youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Market in a Minute Videos - 06/12/19 02:45 PM
Market in a Minute Videos - Things to Consider 

We've seen a number of videos with agents looking into a camera and talking, and talking, and talking. At least they're trying to utilize the power of video. However, and we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but watching anyone talk gets old quickly. Even the talking heads on the nightly news have visuals to back up their stories! 
Informative videos, such as market reports, also need to have some of the elements of all good videos. They tell a story in an entertaining, or visually pleasing manner. This agent in Seattle does a pretty good job. Although, we'd … (27 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Farming with Videos - 06/06/19 08:12 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Video Farming 
Recently, we have noticed an uptick in on-line traffic on our sites, and an increase in calls.  Specifically people interested in multigenerational homes and lifestyles, and people wanting more information about various neighborhoods.
The neighborhood hits are interesting - it's not for properties in a town, or an area, but very specific. This isn't anything new, but it is a good reminder - our strength in organic marketing comes from having a razor sharp focus. 
We are amping up our Neighborhood video marketing efforts to compliment our current mailing campaigns. We think it's a one-two Farming punch.  
1. Our Brand - Making sure we stay true to our … (31 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - New Toys for Video Production! - 05/08/19 04:49 PM
Youtube Thursdays - New Toys!
There was a time when you needed a video camera in order to shoot quality video. However, with today’s sophisticated smartphones, phone cameras continue to improve in leaps and bounds. Case in point, our friends, Ron and Alexandra Seigel recently shared an amazing Earth Day video shot entirely by producers using Apple’s iPhone XS. The results are extraordinary. 
Since many of us are out and about with smart phones, it seems wise to have the right tools handy to shoot quick and spontaneous videos - that look good. Once again, using the basic principles for good videos
Good … (34 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Flex Your Hyper Local Muscles - 05/02/19 08:41 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Use Your Hyper-local Strength as an Advantage
Many agents see Zillow and other large search portals as the big bully who is stealing our business.  There is a way to fight back though - flex your hyper-local muscles. We think the best way to beat these mega search sites is by offering people something they can’t - hyper-local content. 
Neighborhood and community videos are a great way to gain viewers and meet potential buyers and sellers.  Videos about schools, home-values, hot neighborhoods, farmers markets, parks and trails, dog … (28 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Creating GIFS from Videos - 04/18/19 07:08 AM
YouTube Thursdays - You Say Gif, I Say Jif! 
GIFS are everywhere. As to how to pronounce it correctly, the debate rages on. However, the guy who created the format, Steve Wilhite, insists it's pronounced "jif', like the peanut butter. We've noticed most people still pronounce it with a hard g, "GIF." 
Regardless of how you say it, a .gif file is basically an image file format that is animated by combining other images into one single file. You can quickly create a GIF from your videos too. It's actually a pretty simple process. 

GIFS are great way to introduce and share a video. Short and sweet, they should … (33 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - We Won't Say Boo, Or Will We? - 09/27/18 07:35 AM

We're working on our marketing for the final quarter of 2018. I know, it's hard to believe we're nearly there. Like a few others in Active Rain, videos are one of the major cornerstones of our overall marketing plan. The holiday season especially, lends itself to opportunities for video production. 
Therefore, I was pleased to see Sedona Superstar Sheri Sperry - MCNE®'s plan to use video in her 4th Quarter Marketing. The first, a Halloween theme with the premise, Real Estate doesn't have to be scary.  
Buying or Selling Real Estate Is Scary! from Rick & Sheri Sperry on Vimeo.
It reminded me of this old video I produced … (35 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Testimonial Videos - Take it to Another Level - 08/30/18 11:28 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Taking Testimonials to Another Level 
Most of us are confident in our abilities to provide our clients with the “best” possible service in our marketplace or niche. We also know most people don’t necessarily react well to a sales pitch, but rather objective and credible proof that we can deliver on our promise of value. 
Therefore, we think one of the most powerful methods of gaining credibility is through testimonials. And, in our opinion, video testimonials take it to another level. Watching happy and satisfied people talk about their agent’s amazing abilities is pretty compelling. 
Written testimonials are certainly worthwhile, but videos deliver the emotion. Plus, … (31 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Time to Have a Little Fun! - 06/14/18 10:00 AM
YouTube Thursdays - Just for Fun Videos
Today, our YouTube Thursdays suggestion is to have a little fun. In other words, we encourage you to produce videos that truly connect you to your core audience. Building connections is pretty effective when you tap into your own passion. Once again, this effort requires some thought. What values do you share with your target demographic(s)?

For example, let’s say you sell a particular geographic area. Instead of the usual listing, neighborhood videos, shops and businesses, try to pin point the subtle reasons why you love the area. Imagine a video serious showcasing … (29 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - Lifestyle Videos - Part 1 - 04/26/18 01:58 PM
YouTube Thursdays - Listing Lifestyle Videos
First and foremost, we are selling a lifestyle when we market our listings. We are tapping into some pretty deep-seated emotional connections and values about "home." Video makes it easier.  As with all marketing, we need to identify the target demographics and explore their habits and preferences. Who are they and what's important to them? 
This week, we have the first pieces in place for our most recent listing - the neighborhood and community amenities that appeal to the likely buyer.  Fortunately, we're quite familiar with the demographics in the Felida area, and we're going to highlight the livibility and convenience of the location,  coupled … (35 comments)

youtubethursdays: Lifestyle Listing Videos - The Art of Telling a Story - 04/18/18 03:47 PM

This week, we direct our focus to listing videos. 
First of all, we like to use interactive 3D tours, aerial videos, and slide-shows as visual marketing pieces for listings, with the addition of a lifestyle video to highlight the “feel of the property.”  The effort is to attract the right buyer through emotional connections. As real estate agents, we're actually selling a lifestyle - with a house attached to it.
While we have nothing against those slick sexy videos used in LA, New York, and other metropolitan areas, we think the style of your listing videos should match the personality of the property, the vibe of … (37 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - DIY Videos - Can You Commit? - 01/18/18 08:13 AM

(This video give you various examples of different introductory style videos...we are not promoting the company, rather offering you food for thought.)
Our focus at YouTube Thursdays is building our real estate video library for 2018.
To recap, we're going to produce an introductory video, a community video, a neighborhood or listing video, how-to video, testimonial video, and finally a market report video - and not necessarily in that order. Although, we are kicking off the effort with the introductory video. 
We've already covered the basics, in terms of what you'll need for equipment. Last week, we shared the blueprint for any successful video - how … (38 comments)

youtubethursdays: YouTube Thursdays - First things, first - You. - 01/04/18 08:02 AM
YouTube Thursdays - join here. 
Videos help you connect with potential clients. It's a great way to attract and build organic relationships. But first, you need a plan. If you're committed to producing videos in 2018, you need to give your strategy some serious thought.
If you are going to take the leap and produce your own videos, make sure you have the basics covered. You'll need a camera (or smartphone), external microphone, tripod, and editing software. For more details on this topic, you can refer to last week's post. 
At this point, we're going to assume you are committed to join us in our journey to produce a … (37 comments)

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