Should Feel Proud to Wear a Niche - 01/16/20 08:36 AM
YouTube Thursdays - The Importance of Wearing Your Niche with Pride
In our opinion, establishing your niche-dom(s) in real estate is a must right now. If you already have one or two, great. If not, we suggest you call our Branding Gurus and Marketing Experts, Ron and Alexandra Seigel.
The process they utilize is complex, and it's based upon you - your passions, preferences, strengths, and values. Naturally, they also do a pretty thorough evaluation of the marketplace too. Sound easy? It's not, trust us. 
Once you have established a niche, you'll feel much more confident. Confidence is attractive and helps you connect easier … (40 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - It's a "Brand" New Year - 01/07/20 10:10 AM
YouTube Thursdays  - It’s a Brand New Year
We’ve been researching video marketing trends for Realtors in 2020. Several articles suggest video marketing is a big waste of time for real estate. Generally speaking, the way most agents utilize video, we agree. 
The videos that do work are not about us. Perhaps, not even about real estate. They are evergreen videos that brand us as the local expert. They are also videos that showcase us as interesting human beings with similar interests to our target demographics. 
Community Videos First
The basic idea is to promote your community first - not you. People choose a hometown before … (41 comments)

youtubethursdays: The LLLL Standard: Luxury is Life Long Learning! - 01/02/20 06:51 AM
YouTube Thursdays returns next week. This week, we are happy to share this post from our friends, Ron and Alexandra Seigel.  We don't have the new iPhone yet, but we are planning on upgrading - for the camera alone!  The Apple courses they promote sound great, and you can see the results in their short video. Here's to Life Long Learning for all. Thanks Ron and Alexandra. 
We are both extremely passionate about learning something new every single day of our life.  It is a way to expand our perspective and enjoy the world we live in that much more.
Yesterday, we had signed up for … (0 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Holiday Cheer - Part 2 - 12/12/19 07:19 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Spreading Cheer in Your Unique Style  - Part 2 
Last week, we shared a festive video produced by Sheldon Neal. The holiday video coveys a delightful Christmas message, "I'll Get You A Home For Christmas!!" set to the classic tune of "I'll be home for Christmas." While we could all agree to its entertainment value, most of us didn't think we'd be comfortable trying to do our own version of his concept.  
And unless, we share many of Sheldon's traits, it wouldn't be a good fit for us anyway. However, Sheldon's video should inspire us to evaluate our own special traits and talents. What are our secret weapons? Something that few, if any, could … (42 comments)

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